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Detailing Each Boot Released In The CR7 Chapter 6 Collection

CR7 Chapter 6 FG Boots

It is not uncommon for a brand to make some changes to its line-up when it releases a new silo. In the process of releasing the Mercurial Superfly VI and Vapor XII, Nike made some more unusual changes, ones that we definitely didn’t expect. It has made the process of deciphering each boot on offer a little more difficult.

And then there is the latest CR7 Chapter 6 line-up, that has its own unique way of introducing boots. Designed with Cristiano Ronaldo’s story in line, this is the type of silo that automatically attracts a cult following. Here, we look to give you a breakdown of just what is on offer should you look to find you own boot with a Portuguese “CR7” styling to it.

You can find everything released in the CR7 series at soccer.com.

Nike Mercurial Superfly 360 CR7

Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Elite CR7

Retail: $299.99
Level: Designed for Elite performance, the top tier boot.
Weight: 7oz

Notes: This is obviously the pinnacle of all CR7 releases, featuring all the top tech specs that Nike has on offer. Everything below is designed to mimic this release. If you are looking to have the same style boot as Ronaldo, it doesn’t come cheap!

Mercurial Superfly Pro

Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Pro CR7

Retail: $149.99
Level: A mid tier entry, durable with the look of the elite level.
Weight: 7.6oz

Notes: Here is where things get slightly tricky with the current Mercurial series. In the past, there would be a $170 version of the Superfly available, the Veloce. This time around the Superfly Pro makes its debut and offers players a slightly more cost effective solution to the Elite level option. You don’t get all the same tech specs, but they are very similar visually.

Mercurial Superfly Acadamy

Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Academy CR7

Retail: $94.99
Level: Economy tier, an entry level boot.
Weight: 8oz

Notes: For players in need of a basic, simplified option, this is your boot. Think if this as an entry level boot that gives you some of that Ronaldo swagger is the most cost effective format.

Vapor Academy

Nike Mercurial Vapor 12 CR7 Academy

Retail: $84.99
Level: Mid tier level, only this one doesn’t feature a dynamic collar.
Weight: 7.8oz

Notes: Another solid entry level boot that gives you a very similar look to the elite level boot, minus the dynamic collar. If you prefer a regular cut around the ankle, this is a great option. Important to note here is that this is not the Mercurial Vapor, it is the boot that sits a step below.

Mercurial CR7 Superfly Junior Size

Nike Junior Mercurial Superfly VI Elite CR7

Retail: $174.99
Level: Elite level junior size, runs from 4US to 6US
Weight: 6.2oz

Note: This is the top junior size option available to players. But, what is very important to note here, is that this is more like the pro version than the Elite version. In other words, it doesn’t have all the tech that Cristiano Ronaldo’s version has. The price is slightly higher than the pro, which proves very misleading. But that is just part of the price of getting the top option in the junior size!

Superfly X Academy

Nike Mercurial Superfly X 6 Academy CR7 TF

Retail: $94.99
Level: Top tier turf boot, design for use on artificial surfaces.
Weight: $8.8oz

Note: Perfect for players that play on artificial surfaces and need a slightly more adaptable level of traction. From player feedback, wearing a TF specific doesn’t increase the level of traction, but it does provide less stress on knees and ankles as you make turns and cuts in play.

Superfly Academy IC

Nike Mercurial Superfly X VI Academy CR7 IC

Retail: $94.99
Level: Top tier court shoe, for use on street and indoor surfaces.
Weight: 8.4oz

Notes: Designed to be worn as an everyday street shoe, or something you wear to be ready for game time wherever you go! This is going to be a top option if you play street soccer or need something for indoor action.

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