Wednesday , February 8 2023

$200 Gift Card Up For Grabs!

boot selection

We have again teamed up with the folks at WeGotSoccer to bring you a pretty awesome chance to win $200 to put towards new soccer cleats.

Right now I am sure there are a lot of you who are fighting the back to school blues or just need a new pair of boots for your fall season, so it seems like ideal timing for a giveaway. This time around, we decided it would be best to let you choose what brand/model and size you want rather than us selecting a boot, so the winner will get a $200 gift card towards the boots of their choice. On top of that, there is also a $50 gift card for a second place reader.

In order to enter simply:

  1. “Like” the SoccerCleats101 Facebook page.
  2. “Like” the WeGotSoccer Facebook page
  3. Leave a comment below telling us what the last pair of boots you purchased was.

It is that simple – follow the above 3 steps and you are in with a chance of winning! And, of course, don’t forget to like this post. The giveaway will be open to entries until Friday night, September 9th. Normal rules apply, open to US and CA residents only and one entry per person! Winners will be picked by random selection and contacted on 9/10/11. SC101 has final say on all matters.

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. Total 90 laser II K-LEATHER

  2. A pair of T90 Strike III's, the Fernando Torres colorway. Beautiful cleats. Awesome competition!

  3. Black and The Ronaldo blue vapor 3's for 100 apiece

  4. Nike Tiempo Legend III FG Cleats (White/Volt/Black) using the exclusive deal from Soccercleats 101!

  5. The last pair of boots i bought were nike shoot 3's at at sports authority last year

  6. Nike Mercurial Vapor II!

  7. Adidas AdiPower Predator from WeGotSoccer

  8. i bought the adidas adicore trx II (red)!!!!!!!!! great pair of cleats

  9. Nike Mercurial Vapor VI FG!

  10. hey sc101!,
    the last pair of boots i ordered were the mercurial vapor vi in cactus at the end of my last soccer season.

  11. Last pair of boots I purchased were the Diadora RTX 12

  12. Adidas adipower Predator

  13. Nike ctr360.

  14. Nike Mercurial Vapor VI

  15. My last pair of boots i purchased were the obsidian blue CTR 360 maestri. Truly a top of the line pair of boots!

  16. Nike CTR360 Maestri II

  17. nike mercurial vapor 4 sg

  18. Yellow ctrs

  19. Adidas Adipower Predators TRX FG Sharp Blue Metallic/Electricity/Black

  20. haha woow.. i already liked both on facebook before.. but my last pair of cleats were the Umbro Speciali R! πŸ™‚

  21. Last pair of boots I purchased were the Nike Mercurial Vapors 3, which blew out last Thursday. Desperately need a new pair of cleats, the duct tape isn't cutting it.

    • hey try using gorilla glue the same thing happened to my vapor 2 k and gave me another year in them πŸ™‚

      make sure its the clear kind not the foamy stuff

  22. Umbro X-boot III

  23. Type: Nike mercurial Bought: A LONG TIME AGO


  24. Puma PWR-C 1.10 Graphic. The metallic silver/black/white one not the Tokyo one.

  25. Nike Tiempo Legend IV

  26. I purchased the white adipowers 2 months ago and i love it!

  27. PUMA v1.11 i FG in the White/Black/Dresden Blue colorway!

  28. The last pair of boots i bought were Nike Total90 shoot 3s.. But the last pair of boots i received were my nike tiempo 3s. Both work great for practice!!

  29. Nike vapors v ( red Orange) they just ripped after two years

  30. Copa Mundials that i cut the stripes off of.

  31. adidas F50, white/blue/pink

  32. Nike CTR360 Maestri II in white and yellow colorway

  33. Ctr 360 black red and white colorway

  34. Adidas Adipure IV (Black/ Zero Metallic/Fresh Splash)

  35. Copa Mundials

  36. Adi Pure IV. They feel like slippers!

  37. New Puma v1.08 for $40!

  38. blue mercurial vapor 7's

  39. world cup colored nike mercurial

  40. Adidas AdiPure III in White/Black/Red

  41. Adidas f50 adizero chrome/black/warning

  42. Nike mercurial!

  43. f50 adizero – purple

  44. Adidas F50 chameleon colorway. Was blown away by the weight of the boot!

  45. Adidas F30i

  46. The last pair of cleats that I bought were nike tiempo III that are about to start needing duct tape and staples so I can start playing again

