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Nike Superfly III in Court Purple/Magenta

Nike Superfly III in Court Purple

If you are a fan of the Nike Superfly III range, I think you will appreciate this latest colorway. Having seen the Court Purple/Metallic Luster/Magenta boots in action, I can tell you that they evoke similar visual emotions to the initial Red Plum release in the series – except these are a better looking pair! Rather than offering a dramatic pop, these offer up more of a lighter, slightly serious, “don’t mess with me” look.

Nike seem to have a habit of getting their releases in the Superfly range right visually. Both of the most recent releases (in Orange and Volt) received plenty of positive attention, and I have a strong suspicion that these will be no different.

Nike Superfly Court Purple

Court Purple Superfly III

The Superfly III offers a tidy package but at a pretty high-end price. The two advancements with this boot are the use of Flywire, and the adjustable studs. Flywire is designed to act like the support cables on a bridge by taking and holding the majority of the weight of the upper. This, in turn, allows Nike to decrease the required materials and produce a lighter boot. The adaptive studs offer a very contentious addition to the boot. In theory, the studs have the ability to dig into a firm natural surface as you put your pressure down on the sole. It is something that is very difficult to actually see in action as the boot needs to be in contact with a surface as you put your full weight down.

Price wise, the Superfly comes in at $399.99. You can also choose from the Vapor VII at $219.99, or the more economical option of Miracle II at $124.99.

Nike Superfly III

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