Saturday , December 2 2023

Just Arrived: Lotto Futura 100

Lotto Futura 100 Arrived

Although they have been on the market for a while now, I finally just got a pair of Lotto Futura 100 for review. They arrived yesterday along with several other pairs of Lotto boots (which I will be highlighting in the next few weeks) and I actually had a chance to start the break-in process with them last night, wearing them through our warm-up at training.

The Dark Mandarin Orange colorway is quite unique and makes for a fascinating looking boot. They have a slightly metallic look so are very easy to spot under night lights. Stay tuned for more details in the next few weeks and a full review!

Anyone had a chance to wear a pair yet?

Lotto Futura Close-Up

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  1. Damn in dying to see a new review!! Approximately how long till the puma power cat 1.12 review is up?

  2. wow. you have alot of reviews to put up. you must be testing out ten boots right now.

  3. hmmm… they look to have a frame similar to adidas' sprint frame.

  4. what other pairs of lotto boots did u get?

  5. i personally dont like the color

  6. I was thinking about getting these. I just have to save up the money

  7. dose anyone know how the mercurial vapor 8 will look?

  8. Looking forward to the Lotto reviews. I assume the Fuezapura II is the other boot? I prefer leather at all times. I am sceptical about the plastic crap glued to the side of the FZP II.

  9. Just purchased the cheaper version of this boot, the 500. I'm not to sold on the twist cleat and the cheaper one is an ounce or so lighter. They are both very well priced with the Futura 100 under $100 and the 500 at around $55. I wear Puma V1.10 currently and love them these are more of a backup cleat until I get a bit more money to buy the V1.11. I like Lotto so hope they live up expectations (which isn't that much for such a good price).

  10. Any idea when you will post a review on these? These are on sale for 50£/80$ and I'm very tempted.

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