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Warrior Skreamer S-Lite – Spicy Orange/Blue

New Warrior Skreamer

After the seemingly high success of their initial release, we now have a new colorway in the Warrior Skreamer S-Lite series. This one again features a lot of color and the combination of a Spicy Orange and Baja Blue packs a pretty potent punch. Incredibly, I have to admit that the overall design of the Skreamer is starting to grow on me – and that includes the fish-scale pattern on the front of the boot. I think I have the advantage of having tested the Warrior Skreamer S-Lite and I have seen first-hand the functionality in its inclusion.

The time I spent with the boots proved to be a pretty positive experience. They are designed with the purpose of mimicking its name – the “Skreamer”. From first look, they give the impression of being an all out Power boot, yet at 7.4oz they easily fall into the Lightweight category. In a sense they are another hybrid.

In terms of retail, these are available to order right now from

New Warrior Skreamer Colorway

Without missing a beat, this boot is the perfect option for defensive players who have been craving a lightweight boot. The upper is well built and constructed, so rest assured that your feet are going to be as well protected as they can be in a lightweight boot and you get the extra bonus of being able to spray long-balls right around the field. In saying that, they also make for an ideal option for attacking mids – think of Marouanne Fellaini as a good example.

This release comes hot off the heels of the Craig Bellamy Personalized Warriors we highlighted only yesterday. That colorway seems to have received a lot of positive feedback and there have been several comments from readers who want a pair for themselves.

So, my question is does this latest colorway reach the heights that players are looking for?

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Spicy Orange Warrior Skreamer

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  1. Great colourway.

  2. will you review the k-lites?

  3. Nicholas Antunes

    Where can you buy them?

  4. Excellent warrior shoes.
    Thanks for the sharing.

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