  47. Nike Tiempo FG

  48. Adidas Predators, red and black colorway

  49. t90 laser iii k-leather White/Photo Blue/Dark Charcoal

  50. I got a pair of used F50.6 tunit leather with all the studs on ebay because I can't afford to get cleats for the following seasons ahhhhh

  51. Nike Mercurial Victory Voltage Cherry/Dark Obsidian/Metallic Silver

  52. nike ctr360 maestri II

  53. Orange T90's

  54. Keep up the good work guys!! Love the work you guys do.

  55. Total90 strike III in green launch colorway

  56. Nike Mercurial Vapor VI FG Violet Pop with Total Orange

  57. Nike Mercurial Victory II. need some good quality cleats!!1

  58. adidas adipower David Beckham versions!

  59. Last pair of boots was a CTR Maestri I, red/white colorway.

  60. Cactus Green Nike mercurial vapor VI

  61. nike total 90 laser elite, love them so light but a lot of power in my shot

  62. The Adidas Predator Absolion- The old-model cleats with the lace cover on top!

  63. Nike Mercurial Superflys

  64. LIGA FINALE TT – they deliver tomorrow!!!!

  65. blue adipowers i bought with my own money… so now im broke

  66. last cleats i purchased were the Nike Mercurial Vapor

  67. Last pair of cleats I bought were the Leather Cyan F50 Adizeros.

    After my ACL surgery I can't back up the vibrant light blue, but I make do.

  68. Adidas F-30 anodized purple.

  69. Adidas Predator Absolute. Zizou!

  70. nike vapor vi violet on january 2011

  71. Last cleats that I purchased were green total 90 lasers, best cleats I've ever bought but its time for new ones..

  72. The last pair of cleats i bought were adidas f50 adizeros

  73. Adidas predator X wc edition

  74. Nike CTR 360 Maestri's in Red/White, $67 thanks to your post about the sale on

  75. nike tiempos.

  76. adidas F50 adizero TRX FG – Synthetic – Lightning White/Radiant Pink/Cyan Firm Ground

  77. nike mercurial miracle purple

  78. The last pair of shoes i bought were the NIKE MERCURIAL VAPOR VII in PURPLE and i got it from I unfortunately broke off one of the studs a month after purchasing it and now am in need of new shoes.

  79. Nike Mercurial Vapor VII FG!

  80. adizero F50s chameleon leather

  81. Tiempo Mystics.. looking to really step up my game with some adipowers though!!!

  82. adidas predator X red and black

  83. Adidas Adipure IV in Black/White/ Red

  84. Ctr maestri ii, decent boot but nothing special

  85. Adidas f50 Adizero Prime

  86. Nike Maestri CTR 360 II Gold/Black

  87. Adidas AdiPower Predator – Sharp Blue Metallic/Electricity/Black

  88. Adidas Predator πŸ™‚

  89. My last purchase was Total 90 Laser III, and they are too big for me -__-

  90. Addidas f 30. great cleats but i need an upgrade bad. i played these to the ground. loved them tho.

  91. nike tiempo iii's elite world cup

  92. my last pair was nike mercurial vapor vii

  93. my last purchased boots were the adipower predator !1

  94. The last cleats i bought were the adidas f50 adizero chameleon!

  95. Nike CTR360 Maestri II's in White/Yellow

  96. I impulsively bought PUMA v1.10 SL FG about 2 months ago when it was on sale. Now, I am in desperate need of a pair of HG cleats.

  97. My last cleats were the nike mercurial vapor VI

  98. f50s white pink

  99. The last cleats i bought were the Nike Mercurial Vapor VI in the Cactus Green colorway. I actually bought them from WeGotSoccer when they ran the first SC101 discount. Great boots and for only $90!!

  100. I purchased white and blue Adipure IV
    They’re the best!

  101. Nike Total90 Laser III FG – Electric Green with Black and Red

  102. I bought the Adidas Adipure IV in the in the White/Black/Fresh Splash colorway.

  103. Adidas Predator X!!!!!!!!!!!!! wonderous cleats!

  104. The last cleats I bought were the adidas adizero chameleon

    • I did not mean to post this a second time i didnt think my first comment went throught but it did sorry i accidentally posted the same comment again oops!

