Tuesday , October 3 2023

They Are Coming – Indoor Shoe Reviews (and Giveaway!!)

Since it has been one of the most requested features in recent times, I am going to start featuring indoor soccer shoe reviews!

Here is the deal, you are going to have to wait a few weeks for the first review while I put the first few shoes through testing. In order to be able to give accurate and valuable reviews, I need to fully review several different pairs of indoor shoes. This will allow me to get a feel for what works and how different pairs test against each other. To start, the first four shoes already in review are:

  • adidas Samba Millennium
  • Nike5 Lunar Gato
  • Joma Top Flex
  • Nike5 Elastico Pro

Stay tuned for comprehensive reviews and images in the coming weeks. In order to “celebrate” this latest milestone in the development of SoccerCleats101, lets have a giveaway!

Up for grabs is a pair of adidas Super Sala in Night Sky/White/Fresh Blue that will be in the chosen size of the winner. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment below telling me which indoor shoes you would like to see reviewed. That is all you have to do! In return for the giveaway, you guys will be sharing valuable information with me on which indoor shoes are worth reviewing most.

Normal rules apply – competition open to US residents only (although I still appreciate non-US input) and runs until this Wednesday, February 16th. (and don’t forget to “Like” this post!)

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. The new adicore turfs (http://www.soccer.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Merchant_Id=1&query=adicore+turf&N=0&Product_Id=1049257).

    They look like a more modern, lighter Mundial turf and would hopefully be a great indoor/turf boot. Plus a bit more heavy duty than the adi5 shoes.

  2. adidas adi5X

  3. Nike CTR360 Libretto. I love my firm ground CTR's and i was wondering if the indoor versions were comparable.

  4. Nike5 Bomba Finale

  5. Hey

    Can you please review the NIKE BOMBA FINALE VS NIKE BOMBA PRO?

    if you can't do it that way then just the NIKE BOMBA PRO


  6. Never ceases to amaze me how the marketting machine of the big companies has you all scrambling for their products, I have tried many different indoor shoes, and whilst not perfect, the Joma Top Flex is a really decent shoe.

  7. Concave Dome PT+

  8. adidas Samba Millennium

  9. Nike Bomba Finale

  10. Puma King Indoor

  11. Nike5 Elastico Finale

  12. nike air zoom control ii fs

  13. For me it has to be the Nike Elastico Finale. They look like the best pair of indoor shoes out there, and I’ve heard that they’re a lot better than the Nike Elastico Pros.

  14. It would be AMAAAZZZING if you did the nike bomba finale.

    I wanna get them but dont know if i should yet

    the review would help A LOT

    thanks in advance

  15. Nike CTR360 Libretto II

  16. Elastico (finale/pro) – I'd like to know just how much cushioning there is.

    Adidas adi5x

    Puma King Indoor

    Diadora or Lotto

    Also, there are two major types of indoor surfaces: wood(court) vs turf. While you could wear flat-soled court shoes on turf, you can't really do it the other way around. Will the four already in review be tested on turf surface as well?

  17. Nike5 Bomba Finale if you get to play on a turf indoor court. I'm curious to know how they work compared to other nike products.

  18. Howabout the adidas Copa Indoor while you're at it?

  19. Ok so this might not be the most popular boot brand on the market. However Bryan I think that the Pirma Gladiator indoors would be a great review. You can get them at PirmaSport.com for around $65.

  20. Nike5 Elastico Pro

  21. Adidas Copa indoor…. the perfect indoor shoe!!

  22. Hi Bryan,

    Keep up the good work! I'd like to see you review PUMA v1.10 Sala Indoor shoes.



  23. Nike Total90 Shoot III

  24. The adidas Adi5x

  25. farid masashi mugen

    nike5 T5…
    absolutely the most perfect shoes i ever worn 4 futsal…

  26. Nike5 Lunar Gato

  27. Jonathan Malikowski

    Nike bomba please looks like an awesome boot

  28. sorry i mean that you should do the nike elastico finale. I always mix them up! 🙁

  29. nike bomba finale

  30. Nike CTR360 Libretto II IC , Really wondering how the indoors compare with the outdoors! Thanks a lot!

  31. I've always wanted to try the Adidas Samba Millennium so it will be great to see your reviews on them.

    I'm currently wearing Nike5 T1 CT when I play indoor.

    They are comfortable but they kind of lack the power when I try to shoot the ball hard, and their laces are too long…

  32. Puma V1.10 sala

  33. Adidas F30 Zero IN

  34. The Adi Mundial Goal please. Worth the extra money?

  35. Nike5 Lunar Gato

  36. Could you review the puma powercat 1.10 indoors?

    also I am interested in seeing the adi5 X and Nike Elastico's.

  37. Nike5 Elastico Pro.. You SHOULD think about reviewing either the Nike5 Elastico Finale or the Nike5 Bomba Finale.

  38. Can you also do the Joma Lozano? They're having a price drop for the old colorways at the moment. If not, then I'm also interested in whether the flexibility of the Joma Top Flex is all its cracked up to be.

