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Nike Tiempo Elite IV Released


For players who want a little bit more than the regular Tiempo Legend IV, Nike have released the technologically advanced Tiempo Elite IV. Nike has completely redesigned the Tiempo range and added the latest advancements at their disposal to create a very inviting and lightweight soccer cleat.

The Tiempo range has always been synonymous with class – and starting with the super soft K-leather upper, this boot falls right in line with the norm. This time around though, Nike use a vamp stitched design that is strategically placed in order to create lateral support and a natural touch while minimizing any overstretch of the leather.

What really separates this version of the Tiempo is the addition of a carbon fiber outsole and FlyWire technology. We associate a carbon fiber outsole with Nike’s Elite range, it is the lightweight properties that differentiate the regular and Elite range. It is the inclusion of Flywire where we get a new experience with the Tiempo IV Elite. Using Flywire adds mid-foot support and allows Nike the opportunity to reduce the amount of materials used in the upper. This version comes it at a mid-ranging 9.4oz.

Elite Nike Tiempo IV

Tiempo Elite Soleplate

I like the overall look of the Tiempo Elite IV, particularly the Black/White/Total Orange colorway. The front stitching adds a very classic look while the addition of orange detailing adds some much needed contrast. The Tiempo range is developed with touch in mind and compliment the game of players who like to get on the ball – as crazy as it sounds, I think the design actually looks like it matches the player it is intended for to a tee!

The one major downside to the release (and the addition of technology) is the price, with Nike hiking these up to a hefty $349.99. In my opinion, the regular Tiempo IV offers far better value for money, but if you want the whole experience you are, unfortunately, going to have to pay big bucks.

Nike CTR360 Maestri

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  1. And if the specs are correct, there is only .2 oz (that's 2/10 oz, not a full 2 oz) weight advantage that the Elite has over the regular version. I think Elites will flop commercially despite being represented by the professionals as consumers' sensible heads would prevail.

  2. Will you review these shoes?

    • soccercleats101

      Nike confirmed they are sending a pair of the Elite version for review, but it might take a week or two.

  3. Hopefully you can get your feet in a pair of the Tiempo IV Legends as most of the consumer market is probably going to buy those instead of the Elites.

  4. Aren't most people saying at this point that the Nike elite range isn't worth the price tag because the carbon fiber soleplate doesn't make that much of a difference? If I was a Nike fan I would just be buying the regular versions.

    And In my opinion, it looks like they didn't put too much into the actual studs, I would prefer something a little more advanced like some form of blades.

    • Gotta agree. I mean i don't think that the lighter the boot the better but It is seems that it is what the consumers want. Nike are advertising this as their best and lightest Tiempo yet it is only 2 tenths of a gram lighter than the standard ones. If adidas can produce a super light weight adiPure without using pricy carbon fiber, than Nike should at least try and do the same. I am very dissappointed. I think that adidas are going to dominate the market, especially with what they are going to release in the coming months and at the beginning of next year.

      • And on the issue of weight I believe the puma king finale weigh 9.2 oz Wich is lighter than these elites and cost about 115 bucks!

        But I do think these new tempo are lovely but I am bit sad you can’t get the orange tongue on the regular tempos

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