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Lotto’s Tribute to Legacy: Introducing STADIO OG II 50 YRS ICON

Lotto Stadio Icon FG

Some moments in soccer, just like classic boots, remain etched in memory forever. Reflecting on five decades of athletic excellence, Lotto unveils its latest masterpiece – the STADIO OG II 50 YRS ICON, a nod to iconic players and memorable football tales.

It’s hard to believe that a staggering half-century has passed since Lotto first graced the football world. In the true spirit of celebrating this landmark anniversary, they’re diving deep into their vault and breathing new life into their legendary Stadio series. What’s most astounding about the release? Every intricate detail dripped in rich Italian craftsmanship, paying homage to the beautiful football history it represents.

The upper, a pristine pearl white k-leather, elegantly fuses with green accents, reminiscent of the classic Stadio colors. Every stitch, every curve screams of a time when football was not just a game, but an art form, and Lotto stood at its heart.

However, it’s not just the boot that’s a collector’s dream. The packaging itself is something of an art piece. Exclusive and thoughtfully designed, it solidifies the STADIO OG II 50 YRS ICON as a quintessential must-have. Whether you’re a die-hard football boot aficionado or someone who cherishes global football heritage, this is a piece of history you’d want to own.

Over the years, countless players have laced up in Stadio, leaving an indelible mark on pitches worldwide. Today, with the release of the STADIO OG II 50 YRS ICON, Lotto is not just celebrating a boot, but the legendary footprints of those who wore them. Truly, a fitting tribute to 50 years of football brilliance!

For those of you on the lookout for exclusive memorabilia that bridges contemporary design with rich heritage, this is it. Get ready to relive, rejoice, and step into history.

Limited edition pairs are now available at

Lotto STADIO OG II 50 YRS ICON Unboxing


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