Saturday , December 2 2023

Just Arrived: Nike Tiempo IV

Nike Tiempo IV arrived

A few weeks after their release, the Nike Tiempo IV Elite arrived for testing. But, size wise they are slightly off (too small) and I currently have a different size on the way to ensure the review is as accurate as possible. Instead of a size 9US, I will be reviewing as size 9.5US in the Black/White/Total Orange colorway.

Some initial observations;

  • The leather feels amazing – super soft and extremely supple!
  • The stitching along the front of the boot is not what I expected. Rather than being a complete cross-stitch, the Tiempo is designed with a combo of stitching across the front (see below image)
  • Size wise, I strongly advise going up a half size. For wide fitting players, I would recommend looking else where as the front of the boot is tight, in very similar fashion to the Tiempo III.

Flywire on Nike Tiempo IV

Front Stitching on Tiempo IV

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  1. would they fit narrow feet well?

  2. That sucks that you have to re-order because the size was off. Whenever I order cleats, I get very excited, and if the pair I ordered was too small I would be devastated.

  3. They look awesome. I like that it says 'Tiempo' on the laces. The orange and black look good together.

  4. Getting the Legend IVs anytime soon?

  5. Bryan,
    When you wear size 9 boots, typically how much room do you have left at your toes? I wear size 9 but I have found that with recent Adidas boots, 8.5 works better (even with Sambas I have worn continuously since I was 15, I went down from 9 to 8.5). I've a feeling even though we have nominally size 9 feet, you might be towards the larger side of 9 (9 1/4, eg) while I might be more of 8 3/4 fit.

    • soccercleats101

      That could be pretty accurate! My sizing is based off of all brands and what I deem to be the ideal fit in each. For the most part 9US always works, but there are always exceptions (like above!)

    • 1/4 to 1/2 inch gap is ideal, according to

  6. In your Tiempo III review you said the same thing. You ordered a size 9 US but needed a 9.5US. I want to know if they are the same size so that if I upgrade from III to IV I won't need to change size. You should have known when you ordered.

    I am not so sure they are actually all that narrow. If they are too small for you of course they will feel tight around the toes. I can't fit into Pred Xs for example but Tiempo fit me fine.

    • soccercleats101

      They fit the same as the III (as stated above) and I don't order sizes – they are all provided for review always in a size 9US! (in order to keep consistency in reviews)

  7. I have a question about sizing. You said you needed a half size up because they were tight in the toes. Is that because they were narrow, or because they were smaller length wise than other size 9s (such as Adidas). The width isn't a problem, because I have a Nike voucher and am ordering the wide fit model, but if they are short as well I still need to order a half size up. Thanks.

  8. Does the Flywire affect the general break-in period?

  9. Looking forward to this review! These look dirty

  10. Whats the material like on the inside? Especially in the heel area

  11. I’m stuck between these and the adipures wen u do get to reviewing w the right size could u give me your opinion on which I should get? By the way right now I play center mid w the adizeros.

  12. HI, just wondering about the fitting issues of this boot. I wear a US 9 for ctr, t90 3, superfly, pred x and adipure. my feet is alittle wide(Not much) and it causes problems for the adipure and superfly. Just wondering if i should order a US 9 still for the tiempo elite?

  13. Where can i get these???

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