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Review Scores

Welcome to our review scores page, where you can get a summary insight into our performance thoughts on each boot reviewed. The graph can be sorted, and there is a “search” bar on the top right of there is anything specific you want to find. Please note, these scores are representative of our experience with each boot, having put them through extensive testing. If you don’t agree, use the review link and leave us your thoughts/comments there.

Finally, for a breakdown on what each category references and how scoring works, please see details below the graph.

Lotto Maestro 100 IVreview898788.0$20022
adidas Predator EDGE.1review566565.6$25022
adidas Goletto VIIIreview775676.4$4522
Nike Vapor 14review997898.4$25022
Puma ULTRA SL 21 Techreview888798.0$30021
adidas X Speedflow+review778987.8$27521
adidas Predator Freak+review679897.8$27521
Nike Phantom GT "FlyEase”review579766.8$8021
Puma FUTURE Z 1.1review997798.2$20021
adidas Predator 20.1review889898.4$22520
Nike Phantom GT Elitereview889788.0$25020
Puma ULTRA 1.1review678877.2$20020
New Balance Furon v6review998788.2$21020
Nike PhantomVSN 2 Pro DFreview687967.2$15020
Puma King Platinumreview798777.6$20020
adidas Predator 20+review679897.8$27520
Nike PhantomVSN 2 Elitereview898898.4$27520
Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elitereview698877.6$25019
adidas Copa 19+review679797.6$27019
adidas Nemeziz 19.1review898898.4$22519
Umbro Medusae III Proreview987898.2$20019
adidas X19+review578866.8$27519
adidas Predator 19+review989898.5$27519
adidas Nemeziz 19+review778977.6$27519
Concave Halo+ Proreview878687.4$24019
Nike Phantom Vision Pro DFreview897877.8$15019
Nike Phantom Venom Elitereview898988.4$25019
Under Armour Magnetico Proreview896887.8$22018
Nike Vapor XII Proreview786787.2$12018
Concave Volt+ Knitreview879687.6$25018
adidas Nemeziz 18+review789798.0$29018
adidas X18.1review999788.5$22518
Nike Phantom Vision Elitereview798887.8$27518
adidas X18+ Purespeedreview678777.0$28018
New Balance Tekela Proreview897888.0$25018
adidas Predator 18.2review766766.4$14018
Nike Superfly360 Elitereview689777.4$27518
Puma FUTURE 18.1review998788.2$20018
adidas Predator 18+review989798.4$30017
Nike Tiempo Legend 7review988988.4$23017
Adidas Nemeziz 17+ 360Agilityreview998798.4$32017
New Balance Visaro 2.0review566766.0$20017
Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 DFreview899798.4$30017
Puma evoPOWER Vigor 1review899778.0$22017
adidas ACE17+ Purecontrolreview799888.2$30017
Concave Volt+review877777.2$21017
adidas Copa17.1review987898.2$20017
Nike Mercurial Veloce III DFreview877897.8$18017
Puma evoSPEED Freshreview679787.4$18016
Nike Magista Obra 2review998798.4$30016
Puma evoTOUCH Proreview578756.4$27516
Nike Mercurial Superfly Vreview789888.0$30016
Adidas Messi16+ PUREAGILITYreview698787.6$30016
Nike Hypervenom Phinish IIreview698898.0$22516
Diadora Brasil Italy OGreview876787.2$27016
Adidas X16+ PURECHAOSreview798787.8$30016
Under Armour Spotlightreview897687.6$22016
New Balance Furon 2review668967.0$20016
adidas X15+ SLreview687987.6$25016
adidas Ace16.1review687787.2$20016
Mizuno Basara 101 MIJreview887687.4$28016
adidas Ace 16.2 Primemeshreview566755.8$13016
Puma evoPOWER 1.3review988698.0$22016
Puma evoSPEED SL Kreview787987.8$25016
adidas Ace 16+ Primeknitreview988788.0$25016
adidas X 15.2review886697.4$11016
Puma evoSPEED SL-Sreview787787.4$20016
adidas Ace 16+ PURECONTROLreview689887.8$30016
Nike Tiempo Legend 6review988888.2$21016
adidas Messi 15.1review677877.0$21015
New Balance Visaroreview566866.2$18015
Under Armour Speedformreview997788.0$22015
adidas Ace 15.1review988698.0$20015
Puma evoPOWER 1.2review678777.0$20015
adidas X 15.1review878697.6$20015
Nike Hypervenom Phantom IIreview689867.4$27515
adidas Primeknit 2.0review779777.4$25015
adidas Glororeview986898.0$11015
Asics DS Light X-FLY Kreview976787.4$21515
Puma King SL Classicoreview876787.2$25015
adidas adiZero f50review797898.0$22015
Nike Elastico Superfly TFreview678877.2$15015
Puma King II EF+review677656.2$20015


