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110% Compression (+ Ice) Gear Review

110% Compression Gear

A few weeks back, I received some compression and ice-gear from a company called 110%. There are a lot of different recovery products to choose from on the market, with companies like Adidas and Nike leading the way. But there is something quite different about the 110% gear that puts it at a whole other level, with extreme benefits for players who strive to help their bodies recover in between games and training. After games and trainings, I have been making the most of the gear in order to test out how effective and useful it is for my body.

For testing I used the:

  • Blitz Knee Sleeve – Compression+ with cold therapy that targets both anterior and posterior knee. Seamless construction allows for maximum coverage.
  • Kick Back Quad Sleeves – Targeting the hamstrings and quads, Kick Back delivers performance enhancing compression during activity. 360° pockets and reusable ice inserts deliver simple, mobile effective recovery.

110% Compression Gear Tested

What is so different about 110% Gear?
There are plenty of options when it comes to compression gear and recovery, but all 110% gear comes with the ability to slip ice packs in between to help you recover. There is a little pocket that allow you to easily slip in thermal ice sheets that perform as ice therapy for faster recovery. Through my career, I have been a huge advocate of icing to help muscles relax and recover, so having the ability to easily use ice with this product is a major plus.

When Should Compression Gear Be Used?
Before, During and After a game! Wearing compression before training or competition has been shown to increase blood flow and prepare the muscles for exertion. Compression gear during training or competition increases muscle stability and reduces vibration, which can reduce muscle fatigue. Zones are specifically woven in to provide targeted support around key areas and muscle groups. Compression gear used after training or performance has been shown to maintain blood circulation and reduce lactic acid buildup. 110% Compression+ is designed with a unique pocket architecture that adds cold therapy to the equation instantly.

Compression and Ice

How they Fit
I wore a medium in both products and they fit really well. The knee sleeve has a set area where it sits over your knee cap to make it more comfortable without taking away from flexion. The quad sleeve did tend to slip ever so slightly but only as I walked in them. Realistically, when you are icing you shouldn’t be walking.

Benefits of Ice (taken from 110% website)
The elemental power of ice has long been a staple of recovery treatment for high performance athletes. Ice restricts the blood vessels to prevent the accumulation of fluids. It also reduces inflammation and pain. Compression and ice TOGETHER immediately reduces swelling, aids in soft-tissue recovery and helps reduce numb, sore, tissue to decrease further injury in the future. The combination of ice therapy and seamless compression technology makes 110% the perfect gear to use if you are driven to play harder. Only 110% benefits your training before, during and after.

Ice Sheet

But Couldn’t I Just Use Ice and an Ace Bandage?
Yes – and I recommend players who this product is not financially viable for to continue doing so. But with these sleeves, you simply put them on and slip the ice in, there is no wrapping or bagging ice. Plus, the added compression only helps increase the surface recovery area. After you are done, all you need to do is slip the ice back in the fridge for the next time you need to use it.

Do I Recommend it for Soccer Players?
To be honest, the ability to be able to ice so easily is what I love about this product! I have used these after pretty much every game the past few weeks and I absolutely plan to do so going forward. If you are serious about your game and have the finances to throw down on some gear, absolutely do so – you will not be disappointed and trust me when I say it is a product you will get your money’s worth from!

More Info on the Product
I found the 110% FAQ to be extremely useful in answering questions about the product and how it works – check that are out for more info.

Where to get the Gear?
You can find the gear directly on 110% website, or you can find the a range of 110% Gear on Amazon.

As you can probably tell, I enjoyed testing thie compression gear. So much so that this post is an obvious endorsement for soccer players to use the products themselves. I’m not being paid by 110%, although I did receive the gear for free. But the review is completely my honest thoughts and opinions, and I truly do believe there is tremendous value for soccer players who want to improve their recovery between practice and game!

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. these are pretty cool. nice radical design and the fact you can just slip the ice in is remarkable

  2. Know Mr. Green who runs this… pretty cool

  3. Looks good.

    It is quite an expensive option.

    I am in the mind of consideration following a first time knee sprain that’s knocking me out for a month from football.

    Will this help?

    The knee sleeve sounds very interesting.

    Ever since this injury , i worry about my left knee alot.

    Is this going to keep me warmed up pregame and icing my knees everygame will help?

    • Yeah – definitely will help you out. The Ice Sheets can also be heated up in a microwave, so they are also technically a hot pack! Over the long term, you would definitely get value out of the pack.

  4. Bryan, are you considering reviewing any other similar items? Or anyone else have any experience with recovery sleeves? (2XU, Zensah, etc.)

    I know couple runners who loves their recovery compression sleeves, and those are apparently different from the regular compreesion stuff.

    • I will be checking some more gear out over the coming weeks – currently have some Adidas compression sleeves that I'm trying out.

      • Please let us know of your findings. I am looking for a compression product which i can use week in week out. So looking at 3-4 uses a week. As long as the price is justify, this looks to benefit me in terms of recovery Thanks

  5. These seems like a great option. Not too sure if I can get them in Singapore tho.

    How about kinesiology tapes like KT Tapes and Rock Tape? Maybe you can do a review on them as well if they offer any benefits to soccer players

  6. Looking for knee ice pack strap and ankle ice pack strap. Where to buy in Singapore?

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