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Puma v1.10 and PowerCat Tricks Released

Puma V1.10 TricksPuma have upped the World Cup ante by releasing two very symbolic releases, the V1.10 Tricks and the PowerCat Tricks. Embracing the colors and culture of Africa, both version will be worn in South Africa by some of the games best players. Samuel Eto’o, Nicholas Anelka and Peter Crouch will be among those sporting the colorful release.

The V1.10 takes on what looks like a burnt orange and yellow detailing pattern on a black base color. The official color is Dark Navy/Fluo Peach/Puma. The lines along the front of the boot almost look like flames and evoke the heat of passion of soccer in South Africa. While testing the V1.10, I was impressed with the soft toe and the style of the boot. I do recommend ordering a half size up, as I encountered blistering while breaking them in.

Check out the Puma V1.10 Tricks.

I tested the PowerCat pretty recently and was heavily impressed. They are currently my go-to boot simply because they are super comfortable Puma PowerCat Tricksand offer great power on striking the ball. I really like this version of the range and the colors that Puma use. The official color is Dark Navy/Fluo Peach/Puma Red, but they almost look like a sunset color, especially on the dark background. The detailing comes in a dark red and blends well with the black and yellow.

Check out the Puma PowerCat 1.10.

The colorway runs right through the full series of V1.10 and PowerCat boots.


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