The 5 key categories featured in the columns are as follows:

COM – “Comfort”; How do the boots break in and how do they feel during a 90 minute game?
PER – “Performance”; For striking shots to general traction across multiple surfaces, how does the boot function in game?
TEC – “Tech Specs”; What has the brand done to create a different type of positive experience for players? And most importantly, does it work?
VIS – “Visual Effect”; How does the boot look and is there a standout “Hollywood” effect when you see them first?
CAT – “Category Score”; Each boot falls into a specific category. Examples include speed, comfort, power, control or economical. We base the specific boot against every other boot in that bracket.
AVE – “Average”; The boots average score across 5 categories.


In order to evaluate appropriately, we use a scale of 1-10. But, we only use scores between 4 and 10. To give you more details and how we think about each boot, the following one-word guide best describes each number:

4 – Awful
5 – Not good
6 – Average
7 – Good
8 – Impressive
9 – Absolute quality
10 – Top class, it doesn’t get better!


  1. Please do some reviews on mizuno and lotto takedowns please???

  2. Do you have suggestions on cleats for my daughter who will begin her U17 season? Too many choices out there! She’ll be D1-bound, playing on artificial turf and also has a wide foot.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    • Cathy, if she is an adidas fan, I'd strongly recommend the adidas Primeknit series. They are extremely comfortable, ideal for multiple surfaces and suit a wider fit. There is the Ace 15.1 Primeknit, which is last seasons style, and the Ace 16.1 Primeknit, the current new release. If you can find the 15.1, it is a better choice in my opinion. It is likely to be a little cheaper and they are a top rated option!

      • I just ordered a pair of Vapor 11 AG sole plate. I;ve been using Tiempos for last 6 months. Am i going to regret the comfort level of the new vapors? Thanks in advance for any input.

        • No, Vapors are decent comfort wise. They have the attached tongue, which makes them slightly tight across the midfoot. But this will loosen up over time! As long as they fit right, you will enjoy them!

      • What do you recommend for Nike fans in this situation?

      • I have a daughter that is a Nike girl. Is there a fg/age cleat you suggest as well?

  3. Can you please suggest the best speed shoes (FG and turf)? I would not be using this for soccer and so touch is irrelevant, only their weight and traction matter. The focus is speed/acceleration and absolutely nothing else (except decent durability/comfort). Thank you so much.

    • Yeah, I’d strongly recommend the Puma evoSPEED in that case. Another recommendation would be a pair of Mercurial Vapors – any of the past 3 generations (find the best price and you are golden!)

  4. I want Neymar Jr football boots 2016 with a sock attatched to it for free

  5. Recommendation for a college goalkeeper..thanks!

  6. adalberto marinl

    I found new in box a pair of Nike Hypervenom Phantom SE SG-PRO soccer cleats that was created for Germany team celebrating the 2014 fifa championship only 100 was made its has a stamp on the shoes that read Klose 36 of 100, and the # 16 in the center, but im looking info about them i can’t find anything. code # 746657-118

  7. I would be interested in seeing the UA Cluch Fit 2.0 in the review

  8. Hi,

    Ive been reading your reviews so far but still can't decide on my next boots 🙁

    Can you help me?

    I've been a Mercurial player for a long time, then move to Messi boot last year, and still using Mercurial as my futsal boot. It's been good so far, but I found that I always feel "tired" wearing these boots, and I read somewhere that I need wider boots because my feet is a little bit wide.

    I need something that can accomodate my playing style – agility, control midfielder. I'm considering Hypervenom, but need your advices on other brands as well.

    Thank you!

  9. Would like to see a review on the lotto zhero gravity VIII 200.

  10. I really trust you for solid reviews, which one do prefer Between the Adidas gloro 16.1 and Copa 17.2 ?

  11. What are the top 5 recommend nike soccer cleats?

  12. No Adidas Predator 18.1?

  13. I'm looking for new cleats, I play central midfield. I've been wearing Nike Mercurial Superfly Vs for some time now, looking at some other options. So far I'm looking at the new Superfly VI and the Adidas X18.1. Any suggestions would be great, thanks!

  14. I have a wide foot would mercurial superfly6 be fine?

  15. good post admin

  16. Hey, are you going to review Speedflow.1? Or Puma Ultra 1.3? I’ve seen a few articles, but not an actual review

  17. Have you tried the new TruBoot? I see some EPL players wearing them. I think I can get you a pair of them.

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