Friday , March 24 2023

Soccer Cleat Giveaway

What a terrific response we have had to the Soccer Cleat Giveaway competition with hundreds of great entries. Well, after some heated deliberation, we have come up with what we determined to be the top 11 funniest/smartest comments and now need your help to pick the top 3! (we had to leave out some great answers)
Below are the finalists, simply vote for your who you think should win the boots (1 vote per person). Voting closes on 04/16/09 at 10am PST.

What have the Nike Vapor V, Adidas Predator X and Puma V1.10 all got in common? They are all up for grabs in our SC101 giveaway!

Vapor V1.10 Predator x

Over the past few months, I have accumulated quiet a collection of soccer cleats. Now is your chance to win a pair by simply telling us why you deserve to have them! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below and tell us in 15 words or less why you deserve to win a pair or what you would do if you had them. Creative and fun/ridiculous answers are highly recommended. We will then pick a selection of top answers, and put them on a poll for people to vote. The top 3 who receive most votes will each win a pair! Here are the official competition rules, please read them:

  1. Keep your answer to 15 words or less! Any more will be eliminated.
  2. Each person can enter 2 answers – no more than 2.
  3. The top selected comments will be put to poll, where people can vote on their top answer.
  4. It will be 1 person 1 vote, if you want more votes get more people to vote your answer on the poll!
  5. 1st place will select which cleat they want first, 2nd will then select, and third will get the remaining pair.
  6. Competition is open to all, but winner must have a US address to ship the cleats to.
  7. Each cleat is a size US 9, you are getting the cleats that were reviewed so their are no other sizes.
  8. These cleats have been previously worn during testing.
  9. Judges decision is final in all matters.

Entries will be accepted until 12pm EST 04/09/10, at which point a select amount of top choices will be put up for voting. Finally, there are several ways to keep up to date with the competition and everything else soccer cleats:

Best of luck to all entries!

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. I'm a poor soccer-playing college student and my current Predators are falling apart 🙁

  2. Need these cleats to sell so i can buy medicine for my dying Grandma

  3. I would love to win these cleats… then again, I would also to have legs.

  4. need to sell to finance my coke addiction in order to cope with leo's fitness…

  5. Would love to win these cleats… then again, I would also love to have legs….

  6. I got excited when I saw this. Then I realised they wouldn't fit my feet.

  7. A dragon flew to my house and stole mine. Need new ones!

  8. my cleats are 3 sizes too small…cant live with these blisters…life or death

  9. These cleats are, uh… just the right size, know what I mean?

  10. I have never won anything in my whole life… so please help win something.

  11. my cleats went on vacations to chile and got smashed under a building (RIP), please, help me forget my old dead cleats with a new pair 😀

  12. With these cleats my new nickname would be 'El Onion' cause I'd make people cry.

  13. In the circle pit/mosh pit, these cleats will make me king

  14. cause I absolultely LOVE the beautiful game of soccer.

  15. Poem: Size 9

    You've got the shoes, I've got the feet, bout time they meet.

  16. I play soccer.

  17. I live down the street from you and you wouldnt have to pay for postage and handling

  18. basically f**k you because you did not say "only for US" at the top (this is my answer and i have address)

  19. basically damn you because you did not say "only for US" at the top (this is my answer and i have address)

  20. i need new cleats because my dog thinks my cleats are its chew toys.

  21. the real reason? i can make any of those cleats look sexy :p

  22. gave my cleats to one of my fans i need these for the world cup!

  23. I want them, but size 9!? I'll have to cut my toenails down =(

    lot's of laugh @ previous answers, they are so hilarious, damn it will be really hard to come out with something fresh

  24. i'm a college soccer player, using puma king exec that i've had since 9th grade.

  25. i'll give them to my cousin from mexico. he's poor but really good at soccer.

  26. both answer are mine^^ but ill give them to my cuzin. he deserves them more.

  27. i'll donate them to faith and footy.

  28. i'll give them to my team mate. great talent lack of funds.

