Wednesday , March 22 2023


  1. What for wide feet ..

  2. Is there any manufacturer out there that either makes a 4E wide boot in size 11.5 or will take a custom outline of a foot and make it? My son is a college keeper and every year we go through the agonizing process of finding something that will work for him. The Asics DS Light 5 Wide used to work but the new DS Light 6 has a narrower baseplate. The New Balance Visaro wide option in leather is also narrow, more of a 2E.
    The Japanese make a few options, but it seems the Returns and Exchange process is non-existent. Cinqutelle doesn't ship to US and RYAL has only a few models that they ship to US and baseplates do not appear to be wide.
    We even tried customizing a wide Nike one year. It was not anywhere near wide enough!
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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