  105. Nike Maestri II Challenge Red/White, not elite.

  106. Nike Total 90 laser III

  107. black out Predators

  108. Nike Superfly III –

  109. Adidas Powerswerve Predators in blue from the Adidas Outlet store in Vacaville California. 2 years ago. Still wear them. NEED new ones.

  110. leather adizeros

  111. Concave PT+ Classic

  112. Puma Powercat 1.10 Elektro FG size 9 Please

  113. It was some Nike mercurial,black with orange .

  114. Last pair I got was the ctr360 maestri 2 elite when they first came out Thank hope i win πŸ™‚

  115. leather f50 adizero

  116. Mercurial Vapor 7 safari version
    Nike CTR trequatista (I) mint color

    plz all my studs are broken cuz I wore them too often

  117. Mercurial Vapor VI

  118. T90 laser elite world cup edition

  119. mercurial superflys!

  120. nike tiempo IV

  121. adidas predator powerserves power edition

  122. My last pair was the adiNOVA 2. Never had a good cleat in my life and I've been playing soccer for some time now.

  123. The last cleats I got were Mercurial Miracle on the Cactus Green colourway so they're pretty used up by now πŸ˜›

  124. Last Sunday, I brought Orange Nike Mercurial Victory II for my younger brother and I must admit I see more show-off flare in his game now…

  125. nike mercurial vapor superfly 2's… so nice 0.0

  126. Adidas adipure iv

  127. Nike Total 90 Laser Elite!

  128. adidas Predator Absolado _X IN

  129. Predator Pulse FG in the original red/black colorway.

  130. I last bought the adipure iv

  131. Nike CTR360 Maestri II Elite – Yellow/Black/White

  132. Umbro Stealth Pro


  134. PUMA PWR-C 2.10 Tokyo Graphic FG Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

  135. The last pair of cleats I bought, were white and red Adidas adipures. They were the cheap ones because my parents wouldn’t let me buy anything over 50$. They did last about a year and a half, but recently the entire top half of my left shoe came undone from the bottom half, so I have been playing for a few weeks now with my toes/foot hanging out of my shoe! Anything received would be greatly appreciated, especially since my high school season is quickly approaching! Thanks for giving everyone an opportunity to win this great offer, and many like it!

  136. Nike Ronaldinho Dois

  137. A pair of Cyan and black nike ctr360 trequartista cleats

  138. White and pink f50 adizero leather

  139. Last cleats I bought were some Nike CTR’s the first ones :(.

  140. Adidas Adipure III Black on Black

  141. I purchased the F50 Adizero leather, white/pink colorway !

  142. Adidas F50 White and Baby Blue

  143. Superfly IIIs, they broke though in a month I am going to have to send them in

  144. A pair of laser 3 orange/white/black… At dicks sporting for 80 bucks

  145. Adidas Adipure IV

  146. 2005 Diadora Brasil RTX12… Growing up with three older brothers, has made my life a hand-me-down-hell. In February of 2005, I put together all my money, about 130 bucks, and bought my fist pair of new Cleats, a pair of brand New 2005 Diadora Brasil RTX 12's. Boy was I excited, and boy were those boots sweet. Today, on Wednesday September 7th, I played in the second of my two weekly pick-up games. The same two pick-up games I've been playing in, almost every week, for nine years. Today I was proud to step onto the pitch in a pair of five year old Duck-Taped together, 2005 Diadora Brasils. In case you were wondering, I just did the math and that's approximately 344 weeks, and almost 688 soccer matches. I've never been prouder of anything I've owned, and I've yet to need to buy another pair of boots.

  147. Adidas f50 adizero (original)

  148. I purchased white/blue adidas absoludos x trx !!!

  149. Puma V1.10 SL for 80$. I'm a size 9 so I bought size 10

  150. Adidas Adipure IV Black and Scarlet Heritage boots!!

  151. Total 90 Laser III, customized by NikeID

  152. Adidas Predator X DB version red/white. Love these cleats, they withstand everything! Great contest!

  153. Maercurial Vapor VI
    Cactus Color πŸ˜€

  154. Nike Mercurial cleats (not sure which model), black with Orange swoosh, there the cheap ones, got em for about 50 dollars about a year and a half ago.

