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Nike Vapor Superfly Specs - Soccer Cleats 101
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Tuesday , June 25 2024

Nike Vapor Superfly Specs

Nike Flywire technology

Here is a pretty sweet video that explains exactly what the Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly are all about. This video was created before the crunch Manchester United vs Inter Milan clash last week when Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovich both debuted the cleats. In the video, you will see how the cleats are made and hear an explanation on why they are so light. It finishes with Ibrahimovich trying out the Superfly for the first time. Pretty sweet video to check out!


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  1. Very awesome soccer boot, i think the wire will help to strength the boot.

  2. where can i buy these boots nike

  3. Will the superflys be more durable than the mercurial iv? All my friends and even mine are falling apart. Like the studs are falling off and stuff. Mine are ripping in many places and around the studs. So if I consider getting feel superflys, will I be getting my moneys worth of durability?

  4. Is this boot more durable than the IV’s which sucked for the price. They rip way too easily
    And in many places on both boots. So is the superflu really worth all that money?

  5. Hey Matt, I haven’t heard many people say the IV’s ripped, how long did you have them? The Superfly’s were pulled off the market before release in March, so I feel they might not be worth the risk for the money in your case. I think the Superfly are a great cleat, especially since they are super, super light but they are expensive. Did you find the IV’s to be comfortable?

  6. I got my mv4 early march of last spring. It was still snowy on re ground so I couldn’t use them until may. Um I got them from a store in my city. Maybe that is y they were so bad. Even ones people get online rip. But not in the same places as mine.

    Yes actually. They were very comforable even with the thin material and being synthetic. So I really want to get the sulerflys cuz I los how light they are, I just don’t want to spend over $300 for a cleat that will rip within 3 months.

    I might get the leather f50i’s they look comfortable. And durable.

  7. dude dnt worry about it out of every 100 products 1 is bad i guess u got the bad one

    or the store sold u knock offs

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