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Concave PT+ Classic Review

Concave PT

Concave continue to bring their range to the next level with their latest installment the PT+ Classic. Over the past year, there is one thing we have learned about Concave; they want to create a boot that offers the most comprehensive protection for a player, while not sacrificing comfort or performance. In fact, the design of the boot is such that it aims to provide even better performance than a regular soccer cleat. In recent times, I reviewed the Concave PT+ and a lot of this review will be pretty similar to what I said then, although the pleated K-leather upper adds a whole new dynamic to this version! For testing, I wore a size 9US in the White version

Front Concave Metaguard Component

Since it is such a key part of this boot, I thought it only right to give it its own section! I call it the front plate out of convenience, but Concave refer to it as the ‘Concave Component’. It is designed to increase the sweet spot area, while also giving increased protection to the metatarsal region. Over the first few training sessions, it takes time to get used to it. Initially, you are giving up the feeling of the ‘first touch’. The front plate is raised off the cleat, and is made of a material that feels like plastic, so when the ball meets your foot you feel less impact. Another issue is that they make your foot a little top heavy, and when you run in them it feels a little odd. After some time wearing them, you become more familiar with how they feel. To perfect these boots, you need to be patient….knowing when you do adjust to them, they will offer something no other boot can.

Concave PT+ Classic

Concave PT Classic (5)

Breaking In

The breaking in phase is a little complex. In terms of comfort, they are a great boot. But their design is completely different to anything else on the market and it takes time to adjust to their nature. I wore these in 2 or 3 training sessions before breaking them out into a game. I didn’t encounter any blisters and they were super comfortable in the first game. One question I get asked a lot is if the front plate causes any discomfort? The answer is no, Concave have your foot well protected in the areas you need it so you don’t feel it against your foot as you twist and turn. You will definitely use the shoe horn provided with the cleats as they are tough to get on your feet!

Should I wear them from box to game?

The answer is no! You are going to need a few training sessions to adjust to the technology. Your touch will feel a little funny to start, but once you get comfortable moving with the ball they will offer many positives to your game.

Concave PT Classic (6)

Concave PT Classic (2)


So, I guess the question is how good is the technology?

Well, first thing is shot power. I do think that there is an increase in shot power with these cleats after testing them. One thing is for sure, it makes it a lot easier to strike the ball straight and you don’t have to worry about any negative impact on the front of your foot. The second question is does it protect you from injury? I haven’t encountered any bad tackles while wearing them, but I did do a little experiment!  *Do not try this at home* I dropped a 5lb dumbbell from about a foot up straight down onto the front plate area while wearing the boot. Thankfully, the do offer great protection as I didn’t feel any impact from the dumbbell. If it was another players studs, I feel it would offer the same protection. No other boot can do this. This helps protect your metatarsal region, an area vulnerable to injury as we have seen in recent times.

Important to note is that you are going to need time in order to adjust to these. If you are willing to take the time to transition to the technology it will be worth it, but for players who wear light cleats like Vapor’s or F50i’s it would be a little more difficult. If you wear Total 90′s or Adidas Predators then the transition will be easier.

Size and Weight

You might be surprised to hear that the PT+ Classic officially weighs in at an impressive 11.7oz, considering the amount of technology included. They are slightly heavier than the PT+ (around 0.6oz.) The weight difference seems to lie in the sole. In terms of size, I have mentioned with previous versions that they fit a half size long, but it is needed because of the design of the boot. The same is true with the PT+ Classic. If you like your boots to fit snug then my advice is definitely to order a half size down. They might be slightly tight to start but there is some give in the leather. Also, they fit wide so if you have a narrow foot they will not be a suitable option.


It takes time to adjust to the technology on these boots. You are going to need a few training session to be able to perfect your touch and control. The Component is bulky and there is a retraining period needed to adjust to its intended function. There is also problems with weight distribution, the boot feels top heavy when running.


Every player looks for something different in a soccer cleat. Some players like lightweight while others like touch. The Concave PT+ Classic offers something completely unique to the market. You are not only getting a power boot, but you can also hold comfort in the fact that you have the most protective boot available by far. There is some work to be done on the design if the company wants to really make a name for themselves and the overall balance of the boot needs to be addressed. Manchester United defender John O’Shea is set to wear them this season in the English Premier League, showing they have appeal to the big players.

Concave PT+ Classic

*Boots supplied for review by Concave Soccer

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  1. Interesting concept. But there's just too much junk on the

    trunk… They're a little too heavy for my liking, i don't see these coming off the shelves quick. But you never know…….thanks for the review holmes

  2. where can i buy the PT+ classics in WHITE

  3. does the technology affect the swerve?

  4. How do they feel when you're dribbling?

  5. The concave PT+ classics I bought are designed for narrow feet. the heel of the shoe is excellent but the widest part of my foot get pressure. The insole is not wide enough but is durable. The shoe delivers great shots, but is not flexible for technique. Also the front of the shoe (like most shoes) is not shaped properly – It's not shaped like a foot! That's why I'm curious about Puma's V1.10 cleats…

  6. Seeing how these are being cleared out now, I need to give this review/warning.

    I bought a pair of these after reading this review a couple years ago, and I am not sure what shoe is in this review, it is not the same as the PT+ classic I bought.

    They are long, almost a full size too long, and they do not fit wide feet at all. My feet are not that wide, Adidas Predator's fit fine, but this shoe is painful to put on and squeezes the top of my foot so much that it is very painful. It is painful and a chore to put on and take off. There is over an inch of space above the toe.

    It almost seems like something went wrong in manufacturing? I cannot imagine how this shoe would fit anyone. I tried another pair and same result.

    Buyer beware!

  7. Would you recommend these or the Warrior gambler or skreamer boots?

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