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Mizuno Morelia Neo "MIJ" - Fresh New Colorways Arrive - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 24 2024

Mizuno Morelia Neo “MIJ” – Fresh New Colorways Arrive

Mizuno Morelia Neo Yellow

We have talked a lot about the Mizuno Morelia Neo in recent times, but we haven’t hit on the MIJ (or “Made in Japan”) version all too often. Well, Mizuno are back with a fresh array of vivid colorways that highlight the positives of the speed-hybrid range. The purpose of this post is to cover the new colorways, but I also wanted to hit on one of the most common questions we receive; What is the difference between the regular and MIJ Mizuno Morelia boots?

For those interested in one of these fresh colorways, they come in a Pearl/Black, a Yellow/Black and an Orange/Black. Made in Japan, the Morelia Neo MIJ is a blend of quality materials, craftsmanship and innovation. The upper features an ultra thin, yet super soft, Kangaroo Leather. Weighing in at 6.8oz, this cleat is built for speed, comfort and a clean first touch. One of the boots top features is the inner sock liner that is made from a soft suede-like microfiber.

Just to note, when it comes to a versatile boot that easily jumps between FG and AG surfaces, the Morelia Neo series sits right at the top of my list. It is all about that low profile, conical stud configuration that is perfectly balanced. You won’t encounter any stud pressure because of its layout, and they provide excellent traction in dry playing conditions.

Check out the entire Mizuno Morelia Neo collection at

Pearl Mizuno Morelia Neo NIJ

Yellow Mizuno Morelia Neo NIJ

Orange Mizuno Morelia Neo NIJ

Differentiating Between Regular vs MIJ Mizuno Morelia

There are several key differences that differentiate both, some are visual but most are unseen or under the hood. Without a doubt, the most important is the fact that the MIJ is handcrafted and offered extended time to come into its own. Rather than sitting in their last for 20 minutes (like the regular version) the MIJ are held in position for a solid 24hrs. This offers a more natural stretch of the leather and in turn will provide players with better shape and fit. In theory, Mizuno could make 72 pairs of standard Morelia Neo in the same time that one pair of MIJ are crafted. You could call that extra special treatment!

The material used on the MIJ is also afforded the highest standard, with the K-leather upper tanned and conditioned with scotchguard. This basically means it is treated with a liquid silicone, making them waterproof and a little more durable. To the touch, you can’t really tell there is a major difference between both boots. But even though their is minimal visual evidence to distinguish them, you get more reliability from the upper over a long hard season.

And the final difference comes in a very simple form. Across the tongue of the MIJ version, you get the text “Made in Japan”. Everything else visually looks pretty much the same.

If you have had any experience with Morelia MIJ boots, hit up the comments below and let us know what your thoughts are. Given that the range is priced at $279.99, player feedback for others interested in picking up a pair could be vital!

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  1. Is the Mizuno Football true to size???

  2. I have own the Morelia Neo MIJ for 2 seasons now and boy these are great! I own several pairs of handcrafted soccer cleats, such as Cinquestelle Storica and Original Morelia Pros MIJ, and the Neo MIJs are my go to. I rather keep my other cleats for special occasions, since their durability can be an issue, especially the Cinquestelle since there’s not as much stitching than the other models and I’m afraid they’ll over-stretch with time. The Neos MIJ are everything you could wish for; VERY lightweight, the k-leather is extremely soft, the synthetic material is also very supple and the conical studs are short enough to accomodate a wide variaty of surfaces. The stud configuration reminds me a lot of the Hypervenom Phantom or the Nike Dois. I have relatively wide feet and the fit is great. The thin material molds to the shape of the foot and is not restrictive at all compared to other speedboots I’ve had, like the F50 Adizero Leather. They fit pretty much true-to-size and you could possibly go a half size down if you prefer a really snug fit.The MIJ version also has much MUCH more padding at the heel than the regular version. It helps with the lockdown and prevents blisters. I strongly recommend this version of the Neos to anyone searching for a initial experience with the Mizuno brand. People could argue that the Morelia II MIJ feels better, but idf you’re looking for a light shoe with a top notch construction, great level of comfort and stability, and provides an amazing touch… then look no further! The Mizuno Neo MIJ is for you!

    • William, good man, good man. All I can say is, I am getting the Neo MIJ right the way. Too much time and money has been wasted on researching and trying out different boots. Your comment has outweighed everything else. I am glad that soccer cleats connoisseurs like youself are sharing your opinion and doing so in such comprehensive way. Thanks a lot man. Can't wait to join team Morelia 😉

  3. Please need a neo morella mizuno boot I resde in nigeria 2 pairs watsap number 07037979631

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