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The Only Soccer Boots You Should Be Wearing!

The Right Boots

Finding the right pair of boots is extremely important. That is why I am cutting this post and my thoughts short and I am looking for you to do something instead.

All I ask is that you leave a comment below telling us:

Which boots do you recommend most for other players and why?

Real player feedback is the best kind of feedback. So, by taking a few minutes to add your advice, we hope to add value for other players to take advantage of. Sound good?

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  1. After exclusively being an Adidas wearer for the past 20 years and playing in the Adizero IIs the last year (but tired of dealing with the blisters they gave me) I decided to give the Puma EVOSPEED 1K's a try. And man I'm glad I did. Best pair of soccer shoes I've ever owned! Love the the touch the K leather provides and the way it molded to my foot perfectly. Also love how the flexible the soleplate is, which I think truly sets it apart from other shoes. It truly the first soccer shoe I've ever worn that gives me a "barefoot" feel. I only wish Puma would come out with an AG soleplate for these babies!
    Also although not a shoe I tried out TruSox socks and will never ever wear any other soccer sock ever again. They truly "lock in" your foot in the shoes and prevent any slippage of anykind. Before, late in matches once my socks became saturated with sweat my feet would slide around resulting in blisters and (I think) hinder my performence when making sudden stops and starts. No longer with TruSox!!

  2. Adipure 11Pro SL, best all-round boot in my opinion. And I've had Mercurials, F50, T90, and Predators in the last few years. Then I would probably suggest F50.

  3. the best boot i've ever to wore to a match is the f50 series. been wearing them since the first release in 2004, and it suits my role perfectly as a left winger and also wing back. its getting even lighter and better each time especially in the uppersole area. the synthethic leather is very helpful in controllingthe ball. but, the boots definitely needs a suitable socks to be worn with.

  4. I play as a CB for Barcelona and the players in u16 get customized cleats that fit their feet perfectly. I've got Vapor VIII, Adidas LZ and CTR360 III and they feel amazing. Really recommend that you go to Nike or Adidas and ask them if they can do this for you.

  5. Puma King Finale SL, light. K-leather, snug fit , bare foot feel .Simple with no plastic best boot for any position. Not a fan of the hard plastic heel counters on the Evo speeds, F-50's. Havent tried the tiempos but look like a great boot.

  6. I've played left wing in a 3-6-1 (Brazillian Box midfield, also called 3-2-4-1), left and right wing in a 4-4-2, and left wing (central left mid), right wing (central right mid) and right back in a version of a 4-3-3. Right now I'm currently wearing a pair of Puma Powercat 1.12, and they are amazingly comfortable and shooting in them is cool. However they are quite roomy, so with comfort comes a more distant feel of the ball. It doesn't stick to my feet as tightly, and that's the only thing I miss from it, but people are different, some will prefer that. However, my all time favorite boot so far has to have been the adidas adiPower Predator. But that's keeping in mind I haven't tried the more recent releases for long periods of time. But the only downside with this boot is the durability in my opinion, otherwise they are great!

  7. hi i'm a mid fielder and i don't know what boot is perfect for me

  8. Adidas Predator for me particularly Predator Adipower. It is an all-rounder boot which suits almost any player in any position. I have used F5 and F10, downgraded version of F50 and I’m pretty happy with those.

  9. I play defensive mid/target man (striker) somewhat like alan shearer, and asics lethal sniper really mold my feet well, since they have different sizing based on wide foot (i have super wide foot, 3E in scale) and they just feel amazing, liteweight, leather upper on forefoot, hg10mm (trust me it really works) , special studs, i couldn't ask anymore of it

  10. Adidas Copa Mundial is what I would recommend for any young player learning his craft. I'd also recommend them for the older player just wanting to have some fun on the weekends. Super comfortable, very durable and offer an amazing on the ball touch.

    But the best football boot I have ever worn or used is the Nike Tiempo Lgend IV Elite. Super expensive but the best football boots I have every worn. Comfortable, super reactive sole plate, excellent grip and manoeuvrability and awesome touch.

    What ever boots you decide to buy I cant stress enough to go for a kangaroo leather. It will offer you the best comfort and on the ball touch. You'll enjoy the game a lot more.

    The only real reason synthetics are used is because they're cheaper to make. That is it. So they use synthetics and pump the boots full of BS technology that really never improves your game just takes away from the touch of the ball. Look at the best "play makers" not strikers, but "play makers", 9 times out of 10 they wear kangaroo leather football boots.

    If you ever try a full kangaroo leather boot you will never go back to synthetics again, unless you're being paid big dollars to wear a synthetic boot.

  11. nike T90s

    Im only 12 years old but ive played soccer pretty much all of my life and the best cleats are the nike T90s. I've had these cleats fro almost 3 years now and they are still in very good condition. They make me strike the ball better and have better ball control. I recently got the adidas predators and the nike ones are way better. I havent had the adidas ones for a year yet and they already have broken at the bottom. I can run better in the nike ones.

  12. a pair of $20 dollar pumas from the clearance rack at Dick's. the price, brand, and release date don't matter. it's how one plays the game. the best all around soccer player in my conference where's a pair of 40 dollar Nikes. and they weren't on sale either. that was the actual price. I put some quality insoles in mine so my feet aren't broken down so much by sections.

  13. play with whatever u feel most comfortable in. If paying for the shoe from your own earnings, durability is the second most important factor. Weight, technology, color etc. won't really change your overall technique and athleticism on the field. I play/ have played in whichever position coach thinks is needed for the team that particular day. Usually leather cleats are more comfortable and durable as long as u maintain them well.

    • i have played soccer at various competitive and recreational levels for last 23 years. My preferred boot with regards to comfort, durability , price and accessibility is the copa mundial.

  14. I have worn so many boots and found so many i like but he ones that were best for me were the CTR360 Gen 1&2. The durability is a question but mine lasted well and kept their comfort. They took a while to break in but once you get that done they are great boots. The touch is perfect as i play a defensive winger and the weight was good as well. I love the synthetics durability and it had a little better grip than leather in wet conditions. I even played a season of rugby in them and they held up fine. Now i have had to retire them and went with the Asics lethal stats. I did this because they have a mostly synthetic upper with the Rhino skin but the toe box is leather. and the heal gradient in the sole plate took about an hour to get used to but after that it felt great. This has been a comfortable boot right out of the box and i would recommend them to anyone and the touch is great as well. For me comfort is the key over anything because no matter what if ur sore and worn out the touch and strike of the boot is going to be more affected by you than the boot itself. However i do not know the durability of the Asics as i have only had them about a half year but so far no problems with wear.

  15. Although I played football in high school instead of soccer, I have always had a passion for soccer and am now a member of a rec league. As a 6 ft 4 bigger player I play mostly centerback or targetman upfront, depending on the needs of the day. From my soccer boot experience (which to be fair is not that much) I would say the Nike Tiempo is a fantastic all-rounder amongst all positions. I have the IV Mystic and it still oozes quality even though it isnt the top of the line Tiempo. The touch is great and the leather just feels soft and really well made. The supple leather is reserved for the top 1/3rd of the boot since most of the passes and shots you will make will be from there whilst the mid section is a harder more synthetic leather that protects your foot. I wear size 13s and the comfort is great. Whilst there are definitely lighter boots it still is quite light as well. I love them in my Bolt colorway. Look so good with the sun out.

  16. oladeinde omotola

    what boot is best for a smf and amf

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