Wednesday , February 1 2023

Designer Soccer Cleats: Bikkembergs

If you are looking for an absolutely unique soccer cleat that offers something completely different, these might be theBix 12 stud cleats for you! Dirk Bikkemberg is a Belgian fashion designer who is known for his passion for soccer. With that being said, the Bikkemberg collection of soccer cleats and footwear has grown substantially since 2000. In fact, Bikkemberg actually has an Italian soccer team called FC Bikkemberg Fossombrone. Dirk, from the beginning, has used the team as a testing ground for styling and fabric technology.

There are two design in Dirk’s cleat collection, the first generation was called the Bix while the latest collection is known as the Tirosegno. The concentric circles remain in the Tirosegno, but the rest of the boot underwent a range of totally different construction processes. The result was a more tailored, lighter, faster and more streamlined soccer cleat. The Tirosegno was launched in 2008, and as such has become the leading designer soccer cleat on the market! For more info on all things Dirk Bikkemberg head over to the website

My opinion: The collection does have a funky look about them, and the first few times I saw the cleats I was like ‘what are these things?’ But, gradually they have kind of grown on me (maybe because they are termed as ‘designer’. Actually, I have to admit the video below kind of swayed my opinion! Right now I am not willing to drop $300, but when I head back home to Ireland for Xmas, I might just have to put a pair on my list!! Feel free to let us know what you think of the collection below. Again, for the month of November, if you leave a comment your email will be entered in a chance to win a pair of Adidas Predator X soccer cleats*! And excuse the YouTube still image!!!!

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  1. I've always been more of a straight forward boots type of player. Not really into the "designer" boots at all, but these actually do look kinda tight. Wouldn't mind takin a run in them.

  2. Wow these boots look great. When I first saw them I was thinking about getting them, than I realized that they were $300 bucks.

  3. those shoes look decent. probably something Beckham or Freddie Ljungberg would wear. But I would get laughed off the field if i showed up in these. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where we are about 3 months late for shoes. So im still waiting for my reliable f50i's.

  4. I always wonder what kind of boots is that and quoted, ''what the hell is that?! ". Yeah, it is funny looking and expensive! Does this boots already appeared on a fashion show?

  5. Cool design, flashy uppers and colors. I'd be interested to know what technological points the boot has and what Bikkembergs has in mind for future lines of boots. Since this is obviously 'high-fashion' stuff, there's probably no hope for a mid-range line. Given they are more known in Italy, one would definitely stand out on the pitch..although I'm not sure if you would have to sign a contract proving your kit colors match your boots….

  6. Akim, they have definitely been on the runway in Italy…interesting stuff!

    Tino, not sure about the mid-range line…I think Dirk is happy to create high end cleats to let his team show off…also of note, there have been a bunch of Italians around Europe popping up with the Bikkembergs on. For example, Enzo Maresca, who plays for Greek champions Olympiacos, has been wearing them in the Champions League this season!

  7. awesome i hope i win

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