Tuesday , February 20 2018
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Skunkies Giveaway Winners

A few days later than expected, but the winners of the Skunkies giveaway are:

You know that smell that one friend has. You know he’s your buddy and your go to guy when you need someone to practice footy with, except he really smells after. Yeah, my cleats reak of that lol.

Soccer cleats are a very complex stench…. like a mixture between Indian food wrapped in a used diaper and pure gasoline, very much like Brian Fantana’s sex panther cologne.

Don’t know what they smell like, but opposing players give me a lot of space.

How can I keep it clean when clean is the last thing they smell like! On the other hand if they didn’t smell dirty it means you don’t love/play the game!

Congrats to the winners, expect an email from me. Sounds like a lot of you actually need a pair of Skunkies, if you decide to get pair they can be found on Soccer.com for $5.99.

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  1. Sex Panther!!! Hahaha win!

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