Saturday , December 2 2023

Need a USA Jersey?

Buy a USA Jersey – Win $50 Gift Card
Just spotted that WeGotSoccer are running a last minute US replica jersey deal this week that is pretty interesting and well worth a shout out!

Basically, if you buy a US jersey before now and Thursday, and the US end up winning the Gold Cup final on Saturday (they need to beat Panama tomorrow to progress to the final) you automatically win a $50 gift card!

If you are looking for a reason (or excuse) to buy a new jersey, I think this one is well worth taking advantage of. And even more so if they win the final! Find more info on the WeGotSoccer website.

USA Jacket Giveaway
To add to it all, I actually have a US jacket that I am putting up for giveaway!! I have had this stored away since last summers World Cup and it comes in the Navy colorway. (it was sent over from Nike – sorry, but the Irish supporter in me just can’t wear a US jacket!!)

To enter, all you need to do is leave your predicted final scoreline and minute of the first goal scored of the Gold Cup final in the comments section below. Here is the thing, I am leaving comments open until tomorrow (06/22) at kick off time in the first game. So, you also need to guess which teams will be in the final! The obvious bet is USA vs Mexico. In terms of rules, the competition is open to all countries, one entry per person and no purchase required, lol.

As an example, your entry should look something like: USA 2-1 Mexico – 1st goal: 28mins (and don’t forget to “like” this post!)

If you have a question about the above, please email me at – [email protected]

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  1. USA 3-2 Mexico – 1st goal: 17mins

  2. USA 1-3 Mexico 1st goal: 14 mins

  3. USA 0-1 Mexico 58 minutes

  4. USA 3-2 Mexico , 1st goal: 22mins

  5. USA 2-0 Mexico, First Goal: 43 mins

  6. USA 2-1 Mexico 1st goal: 41 mins

  7. Oh, and the first goal in the 22nd minute

  8. Hey Bryan,
    Let me first say thanks for doing the giveaways. They are always good fun!

    USA 2 – 1 Mexico
    1st goal: 9th minute

  9. mexico 3 usa 1 mexico 19th minute chicharito will score

  10. USA 2-1 Mexico-first goal 34mins

  11. USA 1 Mexico 0- first goal 67 min

  12. USA 1-2 Mexico 1st goal WILL be scored in the 10th minute

  13. USA 2-1 Mexico – 1st Goal: 38 mins

  14. USA 2-1 Mexico fisrt goal in the 13th minute

  15. USA 2-1 Mexico – 1st goal: 13th minute

  16. USA 1-3 Mexico 1st goal: 26min

  17. USA 1-0 Mexico 62 min

  18. USA 1-2 Mexico 1st goal ( 33 minutes )

  19. USA 2-1 Mexico- 1st goal 43 minutes

  20. 3-1 USA wins 1st goal scored in the 22nd minute.

  21. US-1. Mexico-0 37th minute

  22. USA 2-2 Mexico. Goes to PKs, where USA wins with timmy howard. 1st goal 21st min.

  23. USA 2-1 MEXICO 1st goal@: 29th minute

  24. USA 3-2 Mexico 1st Goal: 14th minute

  25. Usa 2- Mexico 3 first goal 23rd minute by Hernandez!

  26. USA 0-1 Mexico 1st goal: 18th minute

  27. USA 2-3 Mexico 1st goal 24th minute

  28. US 2 – Mexico 1, First goal 32nd Minute

  29. USA 1-2 Mexico
    1st goal: 25th minute

  30. USA 1 Mexico 2 first goal at 36 minutes

  31. USA 3 – 2 Mexico – 1st goal 7mins

  32. USA 0-2 Mexico – 1st goal: 63 mins

  33. USA 2-1 Mexico – 1st goal: 25th minute

  34. USA 3-1 Mexico – 1st goal: 22mins

  35. 3-2 Mexico 1st goal 19mins

  36. Mexico 2-0 Panama first goal 38th minute

  37. USA 2-0 1st goal 28 min

  38. USA 2-1 Mexico – 1st goal: 55mins

  39. USA 2 Mexico 1 – 1st goal 25th min

  40. Panama 1- Mexico 2 first goal 22nd minute

  41. Mexico 3 USA 1 1st goal: 24 min

  42. Mexcio 3 – USA 2 (first goal – 36th minute)

  43. USA 3-2 Mexico – 1st goal: 19mins

  44. Usa:0 Mexico:2 first goal:17min

  45. Mexico 3- US 0.. First goal mex, min 10

  46. USA 2-1 Mexico – 1st goal: 33 mins

  47. USA 1 – Mexico 2 1st Goal: 20min

  48. USA 3-1 Mexico – 1st goal: 20 mins

  49. usa 2 – 0mexico – 1st goal… 25 minute

  50. Usa:2 Mexico:3 first goal min 42!!!!

  51. USA 2-1 Mexico 1st goal 33 mins