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Nike5 Gato Street in Chling Red/Varsity Red

Nike5 Gato Street Red

The Nike5 Gato Street is a shoe that has been designed for players who like to get involved in soccer games whenever the opportunity arises. Along with a pair in the Sail/Victory Green colorway that I tested a few weeks back, Nike sent over this extremely bold Chling Red/Varsity Red version that really pop.

The best thing about this release is that they double as both a high-end, fashionable sneaker and a pair of street shoes that will give you top level performance when you jump in to a pick-up game. Whether you wear them as a designer shoe to be worn in casual circumstances, or in your back alleyway, they serve their purpose with applause.

I have street tested both colorways to full effect and I can confirm the obvious – they perform at exactly the same level. You simply need to decide which version suits your style best. For a more comprehensive review of what you can expect, check out the Nike5 Gato Street review.

Nike5 Gato Street Red

Nike5 Steet Gato

Summing it all up
If you pick up a pair of Nike5 Gato Street’s you won’t be disappointed. To be honest, I didn’t know much about them before I received a pair for testing. But since, I have been really impressed with what they have to offer and love wearing them around as my everyday shoe, all the while being ready to jump in the nearest pick-up game. I recommend ordering true to size. Finally, and probably most importantly,  if you decide to wear them in wet/rainy conditions, don’t go wearing them inside the house – even the best looking shoes are not designed to self-clean!

Nike5 Gato Street shoe

Nike5 Gato Street (c)

Nike5 Gato Street Sole

Available From Colorway List Price
WeGotSoocerLogo Chling Red/Varsity Red $68
WeGotSoocerLogo Sail/Victory Green $68

*all prices are subject to change over time

Nike5 Gato Street (b)*Boots supplied for review by Nike Soccer

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  1. I love my Nike Gato. I wear them everywhere. They are so comfortable, and I didn't even get the Lunar edition. I got the sixty dollar version, and they are still holding great and feel amazing.

    And when I saw these, I got even more excited about the series. I'll definitely be picking a pair of these up shortly.

    Great review!!

  2. The second these drop under 50 I'm gonna get a pair, they look amazzingg!

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