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Worth Checking Out – Epic Umbro Sale!


I’m not entirely what is going on with the Umbro brand in the US, but right now there is an epic sale going on that can save you more than 50% on any pair. is the place to go, and they have all the Umbro boots listed at insane prices (see all Umbro listings here). It could be a sell-off in order to make sale for the newer Umbro boots that have just been released – or they could be removing the Diamond brand all together. Either way, it means we get the opportunity to pick up quality boots at really awesome prices.

Top of the bunch are the following deals – at time of posting, there were plenty of sizes available in all ranges.

Umbro Geometra Pro II – regularly $186.99, currently $62.99

Umbro Speciali 4 – regularly $153.99, currently $53.09

Umbro GT2 Pro – regularly $164.99, currently $49.49

PLUS – use source code 1PREM713 to get free shipping. (*price shown and free shipping offer apply for Goal Club members)

The more at look at this, the more I am baffled by the prices – seriously, this is one heck of an awesome sale. You are getting top end boots at prices lower than some mid-tier priced boots on the market. Of all the boots listed, my preferred choice is actually the original Umbro Geometra Pro and there are also still pairs available, so check them out.

Umbro Sale

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  1. thanks!!! for under $70, this is an amazing deal. As I read in one of your articles, it's good to have a top tier pair of shoes, and a 2nd pair that could be a top tier but that was gotten on sale (last season). This is where this cleat comes into play.

  2. Question, usually a new version of the same shoes is better. Why the Geometra Pro costs more than the Geoemtra 2 Pro? I do like the 1st one better too.

    • 1st one was just a better boot in general, loved the ECZ (energy control zone) that sits on the instep. I'd personally choose the original version over the current release.

      • Thanks. I just read your great review on your geometra 2 pro. I am pretty sure I am your #1 fan. Check this site at work daily. Thanks guys.

  3. Same thing happening in the UK atm, top-class Umbro boots going for crazy prices in stores and online. Umbro & other overlooked brands are my answer to people who ask how they can afford more than 1 pair of boots/shoes. Look outside £100 Vapors & Tiempos & enjoy your high-end bargains 😀

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