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Friday Morning Link Drop

A young boy wears two different boots and plastic bags as socks. playing on a dirt pitch in Johannesberg, South Africa, during the 2010 World Cup. (AP Photo/Rob Griffith)

Two weeks until the start of the new EPL season….I am not going to lie, I am pretty pumped! Waking up early for Fox Soccer Channel on Saturday mornings, nothing better (except actually being at the games of course!!) Over the past few weeks, I have spotted a few good articles and thought this morning would be a good time to share them!

  • WomensSoccerDaily.com have a really good review of the women’s version of the Puma PWR-C 2.10 FG. Personally, I like the design of these boots!
  • I have pointed this one out recently, but Scoutme.com have a great article about how to manage an ankle sprain. Always a good one to refer back to. (although I never wish for injuries!)
  • Puma recently released a new initiative to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer called Puma Project Pink. Check it out at Attackingsoccer.com.
  • Darren Bent will be gearing up in the new Umbro GT Pro come the start of the season. Blog.Umbro.com have the official interview.
  • How many pairs of Adidas Predators can one guy own? Ask Mr. Predator, or check in at Mud.Sweat.Badges.co.uk for the story.

chocolate soccer boots
No kidding, this is a pair of chocolate soccer boots that are on display at the World Chocolate Wonderland (Reuters/Nicky Loh)

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  1. I am also excited for the new English Premiership to start and now I have Saturdays off and I am going to love them, AM to PM.

  2. I'm with you, I'm so excited for it to start. And, the chocolate boots are pretty cool. Maybe a review on them? 😛

  3. Also, I think you might have mislinked on one of your links. The link to 'Mr. Predator' about the many pairs of Adidas Predators links to the Puma Project Pink website.

  4. Paul,

    If they are a size 9 I will lol! Changed the link to the correct one.

  5. soccer girl 4 ever

    SSSOOO cool!!!! course imagine playing on a hot day with those on! and right there with you bryan size 9 all the way!! 😛

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