  155. Bought ninja all black pair of the new aidpures pure class and the touch is amazing!

  156. the adidas adiPOWER predators, Blue/Electricity/Black colorway

  157. Adidas F50 adizero

  158. adipure III

  159. hey sc101
    the last boots i ordered were a pair of the blue and white adipure iv awesome boots!

  160. adidas adiPower!! Blue/Electricity whaddup

  161. Nike Vapor V Yellow SG

  162. Nike mercurial vapor superlfy III’s for 225.

  163. Puma King Finale

  164. Nike Tiemp Elite (2010 World Cup Colourway)

  165. Adipower Trx fg in blue

  166. Adidas Adipower Predators. The write up here was a huge deciding factor. Best boots I have ever had. Now both kids need new boots for their growing feet.

  167. The last pair of cleats that I bought were adidas predator x, the champions league version.

  168. CTR360 Maestri I red and black

  169. Nike Tiempo Legend III

  170. Gareth Montanarello

    Blue adipure III

  171. Total90 Laser iii in Metallic Blue/ Dusk / Volt / Black colorway

  172. i bought adipure IV…..fantastic boot

  173. Adidas Adipower Predator for me and the Nike CTR360 Maestri Elite for my son.

  174. Nike mercurial vapor vi the world cup colorway

  175. My last pair of cleats I purchased were the Nike Tiempo Legend Elite FG.

  176. Nike mercurial vapor iii r9

  177. Adidas Adizero's on Cyber Monday last year.

  178. The last pair I bought were Nike Mercurial Vapor V.

  179. Original Adipures!!! black and white!

  180. Umbro Stealth Pro HG White and Red for England!

  181. adidas f50 adizero orange hybrid sg/fg a few months ago

  182. adidas predator X

  183. Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 IIIs

  184. World Cup Nike laser 3 elite

  185. Nike CTR360 Trequartista II FG – Challenge Red/ White/Black Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

  186. adidas F50 adiZero Prime TRX FG (Synthetic) AWESOME boots!!

  187. Adidas Predator Adipower!!!!

  188. My las pair of shoeswere adipure 3

  189. Adidas Predator SL

  190. Pair of violet vapor vi’s!

  191. tiempo III fg, black.

  192. adipure iv's was the last boot i've purchased.

  193. The last pair of boots I got were Puma v1.10's

  194. Adidas Adipure IV

  195. Puma Powercat 1.10 Tricks FG

  196. adidas f50.9 tunits

  197. Umbro Geometra Pro

  198. Total 90 Laser III K-Leather FG!

  199. The last pair of cleats i got we're a pair of Nike Mercurial Miracles and they're some of the best cleats ive ever had

  200. Nike Mercurial Miracle FG – World Cup Edition colorway of Metallic Mach Blue/Black/Total Orange.

  201. Nike mercurial vapor world cup edition size 13

  202. My last pair of boots: Nike Legend III Elite FG (Soft Pearl/Black) But they are falling apart. I need new cleats!!!!!

  203. Nike Mercurial Vapor VII Photo Blue πŸ˜€ from
    AMAZING BOOT. Speed written all over it

  204. nike tiempo classic lite but ive out grown them

  205. Predator Powerswerve, white/gunmetal/gold

  206. Adidas Predator X Blackout!!

  207. A pair of sucky adidas f10’s. They are already falling apart and smell really bad. They smell like cat pee and sweat and mildew. I think a cat actually peed in them when I left them outside during the night.

  208. Puma v1.10 sl.. ps THEY RIPPED πŸ™

  209. Nike CTR360 Maestri Elite

  210. Nike Vapor VI

  211. That last pair of boots that I bought were the Nike CTR 360 Maestri I's In all blue

  212. A pair of adidas adipower predators that fell apart after one month! I need new cleats!

  213. My last cleats I bought were my Nike turf cleats for indoor a few years ago.

    I don't remember the specific model. I just remember that they are brown and they were from the Ronaldinho line.

  214. Last pair of boots I bought was the predator x in white/blue
    ~ from mobile phone

  215. adizero synethetic warning black white

  216. I last bought Puma v 1.08 k in white/ red/ There torn on the front and the stitching is coming out. any money would be helpful cause i want to get a pair of Superfly III

  217. AdiPowers in the running white. Amazing boots.

  218. My last pair of cleats were the Nike Total90 Strike III Dark Obsidian/Metallic Silver/Blue Spark. They are awesome!

  219. Black/Electricity Adidas f50 adizero's

  220. Umbro Stealth's was the last cleats i bought

  221. Adidas Predator Pulsion 2's: David Beckham Fingerprints White/Blue. Just bought these a month ago, took me forever to find another pair.

