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Puma PWR-C 3.10 Indoor Shoe Review

Puma PWR-C 3.10

Next up in the line of indoor reviews is the Puma PWR-C 3.10. The PowerCat series is designed with one thing in mind, power. And this PWR-C 3.10 release falls right in line with the trend. The big benefit to this release is that Puma keep it at an affordable rate while ensuring you get a high level of durability and performance. For testing, Puma sent over a pair of the Black/White/Aged Silver colorway.


It took longer than I would have desired to get these indoor shoes broken in. The soleplate in particular proved to be tough, with a stiff feeling from the first session wearing them. I ended up wearing them around as an everyday shoe in an attempt to loosen them up. Size wise, these are not suitable for wide footed players. If you look at the boot from above, it really narrows in on the toes creating a very tight fit. This also proved to create a challenge through testing – my advice is to actually order up a half-size to ensure you get a more comfortable fit. On the positive side, the inside of the shoe is very well padded and offers a very snug fit in game.

Puma 3.10 Soleplate


As per above, the soleplate takes time to break in, but once it does it offers excellent performance. You are getting a non-marking gum rubber outsole that has strategically positioned grips to ensure you are playing at your best during indoor games. I found that the spear shaped grooves on the outside region of the sole allow for increased acceleration as you push off. They are slightly elevated off the surface, giving you a tiered feel. Personally, this is something I feel all indoor shoes should have as it differentiates the different areas of the sole.

Puma PWR-C 3.10 strike zone

Puma PWR-C 3.10 Indoor Shoe


Overall performance was “solid”. There is nothing quiet unique about these shoes that set them apart, but they perform at a competitive level and will be a good option for any regular indoor player. Unlike the PWR-C 1.10 series, which boast enhanced power thanks to SpringTech foam technology, the PWR-C 3.10 has a more less technology and much softer strike zone. You will notice that the tiered region along the front has a similar look to the PWR-C 1.10, but realistically it is only there for aesthetics and to make the ranges look familiar. Off-centered lacing creates a larger strike zone and gives the appearance that these shoes are highly effective for shooting. In testing, I found that there is enhanced touch thanks to a textured and slightly padded design, but there is no SpringTech foam in the strike region. They are still an ideal shooting boot and probably offer better shooting potential than many other shoes out there. If you want the full effect, check out the PWR-C 1.10 series.

Puma PWR-C 3.10 Indoor

PWR-C 3.10 Puma

Critics Notes

The biggest negative for me was the break-in period. It took longer than expected to get these shoes in to true game shape. Another thing was that although the insole is very well padded, I found that the shoe has a slightly heavy feel on contact with the ground.


Even though there are some negatives in the initial feel of the Puma PWR-C 3.10, I feel that it still offers a very competitive level of performance for their price. On top of that, they have a clean look that makes them suitable for everyday wear, something I am sure Puma had in mind while choosing the colorway. I think the highlight is the durability factor, with a very well crafted shoe bound to give you a few seasons play. For everyone else, the PWR-C 3.10 is a serious shoe to be considered for tough and quick indoor sessions. If you do decide to get a pair, my advice is to order up half a size. With Goal Club members, hip at, you can buy a pair for $54, which is a decent price considering you will get good wear out of them!

Puma PWR-C 1.10 Indoor

*Shoes supplied for review by Puma

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