Friday , March 24 2023

Just Arrived – Mizuno Wave Ignite

Mizuno Wave Ignite arrived

And yes, these are the Mizuno Wave Ignite rather than the Mizuno Wave Ignitus. As it turns out, the Ignitus is tougher than expected to get in my size, so for now a review of the synthetic version is what you can expect. After receiving a lot of feedback from readers, I am interested in testing out the Mukaiten panel and deeper grooves on the forefoot. Stay tuned for a full review!

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  1. Yeah, Mizuno only made a limited run of the first two colorways. They never expected to sell as many pairs as they have, so almost everywhere is sold out of most normal sizes. I had to order mine from an obscure store in Germany. Should have waited a little for the new colorways.

  2. I'm so excited to read this review… i would know if this tecnologi realy works…

  3. So Mizuno Ignite is to Mizuno Itnitus as Predator Absolion is to Predator X? Still look pretty interesting, and I'm wanting to see if those Mukaiten panels actually do affect shot power and spin.

  4. I have those and they work marvelously. so comfortable, light and powerful(?). i dont kno why mizuno wont sell them in USA… and btw stormy the boots go like this:

    1. Mizuno Wave Ignitus

    2. Mizuno Wave Ignite

    3. Mizuno Ignitus

    the wave tech really helps

  5. I think you guys are missing the point. The Wave Ignitus isn't better then the Ignite, they are just different. The Ignitus has Kangaroo leather for better control, and the Ignite has synthetic leather for a lighter speed boot.

  6. yo Bryan, lemme know if you want $60 ignitus like mine 😀

  7. @curtis:

    It's hard to differentiate, the ignite also very soft. If you have the leather adizero try to touch the synthetic part,it's just as soft as that.

  8. To be honest this review will only provide information about the mizuno wave ignite and would not help people wanting to buy the wave ignitius. Even if the only difference is synthetic vs leather it's still two entirely different boots…so the review for one only concerns that one and not the other….

    Even an identical feature like muikaten would be affected by what material they are set in, whether k-leather or synthetic….

  9. Byran,

    Where did you pick these bad boys up and what was the cost? I've only found them available via prodirectsoccer. We need to get some mizzy soccer support here in the states!

  10. @John, the mukaiten panel on Ignitus placed on the synthetic part of the cleats. If you think the Ignitus fully made of Kleather, they don't. The Kleather is in the front part of the cleats , the rear is super soft synthetic leather. Well they just like the Adizero Leather version.

    Check this awt:….

    this is the join between the kleather and synthetic leather

    Zooming awt:….

    Other side:

    and my Ignite 😀

  11. Daniel,

    i picked them up from ProDirect – and they got them to me in 7 days, which I felt was very quick for a shipment from England to Los Angeles!

  12. You'll love them. I opted for the Ignite due to the constant rain and they've been a treat so far. Some guys on my team can't believe they are synthetic leather as soft as they feel. They are probably the best all around boot I've found.

  13. Thank you for the information and pictures yuda. 😀 Ok then, the review will be pertinent as I seek to buy my own pair of ignitius. I look forward to it!

  14. @John: *tips hat … Ma pleasure mate 🙂 I have 3 pairs of them now including the unreleased version Black-Red-Gold 😀 They are bomb on the pitch!

  15. @Thomas: IMO The best option for rainy season is the mercurial steam II and Adidas F30i. At least they still have good traction and won't ripped your wallet off lol

  16. Bryan,

    That is a quick turn-around. I'm in the bay area so I'd imagine the shipping time would be the same. I've heard that these boots run a bit larger than others… any truth to that rumor? I also find that "size" issues depend on how people wear their boots. I used to wear my boots so my toes touched the end but (as I've gotten older… 27 now) I like to have a little bit of room in the end. Can't wait for the review.

  17. @Yuda: how did you get your new colour miuzno wave ignitus so quickly??

  18. @Bryan…are you Bryan the moderator? lol

    My friend able to get me the Mizuno coz he works in the factory where the cleats being made there 😀

  19. I want one badly

  20. Hi Bryan,will you do a review with these cleats?

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