  222. Predator X, the Champions League version in white.

  223. My last pair were a pair of white Lotto Stadio Primato K’s that I bought a year and a half ago.

  224. Mizuno Ignitus From pro direct πŸ˜€

  225. I recently purchased a pair of Puma V1.10 Tricks πŸ˜€

  226. The last pair of cleats i purchased was the new tiempo legend IV elites. After I read the review that soccercleats101 gave on them I knew I had to get them and I love them! Thanks soccercleats101

  227. adizeros !!

  228. Last pair of boots I bought was the Absolado Powerswerves, I normally never have enough money to buy anything, so this was the last boot I purchased. After this, I quit soccer to focus on schoolwork, and because I didn't believe I could make anything out of soccer. But now, I believe that I still have a chance, and I am returning to the beautiful sport! I would love, for once, if I can have a high-end boot. Preferably the new Champions League adiPowers, size 10.5 please

  229. nike mercurial black and yellow

  230. umbro michelin sx

  231. the last pair of boots i purchased was a pair of the Nike Lunar Gatos for indoor, and a pair of the Predator X for outdoor.

  232. I have safari mercurial vapors one of my favorites.

  233. Last pair…Trequartistas, 2 pairs, yello and blue.


  235. adidas adipower predator sl

  236. Nike CTR360 Maestri II FG – Black with Challenge Red and White 10.5

  237. Mercurial Vapor VI! Orange/Violet Pop colorway

  238. Adidas Predator X's. Such a nice boot. A little heavy but its a nice boot

  239. nike vapor 3's silver/red/black

  240. the last pair of boots that I bought were the adidas F-10 trx and they are amazing, but they are in need of being replaced.

  241. umbro Stealth Pro

  242. Nike (don't even know the name):

  243. Last bought white F50 AdiZeros

  244. Nike Mercurial Miracle. Orange and Grey so they had a little flash to them but nothing compared to some of the newest releases now!

  245. Nike Tiempo Legend III

  246. Umbro Specialis

  247. Adidas AdiPure SL

  248. Adidas Adipure III White/Gold

  249. Adidas Adipower SL in black! They’re so sexy!

  250. The last pair of cleats I bought were the Adidas Predator X in Black and Red. It gives me the chance to be like Steven Gerrard and David Beckham.

  251. Black and red T-90 laser ll k-leather

  252. adidas adipure red and black

  253. The last pair of boots I purchased was a pair of Puma v 3.10s.

  254. Black and cyan nike ctr360 trequartista

  255. The last pair of cleats I bought were the Adidas Predator X in Black and Red. It gives me the chance to be like Steven Gerrard and David Beckham.

  256. Just bought a pair of blue and gold puma powercats as a gift for a friend from! They're awesome looking by the way!

  257. Nike ID Mercurial Vapor VI’s in white with a black swoosh complemented with the RED Nike laces!!!

  258. the last cleats I purchased were adipure II

  259. ctr 360 libereto

  260. Total90 Laser Elite in the World Cup colourway

  261. Umbro Speciali Revolution

  262. The last pair I bought was Red Adipures amazing boot!

  263. Nike CTR 360 II Maestri

  264. Nike CTR360 Elite in red black and white!

  265. mizuno wave ignitus 2

  266. The last cleats I had were f50 leather adizeros

  267. Nike Total 90 Laser I

  268. powerswerves

  269. CTR360 Maestri Red and White. Best decision of my life.

  270. under armour Dominate Pro

  271. Adidas Copa Mundial – I'm ready for an upgrade!!!

  272. F50 TRX – Synthetic

  273. puma powercats

  274. Adidas F50 adizeros

  275. a pair of red puma v1.06's 2 months ago

  276. Puma v1.08 yea 3 years

  277. i have only bought one pair of cleats and they are the adidas predito trx fg they are reallt chep but they still work! they are worth the money

  278. Nike meastri ctr360

  279. Under armour dominate pro

  280. The last pair of soccer cleats I had were the adidias f-5, not the nicest but I would really enjoy a higher quality pair of cleats, plus they are way to small for me.
    Jack Taft

  281. Adidas adiPower Predator

  282. Nike CTR360 Maestri FG in White/Cyber-Black.

    Thanks to Bryan and WeGotSoccer !!!