  39. Maybe the adi5 X

  40. nike zoom t-5

  41. Adidas Samba – They make me want to Dance and Mix it up!

  42. adidas Top Sala X

  43. Adidas AdiCore

  44. I'd like you to dance the Nike Bomba Finale, please?

  45. The Nike 5 Bomba Finale.

  46. Ckameron Azizsired

    Nike5 elastico finale 🙂

  47. Puma PWR-C 2.10 They seem like they would have a nice touch and powerful shot.

  48. it'd b awesome if u could do a review on the adidas f30 adizeros cuz i have the leather f50s and i wanna no how they compare to outdoor ones.

  49. mercurial indoors. wonder if they are good

  50. I use the mercurial indoors but I would love to have your review on Nike CTR 360 Libretto II, because ive been contemplating using them.

  51. I think the adcore iv indoors would be nice. Maybe compare them to the comfort of the real adipure iv's?

  52. I would like to see the ctr360 libretto II's reviewed, as the Maestri is a very solid boot and I wonder if the cheaper versions are as well

  53. I think you should get your hands on a pair of mizuno ignitus IN, it'll be difficult to get a hold of, but I would love to know how they compare to the wave ignitus fg. The specs of both look similar, but do they perform the same? I for one would love to find out!

  54. I would love to see the adicore 4s in red or black!! i love the retro look of them 🙂

  55. The F30 indoors since they seem like the top f50 series indoor shoe in the market right now. just because the f50s are doing really well in firm ground and i would like to see if the indoors stand up to the reputation the regular f50s set

  56. The Nike5 Elastico Finale! I'm quite partial to the blue and green colorway but I'm not sure if it'll perform. Also, I know this isn't an indoor boot, but it is part of the Nike5 collection. Could you do a review on the Nike5 Bomba Finale? Thank you, in advance!

  57. Adidas samba millennium. They look like a classic leather adidas cleat.

  58. Adidas Top Sala or the Puma Futsala IV……I'm considering getting either.

  59. Adidas Mundial IN

  60. Adidas Samba Millenium

  61. I play in indoor a lot, and I would recoment reviewing the Adidas adinova

  62. Nike5 Elastico Finale – They are very colorful and seem to have allot of technology in them similar to the Nike CTR360!!!!!!!

  63. I would most like to see the Umbro vs futsal pro get a review.

  64. adidas adi5 x!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. A classic! The Adidas Mundial Goal!

  66. Puma v1.10 sala and Nike elastico pros!

  67. Lotto Stadio Classic or the Nike CTR 360 Libretto II!

    But thank you anyways no matter which cleats you are going to review!

  68. Can you please review the Tiempo indoors? I play with the Tiempo Classic Lites but wasn't sure about the indoors.


  69. Nike Mercurial Vapor Glide TF. A good boot for only 60 bucks!

  70. nike tiempo mystic III. i have them and they are actually able to make me a better player. they work magic. plus, with the nike red laces, they look great!

  71. Or if you're not playing on turf, I would like to see Puma V5.10!

  72. I want to see the Puma PWR-C Sala's reviewed. Every time I go to my local store these are sold out.

  73. I'd love to see a review for the predator absolado, they look slick – wonder if they are comfortable, especially if it's cushioned enough underneath the heel.

  74. The Copa Mundial Goals since it is an update of the very popular Copa Indoor boots

  75. The shoes I would like to see reviewed would be the Nike Tiempo Mystic III IC Indoor because the new color is awesome and it looks like a top notch shoe to wear while indoors to have great control and touch. Also it has an outdoor version which would be cool to compare them. I've haven't heard much of these shoes but it looks great if been thinking of buying them but I'm looking for a review first! Good job all on the news and reviews they are very helpful by the way!

  76. Adidas Top Sala X I've always wondered how those could be indoor shoes as they look nothing like a soccer boot with all that mesh and thin outer material.

  77. I would love to see a review of the diadora maracanas

  78. http://www.worldsoccershop.com/20274.html
    Nike5 Bomba Finale – the technology reminds me of the CTR360 range. That being said, I would love to know how well the dampening pods on the instep and the shot shield on the striking zone perform.


  79. I see all the tools wearing the nike indoors (do they have a point?). But, how about doing a review on the puma powercat (the different versions of those). Also it would be great to see what you have to say about the durability of the indoor shoes (leather vs. cloth material vs. synthetic).


  80. AdiPure or F30 – or something like the Predator (which is what I wear outdoor) – I generally like the fit of Adidas and wear Sambas now but I don't like them on field turf – I get the feeling they were not designed for the new field turf.

  81. A review of the Nike Total90 Shoot III IC would be wonderful!

  82. Nike5 Bomba Finale.

    Good for turf and indoor.

