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Has the Adidas Nitrocharge Kevlar Been Shelved?

Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 Kevlar
Every now and again, an idea comes about that seems to work, yet some last minute decisions can shelve the produce boot altogether. This is the current case with the Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 Kevlar, that was set for impending release and even made the pages of the current catalog. It is not something that we see happen often and a of people have requested info on the issue. In truth, it is a brave move by Adidas that should be applauded. is without a doubt the largest retailer in the US and to force a recall after an initial announcement about the boot is a very tricky decision.

So what happened? Rumor has it, Adidas found a flaw prior to release and spent extensive time testing the boot again. The results were inconclusive and we can confirm from our sources that this in turn resulted in an official recall, shelving the boot right before market release. What we can’t confirm is the exact issue, but it is likely to be related to the Kevlar upper since that was the primary component that differentiated this edition of the Nitrocharge.  It is a shame since they had such a terrific look and the concept of creating a modern boot with Kevlar in the upper is intriguing.

Realistically, we are holding out hope that the issue is something Adidas can resolve and quickly, with a possible re-release set before the World Cup kicks off! If not, we can at least live off the glory of these images and wonder just what would have been.

What do you guys think of the design and were you excited by the concept of this boot?

Kevlar Nitrocharge

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  1. Very sexy boot trying to incorporate some very forward thinking by Adidas. How very unfortunate. Let's hope it is all sorted soon!

  2. Kevlar for the upper doesn't seem like a very comfortable material; more of a marketing gimmick

    • As much as I love both Nike and adidas, I always have the impression that adidas hold the value of a consumer more to heart. Yes, this may have been a marketing story but the article states that the product was recalled after extensive testing. To me this proves performance is their core and they weren't going to sacrifice such just to make a few $$'s with a gimmick. Nike on the other hand…

  3. Some people have gotten pairs from

  4. Too bad. Was looking forward to this release.
    I hope they release the regular one with the same colors, they looks fantastic.

  5. Another website says…” There was a legal issue with the name.” Not manufacturing defects.

    • They couldn't call it "Nitrocharge" or put "Kevlar" in the title?!? If that is the case they would have renamed it immediately instead of pulling them off shelves. Obviously isn't a very reliable website.

      • They can obviously call it nitrocharge. The name Kevlar is on the shoe and all of the packaging. It makes sense that if using Kevlar is an issue they would need to pull these and produce new ones without the branding.

  6. To me this seems to be more like a case of the original Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly, except adidas found the problem before the release. If adidas doesn't re-release them, I wonder if they will offer a refund or maybe a standard issue Nitrocharge to the consumers that purchased the recalled product.

    • If someone is pre-selling shoes before an official release date then it's up to the store to refund the consumer, not adidas. It's the store that is taking a risk before they have product in hand.

      • No but the point is that some people actually have recalled pairs in their possession, so at this point wouldn't it be adidas' and the retailer's issue? That's what I was getting at. Some people actually have a pair of these already.

        • If thats the case then I can only imagine someone has got their hands on some stock early and decided to sell, probably on ebay etc. all the major official online outlets have never sold them., pro-direct, kitbag etc.

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