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Mizuno Wave Ignitus at the World Cup

One of the more stand out boots of the World Cup so far has been the Mizuno Wave Ignitus. Below you will see the pair that Paraguay international striker Santa Cruz has been wearing. His version include his native flag stitched on along with the names of his two children. At the bottom are images of Nigeria’s Kalu Uche during training, and Japan’s goal scoring hero Keisuke Honda. Honda scored the winning goal in his countries fantastic 1-0 win over Cameroon earlier this week. Without a doubt, the Mizuno team will have been extremely pleased about that goal!
Roque Santa Cruz in Mizuno

The main question I have got about these boots is “What are the black panels on the front?” Basically, they are called Bio Vamp panels and they span across 360 degree of the boot. The idea of these panels is to enhance 2 different types of ball contact whilst kicking. First, the grooves on the instep of the boot offer enhanced control and touch when you are controlling the ball, while the deeper grooves on the forefoot give added spin to deliver a more deadly shot or pass.

Located on the inner side of the boot just above the bio vamp, you will see the revolutionary Mukaiten Panel that is designed to add lethal precision to set pieces. If you are wondering what the word ‘Mukaiten’ refers to, it is the Japanese phenomenon of non-spin free kicks and it will cause the ball to swerve in the air if you catch it just right – a potential nightmare for goalkeepers! The boot has been created using a super soft K-leather that goes hand in hand with a patented ‘Dynamotion fit concept’ to create a super comfortable fitting boot. Good stuff all round!

Unfortunately for us here in the US, Mizuno boots are not available (unless you order from overseas.) This is mainly because Mizuno feel that there is not a big enough market, which I completely disagree with! But, don’t be surprised if after this summers World Cup, they decide to take a stab at making a name for themselves here.

What are your thoughts on the Wave Ignitus, and do you think Mizuno would have a market in the US? Leave your thoughts below.

Kalu-Uche-Nigeria Keisuke-Honda-Japan in Mizuno

Images: Top – Juan Mabromata/AFP/Getty Images; Bottom Left – Rick Bowmer/AP Photo; Bottom Right – Toru Hanai/REUTERS

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  1. I want one so bad!!!

    Can somebody convince to carry these?

    My friends from overseas love they way they fit.

    Mizuno wave ignitus is basically a Power boot with the weight of Vapor and fitment of Adipure…Do Want!!!

  2. I would love it if Mizuno distributed their soccer shoes in the US. Not only the Wave Ignitus, but the Supersonic Wave, and the Morelia models as well. It seems odd to me that they've entered the US market in other sports(especially running), but don't think they'd do well with their soccer equipment.

  3. Punch Rockgroin

    Mizuno's managed to be a decent player in the baseball, running, and volleyball markets here in the US. Why not give soccer a shot? Obviously, they'd have to be willing to stick it out for several years without seeing much of a result, but they're known for quality in those 3 other sports. Surely consumers here in the US would be willing to give them a shot with their reputation.

    Besides, more choice for us is a good thing — pitches saturated with Adidas and Nike can get a bit boring after a while!

  4. Great boots-so comfy!

    I think Honda has a different soleplate!

  5. Like others said i questions Mizuno marketing decision. I'll wait after the world cup to see if they change their mind (Honda' goal should get Mizuno exposure to US viewers)
    ^Mukaiten if hits right (similar thing as Ronaldo Knuckle ball)

  6. As soon as I saw these pictures I IMMEDIATELY started to look for some on Eurosport.

    I totally think these have a chance in the U.S. market …made of K-leather and have all the technology and flashy appeal of the other boots made by the big companies

  7. finally! a mizuno boot here. 🙂

  8. Everyone I know wants to try or have a pair of Mizuno boots so it seems absurd that they will not sell them in the US. I know having contacted Eurosport that they have tried to obtain the boots but Mizuno USA will not sell them to Eurosport. I just wish they would hopefully the world cup will change that.

  9. Mizunos definitely should be in U.S. market. No clue why they are still not. I know people that go out of the States in order to get Mizuno boots; that says something about the quality of the boots.

  10. Oh, you made a blog post on these cleats! Awesome! haha.

    Really, they do look unique. Although I do agree with the majority of the people here that Mizuno would have a pretty good position in the US if they advertise well with famous players. Maybe that's whay. Maybe it's because the players who are quite familiar to the Americans aren't wearing those Mizuno cleats, rather just Nikes, Adidas, and other major ones in the US. So I think with some good advertisement Mizuno will have a good chance in the US and so will us players have great chance trying those Mizuno boots on!

  11. Tot you have buy one.

    I have a pair w/ me now and all I can say they are over my laser 3 😀

    Incredibly fit and light! really on the go boots! Mizuno also wellknown as one of most durable boots. The only minor is I need more practice w/ the mukaiten panels :s #fail lol.

    By the way the white one is better looking than the yellow one.

    In conclusion if you own a pair then all you can get are Light weight boots, good traction, superb fit, and durable!

    Am still waiting for my next Mizuno Wave Supersonic 😀

  12. I really want to try the Mizuno soccer boots for long time now, but none of the retailers carry them. I do not want the hassles ordering through Pro Direct Soccer due to the fact that they are located in England.

  13. Hey Yuda, where or how did you get a hold on these? I been wanted to test out the Mizuno boots range.

  14. What are the rubber groove things on the forefoot for? Extra spin/control? I'm kind of afraid if when wearing these, i mite try to hammer an upper 90 with my instep, and the ball knuckles off frame or within the goalies reach…

  15. Hya J,

    I have two pairs , I bought the yellow one from PDS actually. The White one I bought it in Singapore.

