Tuesday , January 31 2023

Just Arrived – Puma King Diego Finale

Puma King Diego soccer cleat

Yesterday, I put up a post about the new Puma King Diego Finale. Today, the boots arrived at my door! Talk about a quick turnaround from Puma.

After taking the King Diego out of the box, I am even more excited to test them out! These truly look and feel like the old school Puma Kings I remember. They smell like real leather and they feel super soft and the detailing is amazing! Puma also include a sweet leather boot bag with a cleaning kit inside. Tonight, I will starting the breaking in phase, with a review to follow in the next few weeks – stay tuned for more info.

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  1. Do you have any tricks or so for the "breaking in" time?

    Make the shoes wet?

    Piss on it?


  2. looking nice. i like the bag as well.

  3. @marc wearing the shoes while you watch tv and wolking with them its a start, letting the heat of your feet be absorbed by the leather and then became softer, algo while you wear them on the house or other places (I watch tv, make my homework, read, play ps3…) makes the insole start moldingo to your feet, algo beacuse the heat of your feet.

    Bryan what size are the king?? its known that they run large….

  4. Marc,

    Last night I wore them jogging followed by some passing drills, this morning I used them for a short fitness workout without the ball and without cutting or chopping. So far they feel good, so in the next few days I will break them into some game action.


    Size 9US, to be honest they are surprisingly snug unlike other King's I have worn that run large, I do expect a change once the leather stretches.

  5. @ marc, just wear them as per normal and do drills/light games just to get comfortable with them before a main game.. some folks get blisters, some wont.. in my opinion, different people have different level of "break in" they need to achieve.

    also 1 technique i used to hear since i was a kid but never get to try is to soak your feet in warm water while wearing the boots.. not sure if that is good or bad for boots of today.

    @ bryan, how is that tongue doing? does it flap about or does it ride up to your ankle?

  6. estou a procura desta puma king diegonumero 41

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