Wednesday , March 15 2023

Nike Vapor VII vs Vapor VIII

Vapor VII vs VIII

One of the key questions since the release of the Nike Vapor 8 has been:

How do they compare to its predecessor, the Nike Vapor 7?

With both boots in hand, I decided to make a short video giving insight on what you can expect from both boots. Expect to read more when the Nike Vapor 8 review is posted, which should be in a week!

Weighing in at 6.5 ounces and featuring a super thin suede microfiber upper, the new Nike Vapor 8 is designed for speed. Add a revolutionary soleplate that offers a new level of traction and you have a boot designed to perform in-game. If you decide you want to pre-order a pair, make sure to check out the deal we have going with WeGotSoccer first!

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. Hi Bryan, Are you saying if I had a narrow forefoot than half a size down will be better, and if I have a wide forefoot, than I should stick to the correct size as the extra space on the toe helps with the comfort?

  2. hey,
    which would you recommend for a player with a wide foot?

  3. Even though you said the Superfly is out of the question, so there is for sure not going to be another Superfly boot available? I'm just wondering because I have noticed the support and comfort are far superior on Superfly's than the Vapor…

  4. Hi Bryan, do you think taht the mixed soleplate of the sg version woul be ok even on firm ground or dry surface?

    • I am not Bryan, but mixed soleplate SG Pro version is not good for FirmGround and dry surface. Dont use it on FG and never use it on turf or AG. I think the mixed SG is for very wet SG, where you can slip more easily.
      In my country SG cleats are prohibited in amateur level(only when gorund are very wet or moody, but still ref. must allow it). They only for first three TOP league or pro league.

  5. The vapor 8's look a hell of a lot narrower than the vapor 7 am i right? Please reply!!! (I'm talking about the forefoot)

  6. if i wear 8.5 for the t90 laser III elite, what size should i preorder for these cleats? for my t90 laser III elites, i have a very little, not tight space.

  7. Hi Bryan, how do the vapor 8's fit on wide feet with the midfoot section of the soleplate being thinner. Is the upper narrower due to this or does the new material have a lot of give around the midfoot area?

  8. Does anyone know if the sg studs on the SG pro version are replaceable? I am not a fan of just the 2 studs on the heel with the FG version(lacks stability) and am thinking about getting the sg and buying shorter studs if they are removable. Anyone?

  9. Hey bryan do you think that these are better than the superfly III's in all aspects?

  10. Not a sniff on protection and coming from my experience when I tried the vapor 8's on is if a player stands or kicks u in the foot it's going to hurt. As comfy ad light as these boots are protection is none existant and I reckon a few high profile injuries are going to blight these boots

  11. Hey Bryan, i appreciated you posting this comparison because i was a little sceptical about getting the new vapor 8s. Sense the vapor 8 seemed a lot different from the vapor 7, i did not know whether to get them or not. This comparison really helped me decide to get the vapor 8. Keep posting, i view this everyday for new information.

    thank you

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