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Skunkies: Update and Giveaway


The Skunkies team just sent me over a batch of their latest updated product a few weeks back – and I am loving the upgrades they have made.

For those of you that have not heard of Skunkies, they are a scented insert you place inside your soccer cleats or bag that are designed to eliminate odor and absorb moisture, which helps prevent bacteria. Basically, they are the ideal solution if your bag or soccer cleats stink!

We first tested the Skunkies in October of 2009 when the product had just been launched. I have consistently used them since that time in my soccer bag and I regard them as one of the best solutions if you suffer from smelly shoes/cleats. The best thing about this new version is that they smell fantastic! I’m not sure how the Skunkies team came up with the scent but I love it. Add to that some new designs and they are a product worth considering. I recommend ordering a pair (for $6.99) when you buy a new pair soccer cleats – they will keep your boots smelling good and for the price that can be well worth it!

Find your own set of Skunkies today!

New Skunkies


Of course, we made sure we got a few extra pairs sent over to giveaway to readers – so I have 4 pairs up for grabs right now. If you are interested in getting your name in the running to win, all you need to do leave a comment below answering the following question:

Do you soccer cleats smell? If so, what do they smell like? (keep it clean!!)

I will pick 5 winners on Friday (Jan 28th), normal rules apply and open to US residents only.

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  1. they smell like grass digested by a dog with a hint of wet dog,waterever she had last night,and sweat from a growing teen.

  2. So they rly work?

  3. My cleats smell kind of gross.

    It's a combination of stagnant water, smelly feet, and (just a hint of) mint. O and bad

  4. Soccer cleats are a very complex stench…. like a mixture between indian food wrapped in a used diaper and pure gasoline, very much like Brian Fantana's sex panther cologne

  5. Hmmmm cleats smelling bad? Um well let me just say it smells like feet havnt been washed in forever, with some spoiled food like smell and also a strong scent of cologne, an annoying smell o tree bark, and moist at some points mixed wit like old left over food! Ive been tryjng to find a way for it to at least go away for a while!:)

  6. My cleats smell horrid! Especially after soccer matches in the rain! The smell reminds me of dead fish!

  7. Mine king of have this rotten smell, just like Thierry Henry's TWO hand balls in the world cup Qualifier against Ireland…Yeah, its that bad.

  8. Ckameron Azizsired

    My cleats smell just as rotten as the cast on Jersey shore XD

  9. My cleats smell like the stinking Irish!!

  10. Stink as much as Bob Bradley's work with the US. They should have beat Chile! USA needs a European coach….

  11. My boots are a wei bit smelly. Its almost a combination of a Skunk's smelly green gas , mixed in with a hint of a 14 year olds foot odor!:)

  12. So basically my cleats smell as if they have been dipped into a lawnmower bag filled with dog hair and freshly cut grass, then to top it off they smell like baby throw up. Awful…

  13. my soccer cleats smell sooooooooooo bad, they smell kinda like a mix between dead fich, and doritos, and my shin guards small worse, a mix between doritos and a very strong cologn

  14. Yes they do, like parmesan cheese and wet dog LOL!

  15. Of course they stink, but not as much as Hodgson's tenure in Liverpool.

  16. Actually, my cleats smell fresh at the moment, but after a game, forget the fresh. It's a mess.

  17. after a game in the rain last week my pirmas reeked. The smell was sharp, kind of like 'windex' the window cleaner stuff.

  18. They smell like my aunt Edna after she comes home from the senior center

  19. @Jesus — Not appreciated!

    My boots are stinking just like England at every major tournament!

  20. My cleats smell like hard work, sweat, and super supple K Leather from my adipure 3's!

  21. First of all, smell* not small. Haha

    Well my cleats stink! They stink worse than Chelsea a few weeks ago!

  22. Well I don't know if it's just me or because there leather but mine actually smell kinda sweet n tangy idk or I've just gotten used to the smell or compared to my mercurials which I have to hold my breath to put them cuz it's smells like egg salad sandwich left over the weekend on a classroom but my tiempos have a more pleasant smell

  23. To say my cleats stink is an understatement I don’t think I’ve ever washed them.. The smell is definitely like this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4qbskakU78 watch it if you haven’t it’s hilarious! It also has a tinge of green seaweed and Nani’s goal stealer on Ronaldo?

  24. We’ll my cleats do smell terrible. They smell of grass that was wet every single day as it decomposed slowly while on a dog then taken off and extracted the juices off the dogs fur then made into a hideous colon that my cleats were soaked in it for a year.

  25. my cleats smell like dedication,heart,hard work day in and day out, and love for the game of soccer

  26. Well, I practice soccer (in turf field, six or seven players each side) three times a week (every session last about two hours). I wear two pairs of Adidas F10 TRX Turf (one pair in Chameleon and the other in metallic yellow) alternating each pair everytime, so I leave enough time for the ones I use previously to dry out even if it rained!

    This is my protocol: Every night after the games I use a soft towel to clean the upper with a tiny bit of mild face soap, specially the white parts. Then, I use another soft towel just a bit wet to take off the soap and dirt, and finally another soft towel to dry them completely in the outside. For the inside, I just dust away any remains of turf and then put inside some newspaper pages… This is perfect to dry the inside!!! Another thing that I assume it helps is to never wear dirty socks before a game… I always keep all my soccer socks totally clean (before a game of course) so they don't get my shoes stinky…

    Bottom line, my soccer shoes never smell strange!!! 🙂

  27. P.S.- … But of course, a pair of skunkies will always be very much welcome!!! 😉

  28. my boots simply smell like a nice pair of adizero primes!