    U need to save more money man, the latest Wave Supersonic will be released soon. these boots are in the same range w/ adipure but a lot lighter 😀

  16. Yuda do you prefer the ignitus or the supersonic? I was planning on getting f50 adizeroes, but these have really caught my attention. Does any of that tech ever get in the way?

  17. Hi Eric,

    I haven't yet try the supersonic. According to some folks in Japan, Supersonic is in the same class w/ adipure while Ignitus is in the same range as Pred X or Nike Laser 3. I'll post here soon as I have my supersonic. For the time being I must say Ignitus cover all I need!. Biopanel helps me to swerve the ball or at least adding more power into my kick. While the mukaiten panel is hard to use. I made a set piece kick (work only once) and it was as said on the ads. the ball really made a confusing trajectory w/ no spin!! So we were just stood up and couldn't believe what we see lol.

    anyway if ya like classy look and light weight boots, go on w/ supersonic. But if ya into updated techy boots go on w/ Ignitus

  18. @eric:

    I have a pair of the Ignitus, they're amazing boots. The technology doesn't get in the way: mukaiten panel is largely irrelevant, while the biopanels actually help with control and shooting. I was pretty amazed – the ball seems to explode off the rubber vamps.

    Coming from all-leather boots such as the Puma King Exec, Tiempo Legend and Adipure II, it was a pleasant surprise to find that the Ignitus was just as comfortable, while being more lightweight. If you can get past the weird colourway, it's a great all-round boot. I started out thinking that the yellow was absolutely shocking but now I actually kind of like it: it's got a nice aggressive look.

  19. @Yuda

    actually WHERE in S'pore did you find the white Ignitus? I had to convince a storeowner in Queensway (Goodmark Sports) to ship in the yellow Ignitus for me!

  20. I remember first wanting a pair of Mizunos after seeing Rivaldo sporting them in 2000 or so.

  21. Oh man.

    After Honda' Great Free Kick Goal.

    Mizuno will def get boost on their image.

    That was Mukaiten shot!!!

  22. @Aaron

    Totally agreed dude….it was the PERFECT shot doing exactly what the boots are made for

  23. I noticed Roque wearing them in his second game against Denmark because they are bright yellow and stand out like crazy. I noticed Honda wearing them because that freekick he hit against Denmark was sick. No spin. All knuckle and dip. That camera angle from behind the ball is the best endorsement Mizuno could ask for. PLEASE BRING THESE STATE'S SIDE. It's not fair that I have to choose between the Nike vs Adidas monopolies

  24. Does anybody knows how much of taxes you have to pay to buy from PDS to the US?



    i wanted keisuke hondas shoes but i guess its not available in the US

  26. @ SAM7 AND JON

    I live in Los Angeles and I ordered the Mizuno's on-line. I would not suggest PDS because they have horrible customer service. I tried to order mine from there but they never sent an order confirmation and never responded to the numerous email's I sent.

    I suggest looking at eBay or just searching Google. It took me a week to find my size and a trustworthy dealer. Good luck!

    PS: These boots rock!

  27. @LA Chris

    where did you end up getting it? Mind sharing the link.

    I was really looking into PDS but i didn't know US customers have hard time to order there.

    How's the size fitment btw? Do they fit to true size or it needs to run bigger/smaller?

  28. i think Mizuno would do fairly well in America hell im willing to trade some Vapors right now for a pair of those

  29. ^that's what i did.

    I sold my Vapor 5 and ordered these from PDS.

    I can't wait to get it and practice some Mukaiten…haha


  31. I have an extra pair of Mizuno Ignitus (yellow). They will work for anyone US size 10 1/2 to 11 1/2. Leave a message here if your intrested with your email and I will contact you.

    They are brand new and never used (I am size 10). Still in box and comes with shoe bag. I live in Los Angeles and prefer local pickup.

  32. hello, does anyone know where can i get a Wave Ignitus in singapore?

  33. I ordered a pair of these while I was in korea over the summer and they are amazing! Good for wide-footed people and really comfortable. The color is really nice too.

  34. I want them so bad, well the supersonic wave's. They should bring there market to the U.S. it is really unfair everyone else gets to enjoy them but us.

  35. @ken,

    check with the shopowner at goodmark sports (queensway), he brought in a pair for me. 249sgd though so they don’t come cheap

  36. LA Chris,

    send me a pic of them

    I wanna see

    and your contact info

    [email protected]

  37. Can you guys please leave a review for these in this colourway.

    I really want to get them but i want to confiem that these will be great cleats.


  38. Wow, well I'm in South Korea right now, and just stopped by a Mizuno store. The boots are expensive over 200USD, but the style, colors and design are bad boy. Trying on a couple pairs you can tell they are a quality upper end boot. Very unique shoe and I'm sure they will come along to the US soon.

  39. I have them here my friends.

    Check my Craigslist here in Los Angeles.

  40. is it true that the wave ignitus has a made in japan version instead of a made in indonesia version?

  41. i want i want i want i want !!! 😀

  42. I wear U.S.9 or 9.5 nike vapor does anybody know what U.K. size should I get from prodirectsoccer.

  43. ordering online for these is so worth it. they fit like any great boot should if you order your size too. plus, they're easily comprable to any boot out there considering how non-expensive they are. i love them.

  44. Hi Brian:
    Do you have a chance of testing the Ignitus K leather version? How is the sizing/length compare to predator X? I wear a 10.5 in predator X shall I get the same size in these?

  45. I just bought these shoes from and I didnt have any problem. They came within two weeks straight from England.

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