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Nike5 StreetGato Review

Nike5 Gato Street

One of the best ways to improve your game is to simply jump in games wherever you can find them. I grew up searching out games to play in and new players to test my skills against. Nike have taken a whole new view on the small sided game and created a shoe that embodies the needs of players who want to be involved whenever an opportunity arises – the Nike5 StreetGato.

Adding to the allure of the range, Nike has ensured each design looks sharp and can be worn with confidence as an everyday shoe. I had the opportunity to test out a pair of the Sail/Victory Green colorway in a size 9US in small sided games, while also taking advantage of wearing them around on a daily basis. With the performance of the Nike5 Lunar Gato in mind, I had high hopes for these shoes and was not disappointed.

Nike5 Gato Street detail

How did I test them?
I grabbed a ball (T90 Tracer), my camera and headed out to the back alley behind our apartment complex – I thought where better to test them out than down a beat up alleyway. Unfortunately, there was no-one out there to join me, so though the testing process I ended up inviting some friends over on several occasions to see how they worked out in small sided games!

The biggest difference between these and regular sneakers lies in the additional padding and the control technology that Nike have engineered. At fist glance, the most interesting aspect is obviously the unusual pyramid designed region that runs right along the arch of your foot. Its purpose is to increase underfoot control by cushioning the ball on impact. Basically, the region is comprised of Flex Grooves, or slightly raised triangular regions that compress when they contact the ball. I love the region as it really serves its purpose, even though it has a pretty odd/obscure look to it! The region just above it is comprised of small TPU pyramid shaped pieces that act as a more rigid passing area. They allow for more solid passes in tight situations.

Nike5 Gato Street Side

Nike5 Gato Street Inside touch

Nike5 Gato Street Side detail

I can’t say much other than they work out great while playing in tight situations. From first wear they feel super comfortable, and they offer great traction on different surfaces (just as they are designed to do.) Everything about them is classy, and I love how they transfer so easily from an action shoe to one you can simply wear around.

How long will they last?
The one thing to bear in mind is that like any outdoor shoe, you are going to have to spend time taking care of them in order to ensure long life. Nike has stitched and cemented the upper, so they offer excellent durability. In fact, they are one of the most well built shoes I have had the pleasure of wearing in a while. The hang-tough durability of the shoe is designed for all different playing condition. From hard indoor courts and tarmac to old tennis courts and state of the art artificial surface, you pick the surface and these shoes do the rest (well, just about!)

Nike5 Gato Street Profile

Nike5 Gato Street Tongue

Nike have created several different colorways that you can choose from. The shoes I tested are in the Sail/Victory Green colorway, and I also have the Chling Red/Varsity Red version, which I will feature in a follow-up post. The other versions to check out include a Matte Silver/White, Obsidian/White, and an almost Blackout version Black/White/Volt. Each have their own unique style, performance is just the same!

Summing it all up
If you get a pair of Nike5 StreetGato’s you won’t be disappointed. To be honest, I didn’t know much about them before I received them for testing. But since, I have been really impressed with what they have to offer and love wearing them around as my everyday shoe. If you decide to get a pair, I recommend ordering true to size, and make sure to consider the different colorways available!

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Nike5 Gato Street Victory Green
*Shoes supplied for review by Nike Soccer

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  1. How do the Street Gato compare to the Lunar Gato?

    • soccercleats101

      Size they are similar, but the actual performance of the shoe is very different as they are both designed for different styles of play. Both great shoes though and I enjoyed testing both!

      • I went ahead and bought the street gato, and wow they are comfortable. They gave me great support and cushioning where I need it (I have some arch problems). I’m a novice player, especially with futsal, but the touch felt nice and I felt like I had more control than my previous boots (which were regular Adidas Sambas). The traction was just fine playing on a hardwood basketball court and I had no hot spots or blistering, even on the first wear. Thanks for the review.

      • How is the weight differential – obviously taking into account the lunar reduction in weight? I'm wondering if the street Gato would be suitable for an indoor turf surface. Thanks for the great reviews and information…

  2. for me the best shoe that nike made for street football …but i cant get them anywhere anymore ? do someone know here can i buy them?

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