  283. Bought myself some nice CTRs (black/white/red) from We Got Soccer just a couple weeks ago.

  284. Adidas Adipure IV SL

  285. My last pair of boots that I purchased was the ctr360 maestri II elite red/white πŸ™‚

  286. Nike CTR360 Maestri II but they ripped last week and i need a new pair before my regional game! πŸ˜€ Please! i dont have any other pairs of cleats!

  287. Nike mercurial vapors VII

  288. The last pair I bought were the Nike Maestri CTR360 II Elites. After much research and checking out your review, I decided to grab a pair. Got them for only $167 in the red launch colorway.

  289. Nike Mercurial glide CR7 edition. (im still a child)

  290. the Adidas adipower Predator! Awesome boot really recommend it!

  291. Nike ctr360 maestri black, white, and red

  292. Puma v1.08s for 65$ ! good boots

  293. Adidas Adizeros

  294. Total 90 laser II K-leather !!

  295. Nike Laser III

  296. nike tiempos

  297. puma v1.10s

  298. Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite FG – Black/White/Orange

  299. Adipower 3 Black/White

  300. The last boots I purchased is the Adidas Adipower they just ripped πŸ™
    Thanks Bryan and WeGotSoccer!

  301. Nike Mercurial Vapor VII FG

  302. adidas f50 tunits leather

  303. Mizuno Supersonic Wave

  304. Puma V1.08 k, there torn since two weeks ago

  305. T90 laser 3 white blue

  306. f10 adidas

  307. maestri ctrs II's elite. black and yellow

  308. last boots, team mundial turfs

  309. adidas adizero F50 TRX FG (Leather)

  310. Total 90 Laser III Elite from WEGOTSOCCER, greatest place to buy cleats!

  311. Nike Mercurial Vapor VI Elite WC

  312. nike vapor 5

  313. adipower white !

  314. adidas f50 adizero yellow. The original version

  315. Nike 360 Trequartista in the sapphire colorway to match my clubs kit!

  316. ya last pair i bought was some adinova 2s

  317. Copa Mundial

  318. Nike Tiempo Legend II

  319. CTR 360 Maestri Gold Cup edition!!!

  320. Diadora Maracona

  321. Total 90 3 black/green

  322. The Adipower Predator in blue/black/electricity.

  323. Bought the Asics Lethal Tigreor it in a Black/white/red colourway

  324. watermelon adizeros xD

  325. Nike Tiempo Classic (White/ Red/ Black)

  326. I bought a pair of nike total 90 shoot iii for 40 dollars. cool black chlorine blue colorway. =]

  327. Total 90 laser II (white/black)

  328. My last cleat I bought was Nike Total90 Laser III K FG – Summit White/Black Metallic Silver/Crimson Firm Ground Soccer Shoes, and bought them on on memorial day sale just for $70!!! LOVIN THEM!!!!

  329. Adidas Predator Powerswerve in Silver and gold colorway

  330. Nike Mercurial vapor VII

  331. I just got some Nike T90 laser 3 elites wc edition =)

  332. The last cleats i purchased were the first version of the Nike ctr 360 .

  333. Adidas Predator Absolado.

  334. Adidas Adipower Predator

  335. adidas leather adizero!

  336. Ctr360 Maestri II

  337. Nike Tiempo IV – Black/Orange/White

  338. Nike tiempo legend II all black

  339. Mizuno Ignitus Wave

  340. Nike CTR 360

  341. Last pair of cleats were umbro geometra pros

  342. Copa Mundials

  343. My last boots I bought were Nike ctr360 maestri II in challenge red like cesc fabregas! So far I love them, they are probably the most comfortable boot I have ever worn. The dampening pods give me amazing control and the pass and receive pads allow me to bring the ball down and deliver a more direct and firm pass. The studs give me more traction and I can make cuts and moves without wasting energy! I highly recommend this boot and hope they serve me well!

