Friday , February 3 2023

Nike CTR360 Libretto II Giveaway

Nike Libretto II

Today while clearing out a few boxes, I came across this pair of Nike CTR360 Libretto II and they are in need of a new home.

I figure we should do this quickly and as easily as possible. If you are interested in entering to win them, all you need to do is leave a comment below telling us who you think is going to win the US Masters title this weekend and what their overall final score will be (yes, I am a golf fan!) The event is set to finish on Sunday, so I will select a winner right after someone is awarded the Green Jacket. And…..also make sure to “Like” this post.

If you need some help, here is a live scoreboard.

  • Open to anyone who can supply a US shipping address.
  • One entry per person.
  • If a few people select the same winner, players winning score will be tie-breaker.
  • Winning boots are a size 9US.
  • Entries will be accepted up to Midnight tonight (Saturday) – no entries after that!

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  1. I think Jason day is going to win the green jacket

  2. I think it will be Jason Day

  3. Tiger Woods 70 stands

  4. Jason Day hopefully wins this for me

  5. I am a gold fan as well, I really think Tiger Woods is going to pull off something special. I know we all know his past, but I can help but root for the guy.

  6. Jason Day definitely gots this!

  7. Logan Fitzsimmons

    Couples will win with 11 under par

  8. Tiger Woods 8 under par, hopefully 😉

  9. Couples, 9 under par

  10. I want one

  11. I think tiger woods is going to pull of something amazing and would win 8 under

  12. Jason Day has got this with 8 under par

  13. Jason Day. or Tiger woods.
    I think Tiger Wood will take the masters this weekend in the end.

  14. Tiger Woods, 7 under.

  15. Cabrera

    278 strokes

  16. Angel Cabrera – 6 under

  17. Tiger woods

  18. tiger woods with 11 under par

  19. I think Tiger Woods is going to receive his next green jacket but I'm cheering for the 14 year old professional player

  20. Going with the 14 year old Tianlang Guan with a comeback and a score of 5 under! good thing is I don't need new cleats.

  21. Brandt Snedeker 10 under wins the tournament

  22. I am pretty confudent that Tiger Woods will be the winner, he has a great season so far.
    Tiger woods has always been an exellent player!

  23. lol i just bought a pair today…

  24. JASON DAY -8

  25. Snedeker -10

  26. A.Cabrera, final score: -10

  27. Woods, 6 under.

  28. Jason Day. Easy peasy!
    9 under par.

  29. I'm A Little Late, But Jason Day!

  30. It'll be JASON DAY!!!!

  31. Jason Day Of course

  32. Tiger has a legitimate shot and I think he will win

  33. Cabrera

  34. Jason Day, 8 under par

  35. Jason Day is definitely going to win this thing

  36. TIGER WOODS! Under 8 par.

  37. So who ended up winning the cleats

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