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“Win Any Boot You Want” Giveaway

Giveaway Win Any Boots

We are offering up a brand new pair of boots to one lucky follower. But not just any pair of boots, you have the opportunity to win ANY pair of boots in your chosen size that are available at We are talking whatever you want here, from the latest Nike Hypervenom to a pair of adidas Nemeziz. All you need to do to get entered is follow the simple steps below.

UPDATE: A winner was randomly selected (Curran Stevens, Tiffin University) and he picked a pair of Mizuno Morelia Neo II MIJ as their new boots!

STEP 1 – Join Our Awesome New “Boot Club” List

STEP 2 – Sit Back And Wait To Find Out If You Won!

Step 1 is all you need to do. We will be contacting and announcing the winner via our brand new Boot Club email list. This is a club where you can stay up to date on all the latest boot news, reviews and huge deals. Plus, we have a bunch of super exciting giveaways lined up for email subscribers only! Trust me, if you are a boot fan you want to be on this list!!! What can you do while you wait?

  • If you feel like it, leave us a message below and let us know what boots you’d pick and why.
  • Make us really happy by sharing one of our articles on Twitter.
  • Check out the latest pics we are posting on Instagram.

Rules and other things of note.

  • If you are already on our email list, you are already entered!
  • Giveaway open to all readers, worldwide.
  • But, winner must have a US shipping address. We can’t ship overseas.
  • Winner will be randomly selected and contacted via email on 9/4/17.
  • The winning boots can be any boot in their chosen size that is not deemed to limited or special edition. Determination is down to soccerdotcom.
  • There is no monetary value to the prize (ie. you can’t request money instead of the boots!)
  • SoccerCleats101 has final say on all matters.

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. Hi guya im already subscribed to email updates. If i win I would choose a pair of vapor XI. I'm not a fan of collar. Also I own 2 pairs of veloce I and II so I would really like to try the top tier. I would go for ag surface as the pitches in my area are all dirt or artificial. If there were no vapors available I'd choose some mercurialx proximos. Thank you.

  2. Can't believe this is real!! Thanks for providing great content all the time, guys. And how could I not want a pair of Nemeziz? The best boot for the best player of all time.

  3. My son has played 14 years and is now playing in college. He definitely likes his boots. He still has every pair he has gotten stashed away in his closet. (Except for a couple of pairs he gave to other players that needed boots.) He loves leather boots so I would choose the Mizuno Rebula for him.

  4. Nike Hypervenom flynit academy black!

  5. Nemeziz 17+ magnetic storm.

  6. I would love love love!!! The UA Clutchfit 3.0 in the Aquaflage Pack. Super underrated Boots!

  7. Mizuno Rebula V1 Japan I made the leap and purchased a pair of Mizuno Morelia after reading your raving reviews of the boots…You were 100% correct…Absolutely incredible. Mizuno quality is something special. I’m now a loyal Mizuno convert, thanks to your review. The Mizuno Rebula V1 looks fantastic with a blend of new school and old school, they would be something special to wear.

  8. there's so many choices, i can't decide between the hypervenoms (absolute beasts), the tiempo legends (cause who wouldn't want one), or anything from mizuno (quality guaranteed)

    avid fan of your write ups as I feel it's such a refreshing take from an almost everyday guy POV

  9. i really need a soccer boot

  10. i would choose new neymars very comfy.I love the game and cant wait to win. if i win it would be great because i just broke my foot and have been out for a while, it would be great to have a new pair. In am to big for my other magistas.

  11. i would choose new neymars very comfy.I love the game and cant wait to win. if i win it would be great because i just broke my foot and have been out for a while, it would be great to have a new pair. In am to big for my other magistas. I cant wait, this is a pretty cool website.

  12. Wait, can I change my answer to the new thunder storm pack??? Those are so nice. Any of those boots from that pack would do.

  13. Would like the nemeziz if I win.

  14. I would love to win the puma one chrome. I've always been a big fan of puma and once again they have made another beautiful boot.

  15. Been following you since my obsession with cleats started back in my sophomore year of high school (09'). I've always enjoyed your take on boots, and I have bought a few based upon your reviews. Since I ended my college careers, my coaching has seen me donate most of my collection to kids who are in need, so I need to finally get myself some new ones! After trying just about everything, my boot bucket list primarily consists of mizuno, so I'd definitely go with one of their products!

  16. Hello I hope I have an opportunity to win so cleats cr7 pink high top ones I would really want some because we'll my parents can afford my soccer playing stuff so I hope I get a chance to win some it would be a true blessing thank you

  17. I would choose the Nike Superflys in the lock in let loose colour way as I'm a winger and I love the flyknit upper

  18. By the way the deal is great and just so simple steps to enter! And Adidas X17.1 are my favourite boots.PEACE

  19. Would love to win the new Nike Flyknit as they seem like they could be the future of Nike football boots! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  20. If I win I would pick a pair of Magista Obras or Adidas Purespeed. I love the upper design for the Obra's and who wouldn't want the sleek design of the new Adidas Purespeed from the Thunderstorm pack. I love this boot giveaway because I would never be able to afford these on my own. If you could have any cleat in the world what would it be? For me no matter what it would be the Electro Flare Superfly's.

  21. I love your content, I would either like the new nike mercurial Superfly vapor flynite ultra becaude I am a winger and I would love a new pair of soccer cleats because my family does not have much money to buy top end soccer Cleats so it would nice to finally try on a pair. I would like to try the adidas pure speed because I think they are cool and I want see how they feel.

  22. SoccerCleats101, If I win the giveaway I would like the Magnetic Dust Storm Pack Nemeziz+ fg size 9 US.

  23. I would like to win the Adidas nemiziz 17.1 or the Nike mecurials because I am a very fast attacker and I am very agile in my turns. I would like any of those two boots because I don’t really have a favorite 😂😂😂😂

  24. Hi, if I won I would choose a pair of the PureControl Ace 17+. I would choose these because my friends own a pair, and I played in them before and absolutely fell in love with the comfort and the soft upper. I play in Vapor XI, and love the upper, which is very similair to the Purecontrol, but the Vapor cannot compare to the comfort. Thanks!

  25. Hi guys, I will really love to win some boots, the only boots I have are ripping off from the sole, and I can't afford other boots, I don't have my parents with me, I live with my aunt, and she doesn't help me with supplies I need, I've being using my only boots for the last 4 years, but I really wish I could be the lucky one to win a par of boots, and I am a boots fan, I wish I could have them all! The y just get better and better, I really like the Nike premier boots, I love classic cleats. Thank you.


  27. I would love a pair of Adidas Nemeziz 17+Messi FG as i have never had a pair of adidas boots before…. been playing barefooted all the while…

  28. Thanks for the great giveaway


  30. i would like the ADIDAS NEMEZIZ 17.1 FG orange ones. i am size 9

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