Sunday , July 21 2024

Nike Release the Vapor VI and Superfly II

The release date for the Nike Mercurial Vapor VI (six) and the Nike Mercurial Superfly II has arrived! Right now, I am in the process of testing both and will have full and comprehensive reviews in the coming weeks. The Vapor VI’s are in the Violet color, while the Superfly II is in the exclusive Obsidian color. I have to admit I am not much of a fan of the Violet color, but I really like the Obsidian version. Check out the images below, and if you are bold enough to order today the links are supplied! (if you do order let us know in the links section below!)

You can order the VAPOR VI and SUPERFLY II right now! (and don’t forget to use the 10% off code: 1SPRING10)

Nike Mercurial Vapor VI Violet

Nike Mercurial Vapor VI Nike Mercurial Vapor VI (4) Nike Mercurial Vapor VI (5) Nike Mercurial Vapor VI (7) Nike Mercurial Vapor VI (8) Nike Mercurial Vapor VI (6)

Nike Mercurial Superfly II Obsidian

Nike Mercurial Superfly II (4) Nike Mercurial Superfly II (6) Nike Mercurial Superfly II (5) Nike Mercurial Superfly II (7) Nike Mercurial Superfly II (8) Nike Mercurial Superfly II (9)

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  1. …but it's the same shoe, just with covered laces (like old mercurial steam and vapor).

  2. curly lovin defense

    I personally think their ugly…. n the design is not really getting my attention

  3. its not the same shoe, one of them has flywire and a carbonfibre base. the other has no flywire and a glassfibre base. get your facts right

  4. Anon, I am not really into mercurials since I prefer tiempo. Their design is pretty cool, but when you wear them, they make your feet look so damn long, like you are a duck. ^^,

  5. just a quick q, do you actually keep the boots you review? cos if you do you would have quite the collection haha 😛

    and i actually think the opposite of what you think of the mv vi – i like the violet ver vs the obsidian ver for some unknown reason. i detest the latter cos of the instep (if it were another colour like an orange or yellow i wouldnt mind) – the mint or whatever the call it is dreadful.

    and from what ive seen of future releases, the colourways aren't going to get much better. i spose it'll be like the mv5 – horrid with three colours, nice with two (e.g. initial colourways awful, white vers and black vers incredible).

    plus the 'technology' (or lack of it) in the mv6 in no way justifies the price. but from what ive heard its more comfortable than the previous 2 iterations

  6. the best shoes are f50 i tunit because the best player for ever is LIONEL MESSI so dont buy things of the stupid cristiano ronaldo.


  7. hey Bryan lemme know when you are willing to given away one of your boots!! man you have much than I can Imagine 😀

    can't wait for your Superfly 2 review. wonder if the conical studs works alot. they actually 1 oz heavier than the previous.

  8. he f50 shoes is the best because the best player ever uses them>but the mercurial shoes is not good because c.ronldo use them

  9. vapor super fly thas what they are.. super!!I love this elite they fell so good and bether than that I can afford Im not good playing soccer but I love good things. so get your they are awesome they super!!! My son has nike mercurial vapor purple color why because he love good thins to I we love nike

  10. Hey does anyone know here i can buy the purple and orange ones?

  11. dudes,

    i bought these shoes and they ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. i have these boots they are amazing there fit me perfectly and i have no problems with them but i have to say the price was a little too high but these boots are amazing

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