  344. CTR 360 Maestri II Elites FG Red/Black/White.

  345. i think i speak for everyone when i say that the last few years have been economically rough, therefor i have only been able to get some hand-me-down Vapor iv from my friend , aweful condtion…but hey i love playing

    • amen brotha i totally agree. Thank you so much Bryan for giving us an opportunity to get some quality cleats to improve our game in these financially troubling times

  346. miracle II's in red plum

  347. A pair of Puma V2.10 in black and red for $30 at Ross LOL

  348. Nike Mercurial Vapor 6

  349. nike ctr360 trequartista AG from the UK (Chicago,IL)

  350. Nike CTR 360 Maestri

  351. Nike CTR 360 Maestri II

  352. adidas f50 adizero – lightning white/radiant pink/cyan

  353. Nike CTR360 Maestri II , red and white colorway

  354. Just bought a new pair of Nike Mercurial Vapor VI's granite, they look so nice. I put the nike red laces on them so they look so sick!! Im already racking up goals.

  355. Leather adizeros

  356. Nike Mercurial Vapor VII last boots I purchased

  357. Last pair i bought was tiempo mystic ii. Didnt realize they were mystics until i saw my friends legend iii’s :\

  358. Nike Mercurial vapor VI cherry pink

  359. The last boots I bought were the adidas f10's in the orange cw soooooooooo yeah i need a pair of good cleats

  360. Ctr360 maestri 1 fg

  361. The latest pair of soccer cleats that I purchased is a pair of Nike Tiempo Legend IV in the Black/Total Orange/White colorway.

  362. Last pair I bought were the Puma Konstrukt iii

  363. Seth (Seo Hee) Lim

    CTR 360 Maestri II! Love these babies.

  364. Nike CTR360 Maestri Elite fg

  365. Adidas copa mundial's

  366. nike ctr360, white and yellow FG

  367. Nike T90 shoot black/green/white really old so in need of new ones

  368. A pair of white adipure sl

  369. Umbro Valor SX II

  370. Seth (Seo Hee) Lim

    CTR 360 Maestri IIs!

  371. Adidas Predator X

  372. Adidas Copa Mundials!!!

  373. F30 Adizeros Warning Orange~~

  374. Adidas adipower trx FG blue!!

  375. Adidas adipower TRX FG blue ones πŸ™‚ were nice and now i need a new ones for the fall :(!!

  376. Nike Mercurial Vapor VI in Windchill/Dark Obsidian/Chlorine Blue.

  377. Adipower Predators Blue and Yellow

  378. F30i cyan blue

  379. Adidas F30 in blue, pink and white from

  380. Adidas f10 silver/orange

  381. Adidas Adipowers leather_ white blue and indigo

  382. new orange superflys 3

  383. nike mercurial superfly II the white w/ a blue/purpleish wing which are amazing btw.

  384. Hi, I last bought Adidas Predator X and Puma PWR-C 2.10 both at the same time for my daughter and son.

  385. nike tiempo mystic III white /volt

  386. Nike CTR360II

  387. Nike T90 Laser 3 elite wc

  388. Mercurial vapor 6 (really durable)

  389. Puma power cat 1.10 they are so wide and you cant get the laces tight enough so you slide around and blister like crazy even when they are fully broken in

  390. Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra FG

  391. Nike Superfly World Cup so nice!

  392. My last pair were a pair of merc miracles in black and orange… I got jipped by… Wrong merc gave saddend me

  393. Alejandro Martinez

    mercurial vapors superfly II,

  394. F-50 Adizero

  395. Navy Blue Vapor III firm grounds and Royal Blue Vapor III soft grounds

  396. Nike tiempo legend IV

  397. Classic black Copas.

  398. Vapor Safari II

  399. I really want the new Predators size 9.5 I currently have Adidas Predator Absolute David Beckham (Special blue ones he wore during world cup…cheap version though and size 10 =/). This would be so sweet to get!

  400. F10 orange and black

  401. nike mercurial elite's WC colors!

