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Latest Colorful Nike Superfly II Released

Nike Mercurial Superfly II in Windchill colorway

Want a dash of color on your new soccer cleats? Well, it looks like Nike might have created a boot just for you! It is the new Nike Superfly II in Windchill/Black/Chlorine Blue/Circuit colorway. Hot off the heels of the Nike CR7 Safari design, Nike have added a completely new look that in my opinion are a mix of Christmas snow and bright spring colors (very adequate for this time of year!) Looking at the outside of these boots they seem to be just your ordinary, run of the mill, white colored Nike boots. But turn them over to the inside and they start to look a little more unique!

Nike Mercurial Superfly II Windchill

The color combo definitely works well and is sure to create a pretty large whoah factor on every field. Up around the toe area, you start with the Chlorine Blue color, but as you move towards the instep and closer to the heel area you merge into the Circuit colorway – which is almost a purple. The mix lies across the Flywire zone and is pretty sensational to look at – the detailing included as the colors merge has been well put together.

Personally, these wouldn’t be the first boots I would run out to buy, but they are definitely appealing. I like the Windchill white base color and also the Chlorine Blue, but it is the mix with orange and purple where I stray away. I like more basic colors, or simple colorways s there are too many colors in total on this boot for me. We are sure to see them in action, as worn by Nike players, in the top leagues across Europe over the Christmas period. I have no doubt they will look good in action!

You can pre-order a pair right now, with US delivery due in February.

Nike Superfly II

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