  83. I want to see some turf shoes reviewed so bad it hurts. Nike5 Bomba Finale and Predator Absolion.

  84. Nike 5 Bomba Finale!

  85. I would like to see more reviews on the latest Nike indoor series elastico pro compared too old nike zoom 5 t-7. Alot of players gave the Nike t-7 a very high review but since they aren't on the market anymore, will the new Nike line live up to the old zoom5.


  86. Its depends….I think you let us know which one is the most comfortable and suitable to play in cause indoor soccer is alot of running like suicides running drills also if you can tell us which 1 of the four is worth buying over the others thanks

  87. The Nike5 Elastico Finale, I want to know if the tech that they have really works

  88. I love the Nike5 LunarGatos, have tried them and they are great. I would like to know how the Nike5 Bomba Pro's do, because they are for indoor court while the Bomba Finale are for like AG. They look like they would be a great choice for indoor, comparing that last season I used T90s for outdoor and loved the passing accuracy. Also out of the cleat specific indoor court, the CTR's are my favorite to wear, they have all you need for an indoor game, because control is what indoor is all about.

  89. Despite being an adidas cleat kind of guy, the Lotto Stadio Classic IN seem to offer class and comfort as a indoor shoe, I'd like to hear about their actual performance on the indoor field.

  90. ^So Lunargato 1st, then Bomba Pro, and then CTR II to sum it up haha.

  91. The nike bomba finale pro's would be a great review!

  92. Also i would like to see adidas top sala X reviews, as well as adidas super sala.



  93. I like the lunargatos, but i prefer the bomba 5s

  94. i would like to see the adicore 4’s reviewed, thanks

  95. PUMA PWR-C 3.10 IT

  96. I would like to see the elastico pro reviewed because I want to see if they are as good nike makes them out to be.

  97. The predator absolado indoors would be nice. Any of the puma indoors would be fantastic.

  98. I would really like for you to review the Nike5 Elastico Finale. Thank You!

  99. i would really like to see the top new nike5 boots. like the bomba finale and elastico finale!! cheers

  100. Nike5 Elastico Finale would be the best. I was interested in it but never had the money to try it out

  101. Nike 5 elastico finale! Thanks.

  102. I would like a review of the ctr360 II libretto ic

  103. I would like to see a review that discusses the difference between the adiCore IV IN and the adiNova IV in. Also, adidas Top Sala X look pretty cool, review those.

  104. Copa Indoor and the adiCore IV IN. Thank you.

  105. I would like to see a review on Nike T-5's

  106. I would like to see the Nike5 lunargato. Also, just maybe as a future review could be the Nike bomba.

  107. Mizuno – Supersonic IN Boots, thanks

  108. Nike5 Elastico Yo!!! Nike Mercurial Victory IC, Adidas F30 & F10 IN and finally Nike5 Lunar Gato. I'm curious to how the "lunar" material works for indoor.

  109. Nike5 Elastico !!! xD they look really nice

  110. Nike5 Elastico!!!!!!!!!

  111. adidas adiCores or F30s. And maybe you can Test out the f10s as an inexpensive alternative type thing.

  112. I would like to see you review the Nike elastico finales. I really like the look of the shoes but there not available in the shops here so I can't decide whether to order them or not. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated!

  113. A review for the PUMA V1.10 Sala would be appreciated.

  114. A review of the PUMA V1.10 Sala would be appreciated

  115. The CTR 360 tequestra (or whatever it's called) indoor version

  116. NIKE 5 ELASTICO!!!!!!!!!!

  117. Nike5 Elastico Finale would be cool

  118. please review the nike mercurial vapor indoors any color but please review them

  119. I was wondering if those Puma v1.08 or v1.10 trainers (not the indoors, but the trainers) would be good for pitch action.

  120. Hello,

    Was wondering if you could review the Nike5 Elastico Finale which is one of the ones you put down there. Look's really cool, but is pretty exspensive so I havn't been able to test it out yet. Btw like the idea for testing indoor shoes, not many sites do that

  121. try something crazy and do the Nikes Safari indoor shoes. I am planning on buying them and wearing them to school everyday 🙂

  122. It would be great if you guys did a review on the Nike5 Elastico Pro!

  123. Nike5 bomba or gato

  124. I would like it if you would test out the puma powercat indoors. OR what about the adidas adistreet?

  125. I like the adidas adi5x because they have good comfort

  126. predator absolado would be nice to see the reviews

  127. i would like to see the Adidas samba classic reviewed please.

  128. You should review the PUMA v1.10 Sala. I've always been curious about puma indoors, but haven't tried 'em out yet.

  129. A review of the nike mercurial victory would be nice. I have a pair, but I'd like to see how they'd stack up to others. Previously, I've had adidas sambas and the vapors are superior in every way!

  130. nike 5 lunar gato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. 5.30pm PST – Comments closed…winner to be announced in the post!!

  132. Please review the PUMA V1.10 Sala or the Puma Powercat indoors. Thanks!

  133. Nike Elastico Finale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!