  402. Adidas Adipower X (White and blue colorway).

  403. nike ctr360 trequartista

  404. F50 Adizero Prime – Orange

  405. My last pair was the Nike Mercurial Miracle II FG Black/Volt-Dark Shadow, and their doing pretty good

  406. Last Pair of boots i bought were the Yellow Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly's

  407. A pair of copa's in 2006. pretty darn beat up but still work great!

  408. Nike tiempo I! quite old

  409. ctr360 Maestrii. The new black white and red version. Love them

  410. Nike CTR 360 blue and white ones

  411. ADIDAS adiCORE TRX-II red!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  412. Gold AdiZeros FG

  413. Red and white air zoom T90 III. Awsome cleats,
    too bad there really worn out.

  414. Puma 1.09i from Marshals for $20!!!

  415. Nike Total90 Laser III FG in white and blue.

  416. I goy nike tiempo legend 3's and they're so compfortable! Never even had to break them in!

  417. Adidas adipower predator blue and yellow

  418. Nike CTR360 Maestri ii white and tour yellow!!

  419. adizeo neon yellow adidas f50's

  420. Diadora Maracana MD PU Axeler

  421. adidas adizero F50 synthetic.

  422. predator x a good boot but im looking for the adipower SL or adipower or nike tiempo or the mercurials or the maestris.

  423. Got Some Adidas F50 adiZero's Black, White & Pink πŸ™‚

  424. Adidas F50 Adizeros

  425. Nike laser elites

  426. F50 Adizero Prime

  427. Mercurial vapor 1's from 1999. Best cleats ive ever owned until the upper and the soleplate started ripping apart and the tape wont hold for much longer.

  428. Adidas AdiPower Predator

  429. Adidas Predator. Want to try out the new asics.

  430. Mizuno Wave Ignitus II in Blue/Blue from PDS!

  431. Adidas predator absolion!

  432. The last pair of cleats I bought were a quality pair of Lotto Zhero Leggenda's (just like k-leather vapors) in the silver/green colorway. Thanks Bryan and WeGotSoccer!

  433. i would buy adipowers because i wear mercurials vapors and superflys and i want to try something NEW !

  434. Adidas copa mundial

  435. Nike Mercurial vapors!

  436. Adidas Predator Absolute from 2006. =[ Need new pair.

  437. Puma Cup Bundesliga in 1996.

  438. adidas F50 adizero TRX FG (Leather)-Electricity/Infrared/Sharp Purple Anod.

  439. Nike Mercurial Vapor VII

  440. Adidas F-50 Adizeros

  441. Blue Vapor VII!

  442. Adidas adi-power (blue)

  443. Adidas Predator

  444. Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly II – Black/ Circuit Orange

  445. blue adidas adi-power predators

  446. my last pair have been copa mundial

  447. Adidas f30 adizero.

  448. Nike mercurial vapors VI the blue ones πŸ™

  449. Nike CTR360 Maestri Yellow, Black and White

  450. T90 Laser lll K-Leather

  451. Nike Tiempo Legend III FG – Team Red/Metallic Platinum/Deep Burgundy Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

    they r old…

  452. NIKE CTR360 Maestri II Elite

  453. last pair was a pair of black adizero k-leather with the orange logo and spikes πŸ™‚

  454. 2010 World cup vapors need newones!

  455. nike ctr360 terquatista. black /retro blue.

  456. F50 adizero leather in purple/infrared

  457. Nike CTR 360 and adizero yellow

  458. Red Mercurial vapors III

  459. The orange adizeros

  460. F30's same colorway, Size, and order date when you were giving them out on the exact same date.

  461. Tha last pair of cleats that I have bought are the Nike t90 laser III.

  462. adiPower champions edition πŸ˜›

  463. Adidas Predator Absolute 2006 version

  464. Fake green pirmas cause it was all my mom could afford,but i enjoyed them πŸ™‚

  465. Nike Mercurial Vapor IV's in violet. such a nice cleat!

  466. Nike CTR360 Trequartista II Challenge Red/ white

  467. T90 strike III πŸ™‚

  468. Tiempo Legend iii SG.

  469. Total 90 laser III K-Leather White/ Obsidian/ Gold

  470. nike tiempo

  471. Nike CTR360 Maestri II

  472. Nike CTR360 Trequestra II

  473. Nike CTR 360 maestri II

  474. A pair of Nike Total90 Shoot III FG – blue/black/yellow

  475. Adidas f50 adiZero

  476. Nike mercurial vapors VII safaris

  477. F50 adizero leather version in black with the bright green down the middle!

  478. orange superfly 3s

  479. nike mercurial veloci

  480. I've never purchased boots before.

  481. Last one i got mercurial 7 for indoor purple

    and for cleats i got adidas f30 waring and black colors !

  482. Nike mercurial miracle windchill

  483. And, the giveaway is closed to entries! Winners will be announced tomorrow morning!