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Puma PowerCat 1.12 in White Released

Puma PowerCat 1.12 White

If Puma were trying to make a statement with their new PowerCat 1.12 series they have done so with this release. It is not often that I get to refer to a colorway using one color, but this is a White/White/White release – or a whiteout! I mean, realistically I can’t even tell if you will see the below images or not!! (I joke of course) During testing, Cesc Fabregas wore this colorway, sending Puma lovers into a frenzy, and it seems like Puma has decided to take advantage of the clean cut colorway’s popularity. But the most important aspect of the boot is this: These are a limited edition release, with only 50 pairs of the White colorway available at

I am extremely surprised to see such an unusual colorway released by Puma, but lets be honest it is new, fresh, and definitely appealing since they are limited edition. There are bound to be players who feel the look is slightly boring or who have concerns about keeping them clean (this is a legitimate concern!) but having the opportunity to own such a unique look can’t be passed up – these are sure to be a collectors item. I can see plenty of players checking behind the couch for extra cash in order to get cash together for a pair!

White Puma PowerCat

Puma Pwr-CT 1.12 White

Puma has drastically changed things up with this release, choosing a new focus for the silo and slimming things down. You are getting a more streamlined boot that focuses on combining power and control, while maintaining a decent level of protection. The upper is split into two sections; the front is a soft K-leather, ensuring you are getting great touch on the ball, while the lateral region is a lightweight microfiber that supports the midfoot and helps to keep the weight down. Rather than being a Power boot, these sort of drift towards a playmaker mold.

If you are interested in being on 50 to own a pair in the US, they retail for $180 – the same price as the White/Puma Royal colorway. But realistically, the price should not be a concern – ordering a pair before they sell out should be!

Adidas adiPower Predator Black


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  1. amazing look. great overall boot.

  2. I wish I knew how well they fit– I wear an 11 in the adipowers but have a wide foot and am curious to see how these fit. LOVE this colorway, too.

    • i normaly go into a store try them on then say ill be back to buy them but then i just by them online and i know the exact size and everything.

      • but they don't even have these in stores yet… and these might be gone by the time you come back from the store!

        • Exactly my thought, 212teddy. I love this colorway and want to buy them but am afraid the sizing might be off. I might just buy them in an 11.5. They’re worth it. Haha. I wear an 11.5 in the Puma King DI… I’m hoping they fit similarly.

  3. Preordered, so happy!! 1 of 50!! @daniel on the contrary to what you are thinking of doing, I ordered mine in my true size 9 because when Bryan reviewed the first incarnation on here, he said the powercats were the only puma boot he felt were true to size. I feel as if they will fit similarly to the previous ones rather than other puma boots.

  4. Mitch,

    I decided to go up a half size– I wear an 11.5 in most brands but sized down a half size for my adipowers. I haven’t tried on the previous model but own and wear the King Top DI in an 11.5. I’ll let you guys know how they fit!

    • Fair enough, I'm hoping me ordering in my true size will work out and that you ordering a half size up works as well. Regardless, if mine are too small, I will just have to return them and get the main colorway. Although I would be sad to return these class boots, I am just as happy to have the main colorway. On a side note, when looking at the boots today on, when I looked at the few remaining sizes, the site said they were in stock. So hopefully they will ship soon!! I will also check back when I get them.

  5. I put in for two day shipping after I saw that they were in stock– they should be here by Thursday. Can’t wait! I hope they work out for you, too, Mitch!

    • I just checked online at and saw that my order/size is apparently backordered. I’m a bit annoyed, seeing how they were quoted as “in stock” when I purchased them earlier today. Grrr.

  6. They’ll be here tomorrow! Can’t. Freaking. Wait.

  7. Just got them!!!!! They are awesome. Perfect fit. True to size. Size 9. If you were to ask me how they fit, I'd say perfect to slightly tight, and I have a widish foot. No hot spots as of yet. Broad forefoot so I'd say they'd accommadate for wide feet, I am a person who cant fit into vapors very well and have worn nike ctrs and the new legends. Very firm heel counter, grips the heel very well. All white looks tightttt. I wonder if I am the first person in the US to have worn them… @Daniel, hope yours worked out with being a little bigger. I can tell that if I would've ordered a half size up they still would have been a good fit.

    • Got mine in yesterday. I've not been this happy with a new pair of boots in years. I've got a wide foot and a high instep and love these boots. I know that they're going to stretch just enough for me to be happy and I'm glad I went with the 11.5. I'd say that the length is JUST like wearing a pair of King Top DIs. The heel counter might be a bit too firm for me right now but everything else about the boot is perfect. The toe box is less pointed than other brands and I've got about 1/4" to the tip of the boot. I love that the toe box is higher than most boots (like the adipower). The white out looks awesome!

      I've not been out to knock a ball around yet– it's been pouring rain in the bay area the past few days. I'll be breaking them out tomorrow for some pick-up, though.

      • Just got back from a few hours of play. Great boots but I had to change back to my T90s after about 45 minutes because the heel counter was TOO tight. I'm assuming that they'll break in eventually, though. Great boots!

        • The boots have finally been put into a match. The heel counter has lightened its death grip and I finished the match with two goals and an assist. Pretty decent showing for the first match. 🙂

          The only qualms I have with the boots now is that I wish I had purchased TWO pairs! Haha.

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