Wednesday , September 27 2023

Nike CTR360 Maestri II in Loyal Blue/Total Orange

Nike CTR360 Loyal Blue

Nike has released another interesting colorway in the CTR360 Maestri II range, with this version holding a very one dimensional blue look. Having already seeing players wear them, I can tell you that they have a unique visual pop, but not in the same way as other bright releases of late. Instead, this Loyal Blue/White/Bright Blue/Total Orange colorway is a little more normal, shall we say.

You still get that great metallic look we are familiar with on the CTR360 range, but one single color shade gives it a more toned down feel. On top of that, I like the addition of some Orange detailing. Definitely a different look that is sure to receive mixed reactions from fans.

Nike CTR360 in Blue

Loyal Blue CTR360 soleplate

The CTR360 Maestri are one of the most consistent boots you will currently find on the market. They offer pretty much the complete package for any player who fits the playmaker mold, or any player that aspires to be a playmaker. On field, they offer great performance and work out exactly as you would expect – and better! While dribbling, you are able to keep the ball closer to your feet by using the dampening pods up around the front of the boot. The dampening pods are raised slightly off the boot and are basically padded regions that allow for a softer touch on the ball. The side pass and control pads and the control region serves a valid purpose.

The CTR360 Maestri comes in at $189.99, while there is also the option of picking up a pair of high-value Trequartista’s for $94.99.

Nike CTR360 Maestri II

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  1. best ctr's so far

  2. They should have gone half blue half orange, that would have been cool

  3. I don't like the combination of the blue colors, a little more orange will do the work.

  4. I would like to know a little more about the boot it self like what certain components do to help you play in a game and things about the material other than that I like the review on the boots

  5. Amazing cleat. Stilish and comfortable

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