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Puma PowerCat vs V1.10 Stud Configuration

This post is in reply to a recent comment we got on the Puma PowerCat review post. I wrote in the review that I noticed the cleat catching a little more on this release than I have on other cleats. Instead of just commenting on the post, I felt it was worth putting together a post to illustrate the changes Puma had made to the configuration. The comment came thanks to Robert:

“You mention the studs catching on turf?

Ive been wearing the Puma v1.08 fg model for over a year now and during the winter months I’m always playing on turf but hardly notice an issue with the heel studs catching (except for isolated incident on slide tackle leaving me with a major sprained ankle).

All recent puma boots including the new v1.10 and this boot all seem to have similar heel stud configuration. Is there something different about the PWRCat? Did you notice this issue with the v1.10?”

Puma soccer cleats

As you will notice, each cleat has its own individual stud configuration, with Puma choosing different design and also placing the studs in alternative directions. The PowerCat is a cross between both the V1.10 and V1.08; it has one less blade than the V1.10 but has a more similar placement and direction to the V1.08. The PowerCat blades are also thinner than those on the V series and they have been gritted in order to improve grip. I can’t prove that there is any difference between each cleat on turf surfaces, but if you take a look at the images of each cleat below you will see that they each has unique attributes. You can check out more info about each over at

Puma PowerCat Blade Puma V.10 Blade Puma V1.08 Blade

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  1. Thanks for the post response!

    Although the stud shapes vary slightly Puma still incorporated the outer rear stud to be recessed compared to the other studs.

    Hard to notice a difference that would account for the 'catching'. But if I was to take a stab at it I would guess that this stud configuration works well when paired with the raised heel aspects Puma has embraced with previous models, so catching is not as noticed.

    It looks like the PWRCat doesn't incorporate this aspect like the v1.08/v1.10 or even like some Nomis boots, and the 2 extra heel studs (in comparison to the majority of soccer cleats which have 4) may increase the likely hood of catching.

    I could be wrong…

  2. i hope you can get to try the Puma PowerCat 1.10 Synth Grass version… heres a picture:

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