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The World’s Best Boot Collectors – toffem


Time for the second edition of our The World’s Best Boot Collectors series, where we showcase and get to know more about some of the best boot collectors around. In case you missed it, we caught up with dlbootroom in our first edition and the response has been awesome.

This time we catch up with collector & seller Toffem, this guy seriously has one of the best line-up of boots and images you will find. His account on Instagram is one of those that you could spend hours and hours going back through – after you’ve read below, I recommend you go take a look.

How long have you been collecting boots and how did it all start?

I have been collecting football boots since 2006, so for 10 years now! The passion for boots started for me already before 2006, I always wanted the buy the best looking boots when I was young and it was important for me, I wanted to be like Zidane or Brazilian Ronaldo, even had the same haircut in 2002. Soon after, I started to get more and more interested in the history of the boots and how they were made and developed. I think it’s important to know the history behind the boots we use today!

What have you got in your collection?

Hard question, haha, I think the list is getting too long. I have several pairs of Limited edition boots and also professional match worn boots. I guess I have one of the biggest collections in the world. The first picture (above) will give you a look at about 95% of what I currently have.

Your favorite pair is?

If I had to choose one boot, is has to be the Nike Mercurial Superfly I “Wear It Proud”, there is only 70 pairs in the world and all individually hand made in Italy! Rumors tell that 30 pairs were given to the rugby team members and only 40 pairs sold to public. My pair is numbered 05/70!

The boots were released in 2009 and originally made for Ugo Moyne and the English rugby team to celebrate the launch of the new England Nike purple away kit in 2009. Inspired by the iconic purple track jacket that was rewarded to players called up to represent England in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

What is the craziest thing you’ve done to get a pair of boots?

Well I bought a pair of boots for around £100, then sold the same boots for £860 and bought myself 4 pairs of limited edition boots 😉

Can you guesstimate how much you’ve spent on boots?

I’m not sure if I want to know that number, haha. Well I don’t think it’s that bad if spread over 10 years of time. And the fact is that I have been studying through my collecting career, so I haven’t had the chance to pay full prices for the boots. I have been working in the summer time to afford the boots. I’m also trying to buy all my boots for less than the retail price, just because if I need to sell the boots then I hope to get my money back or even get more back than what I paid for them. For me this is sustainable and I’m still doing this.

Do you have any tips or advice for new collectors?

My best advice is to don’t rush into collecting, you don’t need to buy every new boot. Know which boots that are gonna increase in value and collect the boots you personally love.

Anything else you’d like to add?

When I was young I dreamed to be a famous professional footballer, but I had to concentrate in studying. Today I have more than 60,000 followers on Instagram and I’m thankful to have achieved this! Close enough and still football related!

Finishing up, there is a few things we need from you here.

  • First, let the boot collector know what you think of their collection below and feel free to leave them any questions.
  • You can find toffem on Instagram.
  • Toffe also has a really cool site you should check out where he showcases his boots in more detail – The Boot Vault.
  • Then, let us know if you have a collector that just NEEDS to be featured. We need your input in finding the best of the best collections!

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