Sunday , February 23 2020

Rare Stock – We Found a Small Treasure Trove!

Dead Stock Soccer Cleats for Sale

As you are probably aware, I am always hunting down old school boots to add to the SoccerCleats101 collection. Well, last week I found a fantastic assortment of dead and rare stock being sold by one store. Normally I would have some reservations when I see so many available from one seller, but in this case I noticed the seller was based in Santa Barbara. And then I sort of recognized some of the background items in their shots.

The seller is actually Aggressive Soccer, which is that primary soccer store I used to frequent while playing soccer at UCSB.

If you are looking for a pair of rare boots, they have a fantastic selection with plenty of items on offer (here is the entire Aggressive Soccer eBay page). Everything is brand new and having spoken to them, they simply had all the boots in their back storage for the past few years and decided now was the time to get them to new homes!

Check out the full line HERE!

As of posting, there were pairs of old Nike Air Zoom’s, Adidas F50 TUNiT’s, Copa Mundial Anniversary packs and a ton of other boots available. Again, the key here is the fact you are ordering from a very reliable source and are getting brand new, rare boots!

Copa World Cup 1966

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  1. When will you announce the winner for "name that boot?" For the Adidas f50

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