Tuesday , May 21 2024

Random Post – Edition 3

Lotto Adidas Reebok

In the last few weeks, I have had more than a few review requests for boots I have not reviewed. So, I thought it would be worth sharing with you what is currently on tap to be featured in the next few weeks. Recently, there really haven’t been many new soccer cleat releases, but there are other boots on the market that I haven’t tested. And believe me when I say things have been pretty busy off the website, and I have been taking every opportunity possible to get out and test the new arrivals. Here is whats lined in for the next few weeks:

  • First up is the Adidas Copa Mundial review (as feature in edition 2). I have finished testing and am currently in the process of finishing up the review. Biggest finding is in sizing – you are going to want to order down a size. Stay tuned for more details.
  • Also in line for review is the Reebok Instante Pro – as worn by Thierry Henry. To be honest, they are proving a little difficult to break in so it might take another few weeks to have the review listed. On top of that, and for those of you who have asked, a pair of Adi5 X Turf shoes are on back-order to arrive later this month.
  • Competition season! We have two pretty awesome competitions coming up. Can anyone say Nike Vapor VI Cherry? We have a brand new pair and one of you will be winning them! On top of that, the team at Concave have offered up a pair of their super advanced PT+ Classics for giveaway! More to follow.
  • Just arrived: In the mail today, the Lotto Stadio Azzuri I ordered from ShoeMetro…and a pair of Umbro GT Pro to compare against the speed range. Both will be in review in the next two weeks.
  • Finally, if you haven’t heard of Hot Shot Gels yet, you will in the next few weeks as they sent over some pairs of their revolutionary soccer aids. They basically fit in the front of your cleat and act as an added layer of protection for your feet. On top of that, we have a few extra pairs that we will be getting readers to review.

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  1. Hey, if it's not too much a problem, could you review or just tell me if the Adidas F30i are any good? Because I'm a striker/winger who needs some new cleats, and have settled on them because they are well priced, look good, and are the best combination of shooting power and speed that I have seen. I would get TUNiTs, but my friend said that risking the studs falling out isn't worth it. Thanks!

  2. Looking forward very much to this set of reviews, especially the Copa Mundials! And I'm looking forward to the competitions too! Keep up the great work!

    Btw, Dani Alves played in Adizeros for Brazil, and he scored a spectacular free kick, interesting to see if the Brazilian will sign with Adidas.

  3. Gee, having a pair of Hot Shot Gels is like having the ability to turn your boots into a Concave PT+ whenever you feel like it.

  4. Very interested in cherry vapours

  5. Prasith(Cambodia)

    bryan, can you find a way to get your hands on any mizuno boot? I very curious about their performance seeing that it's so popular around the world except the states.

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