  29. I am so not writing another poem to describe how much my cleats stink!

    That would just be too easy… 🙂


  31. My cleats smells just like the winner i am! 🙂

  32. mine just smells like a pair of skunkies-les cleats!
    soo gimme a free pair now:)

  33. my cleats smell like cat pee dog poop dedication and jarred up sweat that a tenneger made !

  34. My 12 year old nearly suffocates me when she gets in the car after practice. I'm tempted to incinerate her kit bag while ahe's at school but I fear I would need some type if hazardous waste permit…H.E.L.P.

  35. Remember the goal Robert Green let in during the world cup? yeah, my cleats stink that bad.

  36. My soccer cleats smell like a goat and an ostrich were caught inside my cleat and exploded and the pieces left is all that remains causing a terrible smell.

  37. My cleats smell like a combination of hot peanut butter, week old scrambled eggs and jarred up sweat. This is true for days after I wear any of my cleats.

  38. Smell my cleats!!!

  39. I have several pairs of cleats and they all have their unique bad cleat smell. One pair, my f30i's smell like a cross between an open sewer and a wet dog. My adiCores smell like a mouse crawled in there, had a family and then died. I will not go into detail about my predators for they are ancient and there are no words to describe the horror of their particular odor.

  40. My boots stink more than FEMA's response time to Hurricane Katrina.

  41. they smell like messi's bathroom after their game vs real madrid

  42. I'm scared to smell my cleats.

  43. My cleats smell like mildew sort of an old/moist basement…

  44. Yess, they smell like the tears of all the goalkeepers who couldn`t keep a clean sheet against me

  45. My cleats really smell. The smell is so bad I can even explain it!

  46. Don't know what they smell like, but opposing players give me a lot of space.

  47. Like roses, if roses smelled like *$&#$W*#.

  48. My cleats smell as bad as the pitch smelled when Gary Lineker accidently pooped himself during the 1990 World Cup.

  49. My boots smell like the toilet C. Ronaldo used after he $%&# himself after seing messi for the first time…

  50. My cleats smell nice and new! Just got them 2 months ago and have only used them twice cus there's been snow on the ground.

  51. YES!! they smell like rotten tofu that was forgotten in the refrigerator for a month… with a slight hint of moldy cheese

  52. My cleats smell like lasagna. I know lasagna smells good for dinner, but why do my feet stink of lasagna?

  53. i like the design on them!!!

  54. My old cleats smelled so bad that my mom put them in the washer!!! My cleats were ruined. T T

    I need the Skunkies so my new pair of cleats don't die in the washer as well.

  55. You know that smell that one friend has. You know he's your buddy and your go to guy when you need someone to practice footy with, except he really smells after. Yeah, my cleats reak of that lol.

  56. my cleats smell like 5 years of sweat and mud mixed with a little bit of line paint grass and rubber from artificial turfs

  57. Absolutely. It seems that my boots and my feet tend to get together and fathom what surprise they'll leave me when I leave the pitch… I would say their favorite would be the infamous sweaty rotten egg with a hint of egg nog… However my favorite would have to be the imitation of mama's homemade pizze! 😀

  58. My cleats smells like a rotten egg. Like hot springs!!! It is not even funny. Since my team's field is covered with geese poop, it smells even worse! i need this clean my cleats?!?! haha

  59. I have a pair that's 9 years old and yes, they smell pretty bad since they've been in the rain multiple times without being properly aired out! I learned my lesson though and put all my newer shoes to dry after I use them. Taking the insoles out helps greatly as well. My soccer bag is fine usually… that is, until I put my used shinguards in there, almost considering getting another pair to alternate. Even after washing, one use and they smell like death's smelly cousin!


  61. my cleats smell like Uranus (the planet)

  62. After a game, I often look down at my cleats and say:

    "You cleats" smell like the dreams and desires of damsels and dudes, dashing and dribbling and scoring and shooting!

    Yet often they get quite stinky and smelly (to boot,) but they're still all that and more, and despite their odor, quite good!

    Now if only I didn't have to hide them in the mudroom!

  63. My cleats smell like sour yeast that has been developing foul bacteria in a warm room for a month. Then imagine the texture of the inside of a shoe after dropping live fish in them and letting them swim around. U have my cleats after practice



  65. yes… my cleats smell like rotten roses :p

  66. When will the winners be announced?

  67. My daughter has PUTRID cleats and Keeper gloves so i would like to try them for BOTH!! Has anyone really tried them and they work???

  68. would love to try them out!

  69. My daughter's cleats smell like aged provolone cheese! I hope these work; I will give it a try.

  70. I have 5 people in my family playing soccer. Their cleats smell so bad. Before I figured out that the smell was coming from their shoes, I thought the cats decided to use the bathroom by the shoes. Ugh – so bad. I’m tempted the buy the Shunkies. We tried the deodorizing balls this season – it worked OK for a bit, but I can smell it when they are not in their respected shoes.

  71. Just found out about this and would really like to try a pair. I'm dealing with football cleats.

  72. The soccer cleats smell like cat Pee

  73. Are they reusable

  74. I am willing to try anything that will help with the smell.

  75. My sons soccer cleats smell like cat pee. Ewwwww!

  76. My daughter's cleats are the worst…they smell like straight up cat urine…I've been googling everything to try and get rid of it, ugh!

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