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Nike CTR360 Maestri Castaways – Which Boots to Turn to?

It is a dilemma that many players are currently facing – which boots to turn to after the Nike CTR360 Maestri. A few months back, Nike introduced us to the final rendition

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HO Soccer Turf Protek Flat 2014 Glove Review

In the past three months of playing goal specifically on turf I have gone through two pair of goalie gloves, and not the $15 dollar bargain bin gloves either. I

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Monday Morning Cornerback? What’s Darrelle Revis Wearing?

Since my Sunday night indoor soccer season is still a couple of weeks from starting, I’ve been able to sit down on Sunday nights and watch some Sunday Night Football.

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Francesco Totti Loves a Bit of Tongue

When 38 year old AS Roma captain Francesco Totti scored on noted getting chipped aficionado Joe Hart to level the Manchester City- Roma match at 1’s; he established himself as the

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Puma evoPOWER 1 – This is no ordinary shinguard!

How about these for a pair of technically advanced shinguards – the Puma evoPOWER 1 Guard can actually bend and flex in any direction. Last week, these arrived in and

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Puma Go “Camo” With the Upcoming King II Release

In anticipation of the upcoming Puma King II release, Puma has gone pulled a “Puma” and introduced a limited edition Camo edition of the boot. We have seen them take

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Toto is Back and he is Scoring Goals For Fun!

Everyone’s favourite tiny Italian maestro Antonio Di Natale nearly retired on us at the end of last season. He even did a lap of honour and everything! Thankfully, he reconsidered and

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Eibar stuns Real Sociedad in La Liga

  Eibar toppled over Real Sociedad this weekend infront of less than 5000 fans in their first ever La Liga match. If you haven’t been following the Eibar story, now

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How Does Correct Self Care Improve Soccer Player Performance?

  Working in the field of massage therapy has definitely given me the inside view on the toll life takes on the body. Unfortunately most of us learn too late

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How to Choose the Right Pair of Speed Boots

It is that time of year when players start to select new boots for the upcoming fall season. Obviously, choosing the right category of boot is the first step to

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Guide to Top Boot Options For Experienced Players

There is a wide range of more experienced players out there who find it a little more challenging to find the right type and style of boot in today’s wildly

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Sondico Precision – Round Table Boot Review

A brand that many of you might not familiar with or only know from their production of goalkeeper gloves is Sondico. Over the past few months, the head chiefs at

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Has Adidas Actually Won the World Cup?

With this Sunday being the final of the World Cup I’ve been thinking a little bit. While we all know that the World Cup is contested between 32 countries and

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The Linesmen – Shooting from the Lip at the Footy World

Welcome to the second edition of The Linesmen, Jim Gautier and my bi-weekly(ish) rant about things that we find interesting or things that bother us in the football landscape. From knitted