  29. Yo, I'm happy in my pants for the pumas'

  30. Hey, i say its just about time you pay off that night at the motel. ♥xoxo♥

  31. This homeless guy lives near me- always juggling a ball made of pigbladder- I'll donate them to him.

  32. I would see you soon if i had them 😉 if you know what i mean

  33. I don't live in the U.S I live in Ireland.

    Sucks to be me :

  34. i desperately need new cleats, i have been wearing hand-downs for 4 years now.

  35. Xavi asked for my old predators, so I've been playing in my sister's ballet shoes!

  36. I deserve it… cause that's what she said =)

  37. Give it to me, because that's what she said =0 =0

  38. Michael Williams

    My vapors had a blow out. My guinea pig can run faster than me now.

  39. Michael Williams

    My dog ate my vapors!

  40. A nefarious warlock cast an evil spell on me. Only new cleats can save me!

  41. I am currently being chased by soccer loving bear. i wish i had cleats.

  42. Zidane headbutted my cleats, ripped them and I've been playing barefoot ever since

  43. Im not going to sell them, My boots arent on vacation, I just want them

  44. Five on the field, one in your soul

    Just need cleats to score a goal

  45. My shoes keep missing the net, maybe these ones won't!

  46. Maybe the Mercurial's will make me lighter. 🙂

  47. Defeat, mistreat, I will do when I compete, but

    all I need are those cleats . . .

  48. They'll call me Mr. Flintstone, cuz my skillz will give the other teams a mental block.

  49. I deserve these cleats so i can kick some ass! 😀

  50. I always visit this website nearly everyday for updates I love my soccer very much

  51. Andrew Mcguiggan

    I may not be a professional, having a great boot would make feel like one


  53. ima have to be careful once i get these cleats they might scare players away

  54. when i get these cleats ima deafeat Chuck Norris once and for all lol

  55. My dog run out with my boots. I need new to chase it down.

  56. Ronaldo wanted an autograph but I didn't have time, so I gave him my boots.

  57. You need to give them to someone with the same name, that's me!

  58. Needed something to distract the mob of fans, so I threw my boots at them.

  59. with these i'll run from teachers who are testing and never get caught.

  60. …The economy will re-stabilize, genocide in Sudan will end, and global warming will inevitably cease.

  61. adipure III's r

    The Vapor V's will provide ample fodder for the insatiable appetite of my Adipure Romes!

  62. I put ice in my boots and gave them to Rooney as an ice pack, then he gave them to Fabregas, so im in need for some new boots.

  63. Other comment had to many words sorry, Mabey if i got new boots i could teach myself to count bycountingthe studs?

  64. Buttscratcher!! Buttscratcher!! I want a buttscratcher!!

  65. because I love the amazing sport of soccer! reason enough…

  66. Some great comments guys, loving them all and having a good laugh reading them. keep them coming!!

  67. They are my size. Boom.

  68. Why WOULDN'T I deserve a pair?

  69. Predators are priceless, vapors are vicious, pumas are pounding but my bare feet are aching.

  70. With me, they'll finally get off on the right foot!

  71. Because its what jesus would do

  72. Because if i dont win them the communists win

  73. Because my son keeps bugging me about it

  74. Because sometimes its nice to win something

  75. ehabadaba! (ehab)

    because being egyptian, you cant play soccer in hot sand without some shoes

  76. ehabadaba! (ehab)

    my performance sucks in bed, might as well improve on the field =D

  77. my feet are pretty ugly so its easier to cover my feet than my eyes

  78. It'd be a loan, once I'm professional I'll give you a signed pair.

  79. my old cleats are trying to speak to me now with holes all over, i think they are trying to say: "get new ones!"

  80. Put Simply, I'm just a poor bastard ^^!

  81. The evil monkey in my closet stole my brand new ones 🙁

  82. I can’t wear my J.T. speciali’s, when I do people think I’m a cheater.

  83. Give it to me baby, Aha aha

    Give it to me baby, Aha aha

  84. So I can wax my ex wife in the arse, not just above the waist.


  85. Lets teach those who said rugby as football and football as soccer xD~

  86. don't worry Bryan, your adipures are save…but your Laser III cry out loud to switch owner >>> MEEEEE<<< xD~

  87. I need something to help me step on peoples feet.

  88. Roses are red, violets are blue, I need new boots, my old preds are poo

  89. My eyes watered; my cleats tore a hole. They would score, not one more goal.

  90. With new cleats i could become the true king of camelot

  91. F50s are red, T90s are blue, ill take the preds and the black vapors too

  92. His cheeks blushed from dangles too quick; my vapours killled him with just a flick.

  93. My new vapours shone in the sun, just waiting to win a one-on-one.

  94. I awaited my predators coming in the mail, they would cause the goalie to fail.

  95. When I win these cleats, you can be sure no goalie will get any cleansheets

  96. when the ball gets to me the goalie will let me score because they're beautiful!

