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Best Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet

Wide Fitting Cleats

One of the most common questions regarding soccer cleats resolves around actual fit – with wide footed players often finding it more difficult to find a match for their feet. To make things a little easier, I thought it would be a good idea to create a break down guide with options for what are currently the best options on the market for wide footed players.

The following is a list of suggestions based off of my experience. It is important to keep in mind that not all players will have the same experience with a cleat, but the following “Best of” guide should be a useful starting point!

Adidas adiZero Prime

Speed – Adidas F50 adiZero Prime

The concept of picking a light weight soccer cleat that will fit a wide foot is often very daunting and players will turn away from the category. But, having just tested the adidas adiZero Prime, I can tell you that wide footed players do have an option! They offer what I would deem to be a medium fit to start, but the adiLite single layer upper does have some give. At 5.2oz, there is no better option! Another option worth checking out is the Nike Vapor VI range, while on the other side of the spectrum avoid the Puma V1.10 SL that fits very small.

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UA Dominate

Comfort – Under Armour Dominate

In my opinion, the Under Armour Dominate is one of the least appreciated soccer cleats on the market, especially when it comes to comfort! In testing, I found they performed really well and offered a very comfortable fit. For players with a wide fit, there probably is not a better option on the market. And don’t be fooled by the fact they are made by Under Armour – UA are a dominant force in both baseball and football, so they know how to create a boot that matches the requirements of top flight athletes. Another great option worth checking out is the Adidas Predator X.

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Nike T90 Laser vs Elite III

Power – Nike T90 Laser III

This is one of the more complex categories that offers the largest selection. The Nike T90 series has always be renowned for offering a wide fit. And even though the T90 Laser III offer a redesigned fit with off center lacing, they still offer a very suitable fit for those players who need some extra room. When it comes to power, the T90 Laser III has the right technology to match the best strikes in the game. The highlight of course are the five pods that sit along the strike zone, designed to distribute pressure on impact with the ball – there is no disputing the T90 Laser III falls into the power category. The next best option is the Adidas Predator X.

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Pele Sports 1970

Leather – Pele Sports 1970

When it comes to a straight forward leather soccer cleat that suits a wide fit, look no further than the Pele Sports 1970. These boots have not been on the market very long, but they are built with with class. I would recommend ordering down a half size to ensure you are getting the right fit. When I reviewed them, I had to include a full section dedicated to the leather used on the 1970, the entire upper of the 1970′s is a one-piece kangaroo leather that has undergone an incredible 150 separate processing steps before it is ready for use. Notable mentions that are always mentioned in this category include the trusty Nike Tiempo Legend and the Adidas adiPure IV, although I have to admit that during testing I found the Tiempo Legend fit small.

Find/Buy the Buy Pele Sports 1970

Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra Review

Synthetic – Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra

Once you actually get your foot into the Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra, you will find a surprisingly suitable wide fitting boot! What better way to treat your feet than have them in the most advanced laceless soccer cleat on the market. Add to that the pretty tasty designs that Lotto use on the range and they are pretty top class boot. I had some reservations during testing and actually found them to be a little loose for my foot – getting the right size is paramount to ensuring you can get the most out of these come game time!

Find/Buy the Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra

Again, I need to point out that these are suggestions based off of my experience – not all players will have the same experience with a cleat but this is about the best guide you are going to get! To find the best fitting boot you should always try a pair on before buying.

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