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Michael Owen (Rememeber Him?) Confirms Umbro to Nike Switch

Michael Owen switch to Nike

Today on Twitter, Michael Owen announced his switch from Umbro to Nike, again signalling Nike’s intention to squeeze every ounce of life out of Umbro before throwing them into a waste bin!

So, what will Owen be wearing? As per the image above, it seems like he will be making a switch from the Speciali to the CTR360 Maestri. It is a little surprising considering the Tiempo Legend is a closer match to the performance of the Speciali and a boot I could see him wearing, but with the flexibility of the CTR360 Maestri, he is sure to enjoy what they have to offer.

After 17 years wearing the English brand, it is a fresh start for Owen and to be quite honest, might end up being the best thing to ever happen to him. It is highly unlikely that the Umbro boots he had been continually wearing were the cause of his continued injury streak, but sometimes a change can create a completely different mindset. In fact, I’m left wondering why Nike would fork out the money to sponsor a player who has played very little soccer in the past 12 months. Maybe he had some sort of clause in his Umbro clause? Either way, we can tell he is back on the pitch via the scuff marks on his new pair pictured below and we wish Owen luck with his new boots!

MIchael Owen wears Nike CTR360



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  1. Bryan, what are your thoughts on Nike's ownership of Umbro? Being a big fan of Umbro, I'm pretty upset with Nike seemingly destroying my favorite boot and kit manufacturer.

    • It started out so well and seemed like Nike were adding some value to the newer Umbro releases. But it now looks like a direct ploy to simply suck the life out of Umbro and take over all their high profile partnerships – I find it difficult to see a bright future for Umbro going forward!

  2. I think we may have seen the end of umbro soccer, is Darren bent still in speciali’s? Or john terry? They seem like guys who won’t really be attracted to Nike’s current eye burning collection

  3. umbro is indeed a good selection

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