  97. So i could scratch my back when it's itchy!


  99. Vapors are worthy of my speed and with them I can go fox mccloud fast

  100. I would go streaking through Times Square with nothing but my boots on.

  101. I need to get away fast. My name is Brian Laws…

  102. So I can…Vaporize my enemies. HA. Pun.

  103. Simple. I have been said to look sexy in sexy shoes.

  104. So me and Cristiano can have matching shoes for World Cup time.

  105. simple. its for Narnia!

  106. how else will i prove my manhood?

  107. Because there are feet that need to be broken

  108. Because the civilization growing in my current cleats are starting a war with the shinguardians

  109. Need em for my bf… no wait he's size 12… lol

  110. Because I have a wedding to go to next month

  111. As the youngest of seven, i have never had this nice of cleats…

  112. I have no friends the and cleats will help me make friends

  113. I could run like a cheetah and get them cougars

  114. So i can make my performance on the field as good as in the bed!

  115. I deserve them cause i wuv u. Do you wuv me? =(

  116. Not a size 9 but I'd sell them to get me some crack!

  117. Friends (wimp) wont let me play in DIY cleats i made with nailgun

  118. I just need one left and one right cleat to complete the pair of Predator

  119. Knock, knock?

    Who's there?


    Barefeet who?

    My barefeet would appreciate some cleats!

  120. its all about stylin on the field and tearing up the turf!

  121. No cleats. Me suck. Some Cleats. Me brillaint! Those Cleats. Me heading to World Cup!

  122. I play college soccer at a school where tuition is $50,000. No school shoe sponsor.

  123. Can i change my above entry to

    "I just need the left cleat to complete the pair, oh the right one too"

  124. I enjoy haikus.

    They're better when they're about

    Soccer. Gimme cleats!

  125. So I will atleast look the part.

  126. Sending them to me will create some much needed space in your closet.

  127. You can have more space for new cleats, so don't be greedy!

  128. People know I cant afford Predators

    When asked ill have a sweet story to tell

  129. when I play pro I will wear a shirt with your face to celebrate goals

  130. Professional Japanese U14 Youth Team (Sanfrecce Hiroshima)… Vapor Quick… Puma Fast… Predator Deadly…


  132. none of my parent want me to play soccer let alone buy me cleats.

  133. i'm following in my fathers footsteps. learning how to shake and bake. cleats please

  134. winning these cleats would make my life! soccer is all i do. Please be chilled.

  135. my new castle girls soccer team will like to get some new cleats we just won a chapman ship my coach can not buy for all of the so places hlop us get are now soccer cleats

  136. i wish i had these i dont have no soccer shoes thier my size

  137. I need these soccer cleats cause my family has no extra money no jk

  138. I am really in need of a pair and I cant afford them.

  139. Need Cleats To Show The World What I can Truly Do Wen On The Field

  140. mckenzie mocniak

    i should win soccer cleats because i really love soccer. i plan to stay focused during the game this year. ill play the best i can play.

  141. mckenzie mocniak

    i really love soccer and it would great to have a good pair of cleats

  142. there's a man in need of soccer cleats really bad… i am thatman

  143. I own Nike, but I want to feel how it is to receive one.

  144. i cant play soccer because i have no shoes,and i love soccer

  145. I want these cleats because I really need one and my dad wont buy me.

  146. My old cleats are worn out i have size five but i am size 6

  147. We're broke. I love the game. I need new boots.

  148. My cleats were stolen and I can't afford new ones. Did I mention I'm in Africa?

  149. can I plz have these cleats im 13 years old I don't have enough money to get more