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Puma PowerCat Review

Puma PowerCat 1.10 Image

Here it is, a full review of the Puma PowerCat! Since this is a World Cup year, there is a lot of pressure on the big companies to produce cleats that will represent well on the biggest stage. Puma have already established themselves in the speed category with the V1.10, but up until now they have not really captured the power cleat market. Adidas have the Predator X, Nike now have the T90 Laser III, but Puma only had the V-Kon that never really took off. Well, all that could easily change now with their latest release; the Puma PowerCat 1.10. Last week when they were released, I posted some images to give you an update on how they look. Well, finally after having several opportunities to work these in I finally have a review….and it is all positive! For testing, I wore a size 9 in the Black/White/Wild Lime color.

Puma Powercat Image

Breaking In
So, because of an injury, I broke these in over a period of around 4-5 weeks, with a lot of wearing while sitting around! With that being said, when I actually did get to wear them on the pitch, they broke in very smoothly! Unlike other Puma releases, these fit true to size. That for me is a big plus on what I have personally had to endure with prior Puma releases! One reason for this is due to the fact that these have a round toe unlike the V series (which has a box toe). I didn’t get any blisters and because the fit was true to size, I didn’t endure any foot cramping. It really didn’t take long for these to mold to the fit and shape of my foot. Puma are using a new anatomically shaped PowerLast that is an updated version of the AptoLast. The PowerLast provides additional volume to the forefront and instep of the foot. This allows the sole to follow the true contours of your foot and I have to admit that these create a real glove like fit.

Puma have drifted away from the design of the V-Kon, and what a wise decision that will turn out to be! One of the biggest complaints I heard about the V-Kon was that it looked and felt bulky. This design looks sharper and the lime on black design really takes it to another level. Puma have removed a lot of the protection seen on the V-Kon, and some might argue that this takes the cleat out of the Power category. I strongly disagree with that, as there is still plenty of protection and a new front strike feature that allows these cleats the luxury of being a ‘Power Hybrid’ if you will. One of my harshest criticisms in recent times was on the colors being used with new releases. You only have to think back a few months to the release of the intensely yellow Puma V1.10 as an example. Both of the initial Puma releases are simple yet stylish and they are not loud and brash; more of a cleat for the no-nonsense player. Another positive is the fact that Puma have gone with a K-Leather for this release! “Yes”, I hear you also shout, and this is an excellent K-Leather that is super soft.

Puma Powercat Image

Puma ‘Cat’
You will find two very strategically placed Puma’s on these cleats. A textured lime colored Puma sites on the inner heal of the cleats, while the outside has a smooth white one. When you are wearing these on the field, both are pretty noticeable and you can see in the image above that they are easy to spot. On the white version of the cleat, the inner Puma is gold while the outer is blue. Rumor has it that Puma have added images of the Puma on both sides in order to increase speed in the cleat (Please note that this is not actually true!!)

There are a few things of note that Puma have added to the PowerCat. First off is the new 3D Power Shooting Technology. This is the one part of the cleat that everyone asks about, the lime green stripes that run across the strike zone. Well, to feel, these are like little ridges that overlap across the front of the cleat. The official term is SpringTech foam ridges, and they are designed to increase shooting power while maintaining touch and feel on the ball. The benefit of having this technology is that it has high rebound properties that does not absorb the typical amount of energy on ball impact, meaning more power is released when you shoot. Is it effective? Well it certainly does seem like it serves its purpose. When you strike the ball, you don’t feel the full impact, instead it feels like there is a cushioned layer. The ball does feel like it pings, but I can’t be 100% that it actually adds more power. I like the concept a lot though. Instead of have a large power zone, the 3D Power shooting technology is very minimal and not too invasive. Another addition worth mentioning is the  new Puma PowerLast, you can find more info about this in the ‘Breaking in’ section.

Puma PowerCat sole

Rather than being a ‘negative’, this is more of a word of warning/advice. Puma design/placement of the blades makes this a little more difficult to use on turf. I found that because of how the back 3 blades are configured, the boot tends to catch in the turf as you play the ball. Because of this, you should probably check out the PowerCat Turf version before you buy the firm grounds. And I do realize that FG’s are not designed for use on turf, but from my experience, the PowerCat might be more problematic than other boots.

Puma have raised the bar with this release and it is perfect timing for them! The design is sweet, the technology is effective and the comfort is superb! I am a real fan of the fact that Puma are using a K-Leather, they have followed up with the off center lacing, and the 3D Power Shooting technology is a real hit in my books. Once you get your hands on a pair of these you can tell that they are quality. My experience was very positive and I rate these as one of the best boots on the market at this moment. Expect to see a lot of players sporting these during the World Cup in South Africa.

Puma PowerCat

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  1. question.. looking for a cleat for my 13 yo daughther…she plays alot of outdoor soccer, and is a quick player.. i dont know much about soccer myself, but i do know that she is a great controler and shooter… she likes to take alot of far outside corner shots..she usually plays a left wing(she is left footed) or an attacking center mid…. as she is only 13 im not sure if i want to pay for the version 1.10 but by the above review, it looks like the womens 2.10 powercat has the spring foam…. how is the 2.10? or is there another brand cleat thats recommended? Like I said, i dont want to spend too much as her foot still growning, but I also want a decent cleat thats gonna give her the power and this cleat good for her?(2.10 in womens) thank you

  2. Which ones do you feel perform beter and are more comfy out of these or the adiPure iii? THANKS

  3. Did these cleats hold you back on dribbling and doing tricks????

  4. compared to other boots focusing on power,is the powercat the lightest?

  5. Yo! what shooting benifits do you think the powercat 2.10 has, if possible could you review it and compare like you did with the mercurial miracle and the superfly

  6. I think a 8 from druability is kinda low iv had thease for 5-6 months now and i have used them 4-6 times almost every week that iv had them. though they are now pretty much worn up so i have to buy new cleats.

  7. Hey, I've heard say that the springtech foam takes away from the first touch, and that the ball often shoots off the cleet when you try to settle the ball from the air. I'm trying to decide between the NikeT90LaserIII and these PumaPCs, so if the technology of the puma does in fact dampen touch, it'd help my decision along.

  8. I wore these boots last year, they served me very well. Looks great on the field without being too obnoxious, leather is really soft and has a great touch, moulds to your foot. I am a striker and I really benefitted from the massive strike zone. Scored in the U16 nationals final with these, can't fault them on performance, and I didn't find them a problem on turf either. One issue though was durability, they came apart from the base after one season, but keep in mind I was playing or training 4-5 times a week at that time so it's probably understandable.

  9. wore these today plays 5v5, omg talk about the best power boot ive warn, if not then right behind predator powerswerves

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