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How Does The UA Clutchfit 3.0 Compare To Clutchfit 3D?

Clutchfit vs 3D

Earlier this year, Under Armour introduced us to the dynamic flow-molded Clutchfit 3.0 3D. You can see that they set out with a pretty specific plan by using a crazy “3D Clutchfit Auxetic upper” design that flexes and moves with the foot. That initial limited edition release went so well, they brought the silo back for a proper re-release.

Along with the Clutchfit 3.0 3D, there is also a standard issue release on offer in the form of Clutchfit 3.0. This is a more subtle version of the boot that contains all the key attributes of a Clutchfit release with a more simplified upper design. For those that want to find out how they differ from each other, here is the breakdown.

UA Clutchfit 3.0 vs Clutchfit 3D

UA Clutchfit Compared

The Upper

Clutchfit 3D:  3D Clutchfit Auxetic
Clutchfit 3.0: Trivela Microfiber

Obviously this is the key area of difference between both boots, with the 3D version providing a much more adidas Predator like feel. The added dimension allows for additional grip on the ball and you can really wrap your foot around strikes for added spin. The regular version has some slight definition, but the material doesn’t actually raise up off  the Trivela microfiber upper. This ensures a softer material and something that is likely to wrap around your foot more intimately.

So, it comes down to how they feel to strike shots and get touches on the ball. The 3D is much more dynamic, with a cushioned feel on contact and extra rebound as you strike the ball. You get a much more natural feel from the 3.0, but don’t be fooled by thinking the thinner material won’t protect your feet while striking. They still have some slight definition to provide some dampening on the ball, with a little grip included.

The Soleplate

Identical style BZM plate graces both boots, with a mixture of bladed and conical studs allowing for optimum traction. If you are talking actual surface, they can be used sufficiently on FG and turf surfaces.


The 3D version is only available in a Blackout, with 400 pairs released total. There are several colorways to choose from in the Clutchfit 3.0 series, with the pictured Blackout, Whiteout and several other rather in your face designs!

The Weight

Clutchfit 3D:  8.5oz
Clutchfit 3.0: 8oz

The difference here is very minimal and you really don’t notice anything when on foot. It is the additional material used to create a 3D style upper that adds to the weight.

How Much Do They Cost?

Clutchfit 3D:  $269.99
Clutchfit 3.0: $229.99

In all honesty, if you are going to go Clutchfit I’d recommend going the whole hog and splashing an extra $40 on the 3D. They are a far different boot to anything on the market and provide a completely independent level of performance that makes them worth the additional fee.

Clutchfit 3.0 vs 3D

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