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Puma FUTURE 7 ULTIMATE Review: A Perfect Playmaker’s Choice

Puma FUTURE 7 Review

When Puma announced the release of the FUTURE 7 Ultimate, I must admit, my first thought was, “Here we go, another FUTURE iteration.” There seems to be another updated version every few weeks. But Puma’s knack for pushing boundaries and their relentless pursuit to refine and enhance performance on the pitch continues to pique my curiosity.

Puma’s evolution of their boot technology is a meticulous process of innovation aimed at elevating the player’s game. And true to form, the FUTURE 7 Ultimate does not disappoint.

A Shift in PWRTAPE Design: A Game Changer?

The most noticeable change in the FUTURE 7 Ultimate is the strategic relocation and redesign of the PWRTAPE to a Y-shaped configuration. Initially, I was skeptical. Why change something that already seemed to work quite well? The answer became clear once I laced them up. As it turns out, it is more than just a cosmetic tweak. Puma has incorporated it as a functional upgrade that significantly impacts the boot’s performance.

This Y-design fundamentally changes how the boot feels and behaves on your foot. By redistributing the stretch and lockdown across a broader area, it allows for a more secure yet flexible fit. This adaptation means that the boot accommodates natural foot movements more effectively, enhancing both comfort and stability – a crucial factor during high-stakes moments on the field.

Puma FUTURE 7 On Foot Performance


Puma FUTURE 7 Upper Texture Touch and Control

Touch: Mastering Control with PWRPRINT

In the quest to dominate the field with unrivaled ball control, the Puma FUTURE 7 Ultimate introduces an innovative feature set to captivate and elevate the touch of playmakers: the PWRPRINT technology. This advanced texturing across the upper employs what can only be described as an array of diamond-shaped decals, meticulously placed to not only enhance grip on the ball but to bring a visually stunning shimmer effect to the boot’s surface. This intricacy in design is not merely aesthetic; it plays a pivotal role in the way players interact with the ball, offering an augmented grip that can change the game’s dynamics with a single touch.

What sets the PWRPRINT apart is its strategic implementation across the boot. Puma ingeniously integrates areas devoid of texturing, with the most notable being a high-contact zone located above the big toe on the forefoot. This deliberate design choice ensures that players can experience both the enhanced grip where needed and smooth, unhindered contact in areas where the touch needs to be as natural as possible.

Enhanced Fit: Comfort Meets Performance

Speaking of fit, the FUTURE 7 takes it to another level. The previous models were impressive, but this iteration feels like it’s been tailored to your foot. The adjustment in the PWRTAPE design, coupled with the ultra-stretchy knit upper, allows for a more natural stretch and fit. It’s snug without being restrictive, offering a bespoke fit that seems to adapt to your foot’s shape and movements.

This enhanced fit doesn’t just improve comfort; it boosts confidence on the pitch. There’s a noticeable difference in how these boots respond to quick directional changes, sprints, and even those subtle movements that can mean the difference between maintaining possession and losing it. The FUTURE 7 feels like an extension of your foot, offering a level of responsiveness that truly stands out.

Soleplate and Traction

The soleplate of the Puma FUTURE ULTIMATE encapsulates a dynamic blend of innovation and performance. The Dual-Density Motion System outsole, characterized by its distinctive split composition, contributes to the cleat’s standout traction and agility. From the moment you step onto the pitch, you’ll feel the soleplate’s responsiveness, designed to support every twist, turn, and burst of speed.

The mix of conical and bladed studs underfoot offers a strategic balance between stability and maneuverability. On natural grass surfaces, the conical studs penetrate the turf, providing reliable traction as you navigate the pitch. These studs are strategically positioned to support multi-directional movements, ensuring you can execute quick changes of direction with confidence.

Puma FUTURE 7 Review and Soleplate


Puma FUTURE 7 PWRPRINT Across Upper

Why the Puma FUTURE 7 is Perfect for Playmakers

The Puma FUTURE 7 is engineered with the art of playmaking in mind. Its design innovations provide the precision, control, and agility required by players who orchestrate the game. The FUZIONFIT360 system, featuring a new Y-shaped PWRTAPE, offers unmatched foot lockdown, allowing for natural movement and stability without sacrificing comfort. This ensures playmakers can execute their vision with precise footwork and control.

The boot’s adaptive knit upper stretches for a custom fit, enhancing the playmaker’s feel and touch, crucial for controlling the game’s tempo. With 3D grip textures, the FUTURE 7 elevates ball handling, enabling accurate passes and dribbles under pressure. Its lightweight Dynamic Motion System outsole supports explosive agility, making it easier for playmakers to create space and opportunities on the pitch.

In essence, the Puma FUTURE 7 combines the latest in boot technology to support the playmaker’s need for a boot that responds to their strategic moves, making it the ultimate choice for those who aim to control the game with every touch.

Puma FUTURE 7 Soccer Cleat Review

The Verdict: Worth the Upgrade?

After spending significant time with the FUTURE 7 Ultimate, I’ve come to appreciate the thoughtful design and technological advancements Puma has incorporated into this model. The changes offer tangible benefits that enhance your playing experience.

The move to a Y-shaped PWRTAPE design is a testament to Puma’s commitment to evolving their products to meet the needs of modern players. It’s a clever blend of form and function that results in superior lockdown and fit. Coupled with the 3D grip textures for unmatched ball control and the Dynamic Motion System outsole for explosive agility, the FUTURE 7 is a compelling option for any player looking to elevate their game.

So, to answer the initial skepticism: Yes, this is “another FUTURE release,” but it’s one that brings meaningful innovations to the table. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the series or considering your first pair of Puma boots, the FUTURE 7 merits serious consideration. Puma continues to impress with their commitment to improvement, making the FUTURE 7 not just a new release, but a new standard in soccer footwear.

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