Tuesday , May 30 2023

Puma PowerCat 1.10 Released

Puma PowerCat Image(1)

The Puma PowerCat 1.10 has been released, which means we can finally share the images with you! I am still in the process of finalizing the review for these, but I can tell you right now that these are a great cleat, and a true winner for Puma. Size wise, they fit true to size, which is a super plus considering some of Puma’s recent ‘tight’ releases! They are made of a supersoft K-Leather, and that is one of the huge pluses on this release as they break in so easily! I hope to have the review finalized in the next week after I get one or two more games in, but for now enjoy the images below! You can also get your hands on a pair today. I am currently testing the Black/White/Wild Lime color (as seen below) but there is also a White/Puma White/Team Gold version available.

Puma PowerCat Image (2)

Puma Powercat Image

Puma Powercat Image

Puma PowerCat Image

Puma PowerCat 1.10 Image

Puma PowerCat sole

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  1. Shrink the Puma logo on the instep/heel and these boots look pretty dope. I like the concentric circle-esque motif up the upper. Do they serve any actual purpose?

  2. wow they are awesome. by the ads fink they are in the range of power boots like Predators and Tiempo Legend

  3. man… the lacing from the v1.06 came back to haunt me.

  4. am concern bout the FG studs. Remind me to old Umbro elite. The studs just wont work well! too slippery.

  5. Saw Corluka wearing them in the Tot vs Aston Villa game this weekend. He was wearing them first half and second half he was wearing something else (all white). Not sure what that means but hopefully your review tells us something Bryan. I bought the V1.10 and I like them but have always been a konstrukt fan (until the 3rd series). So once I heard this was the replacement line I was interested to find out more. Especially about the grooves on the top for better strike power??? Gimmick or not?

    Looking forward to hearing more..

  6. Eugene,

    Yet to fully test them out, but it seems that they do serve a purpose (striking the ball). From the info Puma have sent over, it seems like a lot of research and development has gone into it…I will update in the next week or two.

  7. Well I purchased these boots after my Puma king classics called it quits. Im kind of a traditionalist when it comes to design but after playing for 25 or so years i decided it might be time to change it up and enjoy the fine technology break thrus of the sport. After reading numerous reviews i decided that the pwr 1.10 would be my shoe. My Puma Classics are a size 10, and although it takes me a game or 2 to break in, the k leather has always stretched nicely so i orderd the pwr's in the same size. Wow….was I wrong. These really do run true to size. I definetly should have ordered at least half a size up because after about 20 min I couldnt even walk. The blisters on my heel and big toe had become so painful that i had to call it quits. In the 20 or so min that i wore them i will tell you that the lacing system is a bit off as they never really felt snug on top. A few times i actually sat on the pitch to untie and retie them just to make sure. Im going to sell my 10's and pick myself up a pair of 10.5's…in the mean time I have a new pair of lotto stadio primato on the way. Probably the most under rated boot on the market and for the money you cant beat'em. I will update on those and my new puma pwr's when i get them. Enjoy!

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