Wednesday , February 28 2024

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Skunkies Giveaway Winners

A few days later than expected, but the winners of the Skunkies giveaway are: Peter You know that smell that one friend has. You know he’s your buddy and your go to guy when you need someone to practice footy with, except he really smells after. Yeah, my cleats reak …

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Skunkies: Update and Giveaway

New Skunkies

The Skunkies team just sent me over a batch of their latest updated product a few weeks back – and I am loving the upgrades they have made. For those of you that have not heard of Skunkies, they are a scented insert you place inside your soccer cleats or …

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Skunkies: The Solution to Smelly Cleats?

A few weeks back, we put together a post titled ‘Smelly Soccer Cleats: Whats the Solution?‘. In writing that post, I came across a new product called Skunkies, and suggested that they might be worth trying if you have a smelly cleats problem. Well, the inventors of the Skunkies, Jill Levin and …

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